Making Mentoring Our Business

Date: Wednesday, 2 March 2016
Time: 7 pm
Venue: Harry’s, 28 Boat Quay

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24836684493_0cfd85769b_z 25370513321_25efc79db5_z 25463407825_7ee380d5ef_zThe NUS MBA Mentorship Programme kicked off its latest mentoring cycle with a bang, bringing together students and alumni to exchange knowledge, insights, ideas and experience over drinks and dinner. Former mentee Subhajit Mandal and current mentor Titus Yong (MBA 2000) were shared their experience and thoughts on the programme with participants from the current cycle.

In his sharing, Titus highlighted the two-way nature of the mentoring relationship. “The mentor-mentee relationship should be symbiotic, not parasitic,” he said. “While mentors can introduce mentees to internships and opportunities, mentees can introduce new technologies and potential business contacts to their mentors and even share their overseas experiences and cultures if they aren’t from Singapore.”

Mentor Anson Dichaves (UCLA-NUS EMBA 2009) concurred with Titus and emphasised the importance of a good mentor-mentee match in sharing experiences and networking. “My mentee Daniel and I come from engineering backgrounds and have worked in the same company before,” he explained. “I want to help mentees set the right expectations from the beginning.” Fellow mentor Kwok Lih (MBA 2006) echoed these sentiments: “I want to reach out to the younger generation. With more than 20 years of working experience, I have contacts I can introduce to them.”

Mentees also benefit immensely from the programme by gleaning valuable insights from their mentors. “I’ve been mentored before in other settings and I’ve seen how it can help me in my career,” said mentee Michael Chang. Fellow mentee Tomoyuki Shigeta agreed: “I’m considering running my own business in the future so it’s helpful to build relationships with mentors as they have more insight and industry experience.”

Experienced mentors like Tan Boon Chin (Apex MBA English 2003) are encouraged by their mentees’ positive feedback. “Although it’s not my first time mentoring, I enjoy this aspect of giving back to the Business School and mentoring young people,” he enthused.

The networking session continued well into the night with both mentors and mentees looking forward to a successful mentoring relationship.

masahiroIn the Mentoring Spotlight…

We speak to former mentee Masahiro Okumura (MBA 2016), who was previously mentored by Titus Yong (MBA 2000).

Having previously worked in investment banking and a private equity fund, Masahiro, who currently resides in Japan, has benefitted immensely from a strong mentor-mentee relationship. “My one-to-one interactions with my mentor Titus were very valuable,” he said. “One of the biggest things I learned was the importance of setting priorities in terms of work, family, friends and hobbies. I learnt how to prioritise work and life strategically so that I can enjoy and expand on both areas.”

Masahiro was particularly inspired by Titus’ DreamBearer project, which inspires and encourages people to achieve their goals through various initiatives, such as an expedition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. He is keen to contribute to such causes and hopes to return to NUS Business School to be a mentor to other MBA students in the future.


Mentoring a new generation

Date: Wednesday, 9 March 2016
Time: 5:30 pm
Venue: ACE Ideation Centre, LaunchPad@one-north

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It was a night of meeting, greeting and forging new friendships as 40 students and alumni came together for a networking cum dinner session organised by the NUS Business School Alumni Association (NUSBSA). Supported by the Global Alumni Network Office, the evening’s activities served as a prelude to NUSBSA’s Youth Mentorship Programme and aimed to provide students with personalised career guidance in their undergraduate years as well as the first five years of their working life. 

Picture1Conversation flowed fast and furious as each alumni-student pair was given 10 minutes to get acquainted, with students switching tables for a total of four rotations. This one-to-one approach increased the pairs’ interactions, helping students to better nominate a suitable mentor for themselves at the end of the event.

It was an eye-opening experience for the students, who were able to meet and network with people from a variety of industries in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. “Meeting people from different industries gives me a wider range of options and a broad viewof the industries I’m interested in,” explained Year 3 student Constance Wang. Fellow Year 3 student Chen Qijian agreed: “You get to hear different stories and diverse opinions from the alumni. It’s a rare opportunity for us to connect and interact with them, something you can’t experience on a day-to-day basis.”

Students also benefitted from the alumni’s ready sharing of stories. “They have a wealth of experience and insights that we don’t normally possess at the undergraduate level,” said Year 2 student Justin Tay. Year 4 student Chian Singchuen concurred: “It’s a great way to bounce your ideas off people, especially when they’re from different industries. Getting their perspective on the industry is really beneficial.”

