APEX-C MBA Class of 2011 Hiking in Sanya, Hainan


47884_mediumDate: 25 – 27 February 2011 (Friday – Sunday)

Venue: Sanya, Hainan, China

Organizer: APEX-C MBA Class of 2011

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Seventeen alumni from APEX-C MBA Class of 2011 went hiking in the picturesque seaside city of Sanya in Hainan, China. Aimed at preparing participants for the upcoming 6th Gobi Challenge, the group was led by professional trainers.

The night of 25 February 2011, participants from Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities rounded up at the Bird Nest Hotel, a resort tucked away in a beautiful valley. The following afternoon, the real test began! The trainers guided participants in a warm-up session in preparation for the impending trials, and explained the ground rules. Then, to add some excitement, the participants were divided into two groups, led by different leaders, for a bit of friendly competition. Withstanding the scorching sun, both teams successfully completed the entire journey, thanks to mutual encouragement, strength and perseverance as well as trainers’ assistance. At the hike’s end, the trainers offered a detailed summary and review of the participants’ performance, preparing them for the next hike.

Our alumni enjoyed a party that night that was filled with interesting fun and games, so much so that the day’s exhaustion was banished. Before the revelry, though, they conducted a meeting to discuss training and equipment requirements for the Gobi Challenge, to assign roles and tasks, and to schedule training.

The hike might have been over, but the participants unanimously agreed that such sporting activities should be organized more regularly. Their common sentiment was one of “let’s march towards the Gobi and fight for the glory of NUS and APEX-C MBA Class of 2011”!


Chinese MBA Alumni & Students Networking Session


35062_mediumDate: 30 July 2011 (Saturday)

Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Venue: Mochtar Riady Building

Organizers: MBA Office and Shanghai Office

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French crepes are not what you would expect at an event attended by our Chinese PRC students and alumni, but everyone queued up patiently for a taste of the delectable thin pastry – and enjoyed it thoroughly!

The event, jointly-hosted by the MBA Team and Shanghai Office, engaged our students and alumni who valued the opportunity to network across programs and cohorts, to know each other better.

There was good representation from the batches spanning from 2007 to 2011 from both Full-time and Part-time programs, MBA exchange students, S3 Asia MBA students, the NUS MBA Double Degree with Peking University students – all of whom introduced themselves at the beginning, then enjoyed the afternoon tea and interaction with their fellow comrades from the different provinces in Greater China.

In all, there were 42 participants, including 4 alumni, 31 current students from two cohorts, 7 staff from both offices, and our guests from Fudan University.

Article contributed by Chua Nan Sze & Rose Liu Wei.


NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

Date: 18 September 2015, Friday
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Venue: The Scholar, NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House
Organiser: NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni





NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni celebrated its Mid-Autumn Festival Dinner on 18 September 2015 with 90 guests, including alumni, faculty members and MPAM students, at The Scholar, NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House.

Vice-President of NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni, Mr Sun Xiushun, APEX MBA Chinese 2012, gave a welcome speech and expressed his appreciation for all who had attended. Mr Jing Xiangyang (MBA 2000), Assistant Welfare/Recreational Officer of NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni,  and Ms Weng Jing (MPAM Current) were the emcees for the evening.

It was a fun filled evening with great food and drinks, where everyone interacted over games and karaoke session, filling the venue with great conversation and laughter.  Come the end of the night, it was clear that the merry revellers had a great time judging by their happy faces, especially those who had walked away with attractive prizes from the lucky draws.


Salivating over the Ingredients of a Food Startup

Date: 5 November 2015 (Thursday)
Time: 6.30 – 9.30 pm
Venue: The Penny Black (Level 2) @ Boat Quay

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Food for thought in Mind My Business

F&B photo4 F&B photo3 F&B photo2 F&B photo1Informative, insightful and entertaining – the latest event in the Mind My Business series, ‘Salivating over ingredients for a food start-up’, was all that and more. It featured sharing sessions by three F&B alumni entrepreneurs, Lee Junxian (BBA 2008/MBA 2014), founding partner of Reedz Group of Restaurants; Jacinta Lee (BBA Hons 2011), co-founder of MSJ Gourmet Group; and Fu Yong Hong (BBA 2014), co-founder of GreenDot. A total of 88 alumni and guests turned up, eager to learn more about these young entrepreneurs’ journeys, uncover their motivations for diving into F&B and discover the recipe for success!