For the alumni, the evening was the perfect platform for them to payit forward, especially in times of financial turbulence. Ritchie Goenawan (BBA Hons 2010) explained: “Today’s job market is a difficult one. It’s nice to give students extra guidance during their transition from school to the workforce.” His comments were echoed by alumna Grace Ban (BBA 1977), former Managing Director of Estée Lauder. “I enjoyed my university years and benefitted a lot from them, so I want to share these experiences with the students,” she explained. Low Yeng Teck (MBA 2002) also agreed with his fellow alumni: “Keeping my experience to myself is a waste. It’s more meaningful to help students out by sharing the knowledge I’ve gained with them.”IMG-20160309-WA0010

Amid the chatter and laughter on all sides, the students wrapped up the night’s activities by nominating their preferred mentors. In light of the successful event, we hope to double the number of participants for next year’s intake of mentors and mentees and to continue building strong ties within our Business School community.



Gathering of Alumni on Chinese New Year Tuan Bai Luncheon

Date: 21 February 2016, Sunday
Time: 11.30 am
Venue: Carpenter 29 Restauranttesting

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The Chinese New Year Tuan Bai organised by NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni was held on Sunday, 21 February 2016.  70 alumni, faculty and staff turned up for the traditional Chinese New Celebration and Lo Hei luncheon at  Carpenter 29 Restaurant. It was an eventful entertaining afternoon, where everyone had a great time catching up and mingling with each other.


Gaining new insights and forging new connections at the NUS BizConnect Human Resource & Supply Chain Networking Dinner

Date: 26 January 2016 (Tuesday)
Time: 6.30 pm
Venue: Moo Bar & Grill, The Cliff at McCallum Street

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An evening dedicated to exchanging views, sharing experiences and creating new connections – this was what the NUS BizConnect Human Resource & Supply Chain Networking Dinner promised – and delivered. Aimed at connecting alumni from the human resource (HR) and supply chain industries with current students, the event drew over fifty participants, and provided the perfect platform for them to network, exchange knowledge and share business opportunities.

For second-year BBA student Lim Peck Yee, who has already decided to specialise in supply chain, the networking dinner was a prime opportunity to get a first-hand perspective of the sector. “Such events are useful because they bridge the gap between academic life and the realities of the industry,” she said. Fellow student Lim Kai Chin agreed. “After speaking to the alumni in thePicture5 supply chain sector, I now have a clearer picture of the industry and its challenges,” he said. First-year student Andrea Yeo Si Han, who was looking to gain some industry insights on HR, added: “Through this session, I’ve discovered new aspects of HR that can’t be learnt from books.”

But it wasn’t just the undergraduates who benefitted from the event. Poh Yingwen (BBA 2008) enjoyed the opportunity to share her experiences with the students. “No one prepared us  for the steep learning curve you’ll be faced with once you’re in the industry,” she said. “This event is an excellent way for students to gain industry knowledge and exposure.” Stacy Lim (BBA 2012) agreed, adding: “In the past, I didn’t have much opportunity to speak to the seniors in such a setting so it’s great to be able to share some pointers with the undergraduates and give back to the School.” Reflecting on his own school days, Zheng Qinyao (BBA Hons 2010) remarked on how different the undergraduates today are compared to his time. “They have a very clear idea of what they wish to pursue from the outset,” he said. “It’s inspiring to see their drive and passion.” For alumnus Chye Shu Yi (BBA Hons 2014), the event was a great avenue to gain perspectives from both undergraduate students and HR professionals in the field. “As a lawyer specialising in employment law, it’s my responsibility to add a legal perspective to HR procedures,” she said. “So this sharing session is an excellent way for me to keep my ears to the ground.”

Picture6Judging by the overwhelming response and the chatter and laughter as both alumni and students mingled over food and drinks, it was clear that the night was a resounding success. First-year student Gan Chin Boon definitely did not regret his decision to attend. “Talking to the alumni tonight has helped me to decide on a school of study,” he said. “I look forward to attending similar events in future.” First-time attendee Wendy Chng Petit (BBA 1998) mirrored his sentiments. “It was very interesting to talk to the students,” she said. “Talking to them made me relive my own undergraduate journey. It really brought on a sense of nostalgia!” Having been working overseas for the last 15 years, she also welcomed the opportunity to connect with old friends at the gathering.

We would like to thank everyone fo24849696092_4281b31b84_zr participating and making the evening such a fun and enjoyable affair. Jointly organised by the Global Alumni Network Office (GANO) and the BizConnect team from NUS Bizad Club, three to four industry networking events are organised yearly. So if you missed this one, don’t fret – just keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

Starting the New Year on a high

Date: 14 January 2015
Time: 6.30 to 9.30 pm
Venue: The Penny Black, Boat Quay

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It was an evening of great fun, awesome food and lots of laughter as NUS Masters of Science in Management [MSc (Science)] students and alumni gathered at The Penny Black to start the New Year on the right foot.

The event marked a special milestone as the group was celebrating the launch of the NUS MSc (Management) Alumni Club or MMAC for short. Started by a group of six young alumni who formed the core Executive Committee, and supported by the Global Alumni Network Office of the school, it was the start of the group’s effort to bring together graduates from the programme across different graduation years.

Strengthening alumni networks

MMAC Executive Member, Akanksha Batura (MSc 2015) said, “The club serves as a platform for us to create opportunities for alumni to meet and continually strengthen our networks, thus enriching our professional experience even after we start working.”

Picture3Many of the alumni treasured the opportunity to rekindle old friendships. “While we havebeen able to meet informally from time to time as a group, such events supported by the school makes it easier to stay in touch and reach out to even more people,” said Dennis Le (MSc 2015). “And it’s a great location, right next to my office!”

Fellow Exco member, Law Yi Ming (MSc 2015) shared
the sentiment that fuelled his desire to set up the club, “We aim to create a strong MSc (Mgt) community to enhance the MSc (Mgt) experience socially and professionally beyond graduation by providing opportunities for alumni and students to interact, exchange experiences and support one another.”

“We should be part of the experience for the students and give them a sense of belonging to the community. That’s why we need to engage them early to share ideas and provide support.” And he walks the talk – taking up hosting duties for the night.

Inspiring current students

Dr Jumana DSC_0050Zahalka, Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Academic) and Senior Lecturer, emphasized, “Despite their different nationalities, all the students have one thing in common – a desire to enhance their work experiences. This new club will be a valuable platform to the students as they forge their own career paths, guided and inspired by the alumni.”

That was definitely the case for current student HuangMian. “I’m here to talk to the alumni, listen to their stories and experiences and gain advice, particularly in job hunting,” he shared.

Fellow students Sun Qingwei and Guo Zihe agreed. “It’s always great to hear from someone who’s actually in the field – you’ll get a first-hand insight into a particular career,” Qingwe added.

From strength to strength

Giving back to the School was a sentiment expressed by many of the participants that night.

Picture2“I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences as an alumna with the students,” said Michelle Yap (MSc 2015), expressing a common sentiment among the alumni present, much to the delight of many current students.  Likewise, Rohit Lara (MSc 1997) also welcomed the opportunity to forge new connections and hope to be a mentor for the students.

A lively ‘human’ bingo game generated such as buzz as participants worked the room to fill their bingo sheets with names of others who fulfilled diverse criteria ranging from work, travel and language experiences to special interests and abilities such as bungee jumping and musical prowess!  It was a great activity and one that descended into much hilarity for all.

Current student Haram found the night to be both entertaining and useful. “This has been a great event to meet alumni and get ideas for a future career after graduation,” he said.

Picture4Alumni Rui Ting (MSc 2015) also did not regret turning up for the event. “I miss the old times, so this is a great way to get that feeling back again,” she said.

The successful event had greatly encouraged the MMAC Exco to continue their efforts.

“We are glad that this event was so well-received among students and alumni, and would like to thank everyone for turning up – the event definitely would not have been as much fun without your full support and active participation! Our appreciation to GANO and the NUS Business School Programme Office for their great support, “said Yi Ming.

“We’re already planning for the next gathering! So keep in touch and stay tuned on the official MMAC Facebook group.”

NUS MSc (Management) Club Facebook Group

NUS MSc (Management) Alumni Club 

Executive Committee24448629481_a7f7f2cb55_z
Secretariat: Law Yi Ming & Kelly Soh
Communications: Akanksha Batura & Jasmine Guo
Programmes: Durwin Ho & Thing Jia Lian

To be a valuable and well-integrated stakeholder of the NUS MSc (Management) Programme.