Diana Chai Choo (BBA 1997) liked that the event gave her the opportunity to learn from young entrepreneurs. “It takes a lot of hard work to succeed in the F&B industry yet graduates nowadays, like tonight’s speakers, chose to take that brave step and establish F&B start-ups. So it’ll be good to hear their thought processes,” she commented. Canice Teo (MBA 1992) agreed, adding: “Starting your own business is a good way to get experience and have a fulfilling career.”

Spirits were high as alumni and guests mingled over dinner and drinks, catching up with old friends and connecting with new ones. “Such events are a great way for me to update myself on the latest news and trends and widen my network,” said Clement Tan (BAcc 1983). Echoing similar sentiments was Benny Tan (BBA 1975), who was attending the Mind My Business series for the first time, and applauded the School’s efforts to initiate such networking initiatives. Tolmas (BBA 1984) added, “The event’s central venue also makes it convenient for those of us working in the area to pop by after work.” Recent graduate and host for the night Mark Thomas (BBA 2014) also appreciated the diverse age groups of the participants. “It’s a fantastic avenue to look for opportunities and create new connections,” he said.

For others such as F&B business owner Rehan (alumni guest NUS B.Eng 2012), the event provided a great platform to meet like-minded individuals and exchange perspectives. He was particularly keen on hearing the story behind Reedz. “It must have been a difficult decision to set up F&B outlets within school campuses, as its founders have done, so it’ll be interesting to learn about their experiences.”

Indeed, the three speakers delivered highly inspiring and engaging presentations. They outlined the challenges they faced while starting up their businesses, the strategies they adopted and the solutions they devised to overcome obstacles and accomplish what they have today. In the Q&A session that followed, questions from the audience ran the gamut from what the speakers define as success and their future plans to the qualities that aspiring entrepreneurs must possess.

Attendees stayed on to network with fellow alumni even after the sharing sessions came to a close. Several of the participants made a beeline for the speakers, eager for a tête-à-tête. David Tsai (BBA 2002) found the event to be an eye-opener, and, as an entrepreneur himself, highly relatable. “I was definitely able to identify with the challenges and struggles highlighted by the speakers,” he said. Aspiring entrepreneurs Farik (BBA 2008) and Shruti Dwivedi (BBA 2002) also found the event beneficial. “I’m looking to set up a seafood company,” Farik explained. “So tonight’s presentations provided a lot of inspiration and advice on what it takes to succeed in the F&B industry.”

If you’ve missed out on this event, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of the Mind My Business series!

Mind My Business, an initiative of the Global Alumni Network Office, is a networking platform for alumni of NUS Business School who are entrepreneurs or business owners or are aspiring to be. Through this collaborative platform, alumni are encouraged to support one another through the sharing of experiences, knowledge, contacts and opportunities.

You can find more information on our Bizalum portal.

NUS Bizad Leaders’ Night 2015

Date: 27 October 2015 (Tuesday)
Time: 6.30 – 9.30 pm
Venue: Glass House Park Mall (Fish & Co.)

Eflyer | Photo GalleryVideo: Tribute for 28th MC, NUS Bizad Club | Video: Memories of Bizad Club

Forging friendships old and new at NUS Bizad Leaders’ Night 2015!

Bizad Leaders Night PhotoAfter the success of the inaugural NUS Bizad Leaders’ Night last year, it’s no surprise that the event made its return this year, bigger and better than ever! In this exclusive outing, alumni who were student leaders on the Management Committee (MC) of the Bizad Club and Bizad Society as far back as the 12th MC had a chance to gather, catch up with old friends, find out what the new committee is up to and discover how much Bizad campus life has changed.

Organised by GANO and supported by the Bizad Club, the gathering provided a great avenue for Bizad leaders, both past and present, to connect and cultivate a supportive environment to enrich students’ life on campus. More than 60 alumni and students participated in the event, which even saw representatives who served on the Bizad Accountancy Society in the 1980s and the Bizad Society in the 1990s, before the merger of the Bizad Club and Bizad Society in 1999.

Among them was Foo Sake Liang (BAcc 1984), who was President of the Bizad Accountancy Society. “A lot has changed since then,” he observed. “In the past, we had no funding. Many of the students were also highly focussed on their studies and didn’t place much emphasis on forging connections. These days, the Management Committees of Bizad Club have it much better. They have a lot of resources to tap on and, with the rise of social media, it has become much easier to promote interactions.” Echoing similar sentiments was fellow alumni Senthil Hari (BBA 1998), who served on the Bizad Society in the 1990s. “It’s very impressive seeing the achievements made by the recent committees,” he said.