The NUS MSc (Management) Alumni Club seeks to:

  • Forge a strong common identity among students and alumni by providing and being involved in more platforms of interaction.
  • Further the brand name and enhance the collective reputation of the Programme by contributing back to the NUS community and society.

Connecting people, sharing experiences

Date: Tuesday, 15 March 2016
Time: 6:30 pm
Venue: Folks Collective, China Square Central

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Following a successful NUS BizConnect Networking Dinner in January, NUS Bizad Club and the Global Alumni Network Office (GANO) jointly organised a second dinner on 15 March 2016, this time for those in the marketing industry. The event brought together over 60 current undergraduate students and alumni for an evening of networking over a sumptuous buffet dinner.

To facilitate the sharing of insights and networking between alumni and students, attendees were assigned tables in a total of three rotations. Throughout the evening, the restaurant was filled with conversation and even laughter as both students and alumni freely shared their industry experiences and insights with each other.

SomeDSC_0128 students, such as Gan Chin Boon, saw the event as an opportunity to find out more about the industry. “I’m still in Year 1 and I’m exploring various career paths,” he explained. “I want to find out more about marketing and see if I’m suited for the industry.”

Others, keen to enter the marketing industry after graduation, were particularly excited to meet seniors who had been there and done that. Year 1 student Ong Kah Jing, who runs his own knowledge sharing start-up, shares: “I want to use the opportunity to find out more about the industry and to see how I can apply this to the way I develop my career and run my own start-up.” Year 4 student Angela Lee, a former digital marketing agency intern, agrees: “I’m in my final year, so I see this as a way to explore my career options and get to know more people in the industry. I’m interested to find out how companies get their products to consumers and to see what marketing channels they use to achieve this.”

The invited alumni delivered with aplomb, enthralling students with their stories, insights and learning experiences. Regional brand manager Ritchie Goenawan (BBA 2010) was one of theDSC_0124m, captivating his listeners with his tales of Vietnamese village life, which he experienced while on a work trip. “It sounds clichéd, but your job can really make a difference in many people’s lives,” he said, describing how one of his marketing campaigns made a huge impact in the lives of poor Philippine families.

Some alumni shared that they too had much to learn from the students. Kelvin Ling (BBA 1990) explained: “Certain things we learnt back then have since become obsolete. It’s great to learn new things from the students.” Maurice Tan (BBA 1991) has the same sentiments: “It’s interesting to see how NUS Business School has progressed over the years and to connect with the next generation of students and different generations of alumni. It’s like my own mini consumer research project!”

Picture7All in all, it was an educational yet fun-filled evening for the attendees who gained new insights into the industry and made many new friends. Many looked forward to more of such networking sessions in the future. “The alumni’s stories gave me a first-hand glimpse into the marketing industry,” shares Nicole Lee, a Year 3 student and former marketing intern. “I’d love to attend similar events next time.”

NUS BizConnect committee is DSC_0150part of the NUS Bizad Club, the core student body representing all undergraduates pursuing the BBA and BAC degree in NUS Business School. With GANO support, BizConnect organises 3-4 industry-related networking dinners which are typically held off-campus (usually in the CBD area). These events aimed at bringing together and connecting alumni from different industries, and at the same time, providing opportunities for our alumni to share their experience with current undergraduate students. Both alumni and students will benefit from the exchange of market information and industry trends.

If you are interested to volunteer as one of our Industry Alumni Reps and be part of the organising committee, do contact Hamidah (GANO) for more information.

Alumni Appreciation & Lo Hei Dinner

Date: 29 January 2016 (Friday)
Time: 7 pm
Venue: Royal Palm, 30 Raffles Avenue

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The Alumni Appreciation Dinner is our way of saying Thank You and appreciating all our alumni and student volunteers for their unwavering support and selfless contributions to the School.  This year was combined with the Lo Hei dinner held at Royal Palm at the iconic Singapore Flyer. Alumni and students arrived early to network with old friends and new before sitting down to a delicious multi-course meal.

Among the alumni volunteers that evening was Fu Yong Hong (BBA 2014). Having incubaAA n LH photo 2ted his business idea at NUS Enterprise, Yong Hong now heads up a successful enterprise supplying healthy balanced meals – filling a niche in the local market. Given his entrepreneurial start, it is little wonder that he has an affinity for his alma mater. “I’m grateful for my experiences at NUS and I’ve always been interested in giving back,” he shared. “That’s why I was glad to participate as a guest speaker in the ‘Mind Your Business’ event.”