Apart from checking out how far the Bizad student life had evolved over the years, the event also provided alumni with a golden opportunity to reminisce over old times with former batch mates. That was exactly what close friends Jeffrey Chin (BBA 1998) and George Lam (BBA 1998) aimed to do. “The camaraderie among the 1998 alumni is still very strong,” said George. “It’s great to be able to relive the good old times and, at the same time, share our experiences with the students and younger alumni.”

It was this same spirit of friendship and belonging that inspired second year BBA student Teo Kai En to organise the inaugural Bizad Leaders’ Night last year when she was the Alumni Relations Director of Bizad Club. “It’s a great platform to bring together past and present Management Committees. Past leaders are able to share their experiences and provide advice and guidance to current members.” Attending the event as a participant this time round and seeing the great turnout, she felt both proud and satisfied to have had a role in its beginning. “It’s like coming home,” she said with a smile. Second year BAcc student Janice Lai who served as vice-president in the previous committee agreed. “There’s definitely a sense of nostalgia coming to the event as a participant,” she said. “But I’m looking forward to sharing advice and tips with the juniors and telling them what they can expect in the near future.”

Such nuggets of information and invaluable advice were definitely what the students hoped to receive. “It’s a good avenue for the leaders to see the evolution of the Bizad Club over the years and how student life on campus has changed,” said Wong Jun Jie, a second year BBA student and President of the current 29th MC. “It’s also a fantastic opportunity for us to network with the alumni and get a real sense of our future prospects.”

Tan Xin Yin, Director of the BizConnect team which managed this year’s event, agreed and expressed her pleasure at the turnout. “The response was much better than expected,” she said, explaining that GANO and her team decided to shift the venue to a more central location to enable more participants to attend. A lot of hard work was involved but the results were worth it. “I’m looking forward to meeting my successors and offering them my advice,” she said with a laugh.

The informal affair was filled much fun and laughter as students and alumni mingled and bonded over shared experiences. In addition to having past and current Bizad Leaders unite, the event also marked the transition of the outgoing 28th MC to the newly elected 29th MC. Tokens of appreciation were handed out by GANO Director, Ng Pheck Choo. A video montage, put together by the new committee, paid tribute to their seniors’ efforts over the past year and was greeted with loud cheers by the audience. Adding to the convivial atmosphere was when everyone sportingly joined in the networking games that were organised.

Roch Low (BAcc 1984) who was President of the Bizad Accountancy Society took the opportunity to share information on the upcoming NUS Bizad Charity Run 2016 with the attendees. Chairman of the organising committee for this annual flagship event, Roch had also volunteered as a Mentor for the BBA students. He encouraged other past Bizad leaders to be more involved and contribute towards enriching the students’ life.

Alumnus Steve Tan (BBA 2007), President of 19th MC, certainly enjoyed himself. “It was interesting to meet old friends and recall fond memories,” he said. He was happy to see a greater balance between academic studies and campus activities among the students today. “Learning to network and forming useful connections are becoming as equally important as good grades these days,” he added. Recent graduate and President of 26th MC, Foo Shida (BBA 2015) expressed similar views. “My journey in the industry so far has made me value the importance of nurturing relationships and forging new connections even more,” he said, “and I’m happy to come back tonight to share my insights.”

In all, the night was a memorable and fruitful one for many of the participants. Bizad Leaders, we hope to see you again in the next year’s edition!

NUS Accountancy Networking Night 2015

Date: 22 September 2015 (Tuesday)
Time: 6.45 – 9.30pm
Venue: CPA Australia, One Raffles Place

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NUS Accountancy Student-Alumni Networking Photo1 NUS Accountancy Student-Alumni Networking Photo2 NUS Accountancy Student-Alumni Networking Photo3 NUS Accountancy Student-Alumni Networking Photo4 NUS Accountancy Student-Alumni Networking Photo5


Following the success of the first NUS Accountancy Networking Night last year, the event made a much-anticipated return on 22 September 2015. Twenty alumni and fifty-five students turned up at CPA Australia, eager for a fruitful session. Alumni members were eager to share their experiences with NUS Business School undergraduates, and the students, in turn, were keen to glean industry insights and learn about the career opportunities in store.

Current student See Jun Zhe was one of them. “By listening to the alumni’s stories and experiences, I have a better idea of my career prospects and the type of exposure needed to get ahead,” he shared. Fellow undergraduate Chooi Jynn Chee had a similar plan. “There’s such a broad spectrum of fields to explore with this degree,” she explained. “Getting first-hand accounts from the alumni on what it’s like working in the industry will really help in selecting the right career after graduation.”

To maximise the alumni sharing session, a ‘speed-networking’ format was adopted for the alumni sharing session. Each alumni chaired discussions with two groups of students, sharing their professional insights and personal journeys, as well as answering questions from the students and proving advice. A student ambassador was on hand for each group, to facilitate the discussion. When the buzzer rang, the students moved on to the next table for a similar session with another alumni.

Daniel Lee (BAcc 1987) applauded such initiatives by the School. “We didn’t have such platforms in the past,” he said. “So I kind of fell into my career. But students nowadays can benefit from career counselling and networking events such as these and better plan their careers.” Daniel has made a name for himself in the specialised sector of family office over the years. With his years of experience and expertise in a specialised sector, he was able to impart practical career and life advice to the undergraduates. “Accountancy is more than just crunching numbers – you need to figure out how to resolve problems and institute a change,” he said. Adeline Kee (BAcc 1987) echoed similar sentiments, adding, “In today’s highly competitive global market place, graduates need soft skills as well as accountancy skills to succeed. They need to be able to promote themselves well.”

Thanks to the alumni’s diverse experience, the students were treated to a variety of perspectives and insights into numerous industries throughout the night. Recent alumni Fang Hui (BAcc 2011) provided an illuminating view of life at Deloitte, one of Singapore’s big four. She advised students on the internship process and shared tips on how to manage the transition from intern to working professional. Second-year student Pok Yuen Ping found the session highly useful. “I was planning to enter one of the big four after graduating,” he explained, “but after this session, I realised that it’s not a good fit for me. I need to be in something smaller.” Second-year student Zheng Xin Yan also benefitted greatly. “I attended last year’s event, but I feel that I’ve gained more this time round,” she said. “I’m starting my internship this year so everything I’ve learnt tonight has been extremely relevant and will help me make a better decision.”

The night was further enlivened by insightful and engaging speeches delivered by distinguished guests, Mr Melvin Yong, CEO of CPA Australia, Lucas Lam, Senior Relationship Manager from CPA Australia and NUS Head of Accountancy, Professor Ho Yew Kee. In all, the event was a rewarding affair. Students gained professional insights while our alumni had a chance to connect with future generations of accounting professionals. Alumni members were also able to catch up with old friends. Kelvin Tan (BAcc 1987) was delighted to reconnect with fellow alumni Daniel. “This is the first time that we’ve seen each other in 30 years,” he laughed.

How’s that for a sound testimony to the night’s success? If you’ve missed out on this round, keep your eyes peeled for the next networking event!

40th Anniversary BBA Class of 1975 Reunion Dinner

Date: 12 September 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 6:30–10:45 pm
Venue: Ballroom 3, Singapore Island Country Club

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It was an evening of style, glamour and nostalgia as alumni of the BBA Class of 1975 gathered for a reunion dinner held at the ballroom of the prestigious Singapore Island Country Club (SICC). Marking the 40th year since their graduation, the affair created a chance for old friends to reconnect as they reminisced about the good old days.

BBA class of 75 - Photo 1 BBA class of 75 - Photo 2 BBA class of 75 - Photo 3 BBA class of 75 - Photo 5The sense of camaraderie between the alumni was no less diminished by the years as they rekindled their friendship over dinner and drinks. Testament to this are the many alumnus, such as Ruby Wong, Stella Lin, Lucius Lai, Rajan Thurairatnam, Jennifer Scully and Wong Wai Lin, who flew back to Singapore especially to attend the reunion. Even those who were unable to make it back, such as Charles Tan, James Chua and Tan Huang Meng, took the time to pen down their greetings to everyone.

Also present were past lecturers including Mr Chua Joon Eng, Prof Tan Thiam Soon and Mr Leonard Cheng, who were invited as special guests for the evening. The event began on a solemn note with attendees observing a moment of silence in memory of Prof Kau Ah Keng, who had passed on just a few days prior to the reunion.

As the evening progressed, praises could be heard as guests congratulated the organising committee, which was made up by a group of classmates who wanted to have the event ‘organised by the class, for fellow classmates’, for a job well done. Kudos to the group led by Stephen Wong, which included Chiam Kwee Mui, Elizabeth Toh, Yeo Chuen Eng, Simon Phua and Denise Ang Chor Khoon.

Alumnus Chou Weng Ha particularly enjoyed meeting his old friends. “It was a memorable occasion and a time of laughter and catching up with long-lost university mates!” Fellow alumnus Christopher Gomez shared the same sentiments, saying: “It was a well-planned evening that brought back many good memories of our university days and the friendships we made, though apparently lost over a space of 40 years, but rekindled tonight at the SICC.”

Guests were entertained by a host of exciting performances put up by their fellow classmates. Stella Lin gave a scintillating performance and delighted the crowd with her song “O mio babbino caro”. The audience was also thrilled by the ukulele performance by the “Papas and Mama”, comprising of Yeo Chuen Eng, Daniel Tseng, Ang Kian Chuan, Raymond Ang and Esther Ng. Many of the original songs performed resonated with the audience as the lyrics reflected their shared memories and the experiences they were going through at this stage of their lives. From the enthusiastic clapping and active participation during the sing-a-long sessions, it was obvious that everyone enjoyed themselves.

But the highlight of the night for many was “Walk down Memory Lane”, a PowerPoint presentation showing photos taken from the class of 75’s campus days. Laughter and excited chatter filled the air as alumni called out names, faces and events as they appeared onscreen. Alumnus Kaw Jit Kee, like many others, had a great time reliving his days at school through the pictures. “The walk you took us through our Bizad ’75 memory lane brought back fond, even hilarious, good times we all had together.” Some of these memories include the Bizad Dinner and Dance, Freshmen Orientation and Intervarsity Games between the University of Singapore, University of Malaya, University of Hong Kong and University of Indonesia.

The alumni were also brought back to their old school days in the team game “Remember?”, where they were asked quirky questions such as “Was there more vice in the campus during our days than today?”. The question was actually referring to titles such as Vice Dean, Vice Chancellors, etc. After they had completed the quiz, the teams were rewarded with bottles of wine for their efforts.

Making the reunion even more meaningful was the $30,600 the committee raised with donations from their classmates. This amount will go towards the NUS Business School Alumni Bursary Fund, which will be sub-named the ‘BBA Class of ’75 Bursary Fund’, and the NUS Business School Student Global Experience Fund.

Weaver Chong best summed up the reunion dinner, saying: “Thank you, organising committee, for such a wonderful and entertaining evening. Not only was there good food and entertainment but, more importantly, the chance to catch up after 40 years. Hope we have more events like this!”

Entrepreneurship Journey of a Beauty Queen

Date: 2 October 2015 (Friday)
Time: 7 to 10 pm
Venue: Standard Chartered Bank, Marina Bay Financial Tower 1

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WW Photo4 WW Photo1 WW Photo2 WW Photo3The inaugural AWWsome Sharing Session, organised by the NUS Business School Alumni Association (NUSBSA)’s Alumni Women’s Wing, got off to a roaring start. A total of 30 attendees packed the venue on a Friday evening, ready to glean some entrepreneurial insights from the featured speaker, Ms Teo Ser Lee (BAcc 1988) – beauty-queen-turned-entrepreneur extraordinaire and founder and director of Protocol Academy Pte Ltd, Singapore’s pioneer in etiquette and protocol services.

Among them was Grace Ang (BAcc 1984). No stranger to alumni events, she was looking forward to hearing about Ms Teo’s personal journey. “Everybody has their own story,” she said, “so it’ll be interesting to discover how she overcame her struggles and get her perspective on work/life balance.” Invited guests Tan Shih Han and Mandy Lin mirrored similar sentiments. “Women play a very important role,” said Shih Han. “Through this session, we can gain valuable learning points on how to succeed both professionally and personally.”

These were exactly the types of responses that Joey Gan (BBA 1986), Vice President of NUSBSA, hoped to hear when she decided to launch the Alumni Women’s Wing Chapter earlier in May. “Our vision is to inspire and empower,” she said. “We want women from all walks of life to come together, contribute, grow and have fun together.”

And that was exactly what the attendees did. They gamely participated in every ice breaker, broke out into squeals of laughter as the vivacious Ms Teo recounted entertaining anecdotes from her beauty pageant days and enthusiastically answered her pop quizzes on etiquette during her talk. Emcee for the night, Catherine Chai (BBA 1992), described the event perfectly when she said, “There are no strangers tonight, only friends that you’ve yet to meet.” And as the lead organiser for the sharing session, she was also directly responsible for creating this positive atmosphere. “Women tend to network differently,” she explained. “By organising events tailored for women such as these – one that focusses on topics such as personal grooming and social etiquette – we hope to create a platform where women, even those who have never networked before, can feel confident in stepping out to connect and support fellow women alumni, contribute ideas and play a more active role in the alumni community.” Alumni volunteers Sharon Kwek (BAcc 1973) and Tan Swee Cheng (BAcc 1990) agreed. “The AWWsome events provide a much-needed outlet for women to not only network but come together as individuals with the same interests and learn from one another,” said Swee Cheng.

The attendees certainly seemed to agree. Gayathri De Silva (BBA Hons 2010) thoroughly enjoyed the talk, even as she admitted, “It’s not the kind of event that I would usually go for.” Pleased participants were already looking forward to the next session. Ong Soo Hwa (BAcc 1969) and Ong Lian Wah (BAcc 1969), for instance, expressed hopes that future talks or sharing sessions could feature a mix of topical subjects – from the woman’s perspective.

If you’ve missed out on this session, don’t fret. More programmes are in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

2015 Alumni Luncheon in Kuala Lumpur

Date: 1 August 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 12:30 – 2.30 pm
Venue: Le  Mid Restaurant at Bangsar

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An afternoon dedicated to networking and forging new connections was what the alumni had in store during the luncheon in Kuala Lumpur – and it did not disappoint. Members enjoyed mingling, sharing fond memories, renewing old ties and forming new friendships in the cosy and upmarket setting of Bangsar’s Le Mid Restaurant. It was the perfect avenue to re-establish alumni ties since the last networking event three years prior.

KL Photo3 KL Photo2 KL Photo1Organised by the Kuala Lumpur Alumni Chapter and supported by GANO, the alumni luncheon was the culmination of months of hard work, with committee spending much time reconnecting with as many alumni as possible in the city.  Judging by the turnout, their hard work paid off.

Many alumni made a special effort to attend, among them Lee Junxian (BBA 2008, MBA 2014), who flew in from Singapore, eager to form new contacts ahead of his move to Kuala Lumpur in the coming months. Peter Tay (BBA Hons 1975, MBA 1987), who was in the city on business, made sure he had ample time to join in the festivities after his meetings. He even brought along two of his close business acquaintances to participate in the fun.

Maimoonah Hussain (BAcc 1980), Mahesh Rupawalla m(BBA Hons 1986) and Teo Ai Hong (MBA 1995) – all Singaporeans based in Kuala Lumpur – were equally thrilled to attend the event, ready to partake in what they considered as a small slice of home. While for young alumni such as Rohan Bahl (MBA-S3A 2014) and KC Kong (UCLA-NUS EMBA 2016, the reunion was a welcome surprise. They were glad to discover that there is an alumni chapter back home and were eager to meet the committee members in person. Equally pleased to reconnect with the alumni community was Michael Goh (BBA Hons 1999), who had been an active alumni volunteer and mentor prior to his move to Kuala Lumpur. He can now look forward to picking up where he left off in the Kuala Lumpur Alumni Chapter.

Participants were treated to a video highlighting the School’s developments and messages from the deanery and alumni. “It was good to catch up with fellow alumni and be updated on the exciting developments at the School,” commented Yoong Khim (BAcc 1990).

For many of the alumni, glimpses of the campus and activities immediately brought back fond recollections. Dr Jaisinghani Vikram (MBA 2010), spurred on by his memories of his involvement with the NUS MBA Social Impact Club, which was featured in the video, requested for an introduction to the club’s former president, alumnus Naithy Cyriac. He is eager to explore ways in which he can contribute. This is exactly the spirit of giving back that the School hopes to inspire in its reunions.

Yeoh Cheang Teik, Chairman of Kuala Lumpur Executive Committee for the Chapter, was pleased with the turnout. Together with the rest of his committee members, he hopes to expand the network further and organise activities that will bring the alumni community in Kuala Lumpur even closer.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to Cheang Teik and his fellow members, without whom this event would not been so spectacular.

Kuala Lumpur Alumni Chapter – Executive Committee

Chairman: Yeoh Cheang Teik (BBA 1981)
Vice Chairman: Wong Yoon Chan (BBA 1982)
Secretary: Chong Ting Chow (BBA 1982)
Treasurer: Andrew Ho Tho Kong (BAcc 1989)
Member: Danny Foo Shiew Khiang (BBA 1982)
Member: Yap Kee (BAcc 1982)
Advisor: Datuk Yong Ah Pwi (APEX-C MBA 1999)
Advisor: Dr. Mohamed Sultan Bin Sickander (BBA Hons 1968)

We look forward to seeing you again at the next event!