Fellow ‘Mind My Business’ AA n LH photo 1AA n LH photo 3participant Ow Tai Zhi (BBA 2011) agreed. He first became involved in alumni activities when he applied his organisational skills to running the Mind My Business events for GANO. He went on to volunteer his time and efforts in this year’s Bizad Charity Run. “I was constantly inspired by my fellow alumni,” he said. “Even though everyone involved had no prior experience, someone would always step up when needed.” Fione Goh (BBA 2009), who also helped out in the run, shared similar views. Having honed her skills helping organise the marketing for the Run in 2014, she took on a leadership role the following year.

Current students were also recognised for their contributions in helping make this year’s Bizad Charity Run such a success. Second-year students Xin Ying, Kai En and Desheng saw the appreciation dinner as an opportunity to mingle once again with the alumni. “We are blessed to be able to talk and learn from them,” said Desheng. “It’s great to hear from people who have walked the path,” added Kai En. “Such events provide an excellent platform for us to connect with like-minded people and build valuable networks.”AA n LH photo 4AA n LH photo 6AA n LH photo 5

Benedict Andrew Lim (MBA 2000) concurred. An experienced alumni mentor with the MBA Mentorship Programme, Benedict also helps to drive industry   engagement for the School. “It’s important to match the right human capital for each industry,” he said. “That’s always a challenge but it is also important that the courses offered and the working environment reflect the times.” He elaborated by explaining that with millennials now entering the workforce, employers have to empower and trust them rather than dictate to them. “Inspire them to contribute and they will then exceed all expectations,” Benedict advised. This sentiment was something that newly minted alumnus Mark FrancisThompson (BBA 2015) can readily identify with. “I’ve always been glad to give back – even when I was a student – and I will continue to do so now, not just with Mind My Business events but with others,” he said. “It’s never too early to get involved.”

And on that note, we would like to express our appreciation once again all our alumni and student volunteers for their dedication and time. Here’s to forging an even stronger alumni community in the years ahead.

Charting new records at Bizad Charity Run 2016

Date: 23 January 2016, Saturday
Time: 5 pm – 9 pm
Venue: NUS Business School, Mochtar Riady Building

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BCR 2016 Photo 2 BCR 2016 Photo 1The popular NUS Bizad Charity Run – the annual flagship event, organised by NUS Business School Alumni Association and Bizad Club, never fails to draw a huge turnout and this year was no exception . Despite the rain, more than 1, 300 participants arrived bright and cheerful on a Saturday afternoon, ready to run in the name of charity. More than $160,000 in donations have been raised to date – an all-time high. The funds will go towards NUS Business School Study Bursaries and two external beneficiaries, Boys’ Town and Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore).

Nurturing a stronger community spirit

Already in its sixth year, the NUS Bizad Charity Run continues to cultivate a strong culture of giving among the Business School fraternity. “It’s a great opportunity for me to not only raise funds for the needy but also give back to the School that has helped to shape me,” said Maxine Teo (BBA 1996), the emcee for the event. It was a sentiment echoed by many. Fellow alumnus Mohit Khemani (MBA- HEC 2015 ) even took it upon himself to rally more than 20 of his colleagues to participate in the run. “We frequently organise corporate events so I thought the charity run would be a great team-bonding activity,” he said. “What’s more, we get a chance to contribute to a meaningful cause.”

First-time runner Chooi Kuan (BBA 1987) agreed. “I’ve just started running so I’m not sure how well I’ll fare,” she shared with a laugh. “But I’m definitely taking it as a personal challenge, and it’s a great avenue to give back.” This was something that Guest-of-Honour Mr Teo Ser Luck touched on as well in his opening address. He also gamely joined in the spirit of the event, participating in the Fun Walk . Peter Yap (MBA 1986) added: “What matters is that I finish the run – I don’t have any particular target,” he said. “It’s all for fun and in the name of charity.”

Fostering an all-inclusive society through sports

Apart from the students, alumni and faculty, members of the public were also in attendance. Among them was Zhang Xiao Hang. “I’m happy to complete the race and surpass my target,” she said. “I was told that the views during the run were gorgeous and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.” Beneficiaries from the Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore) also took part, wheeling alongside the runners in the Fun Run.

Making the biggest splash, however, was Mdm Jenap Said aka ‘Catwoman’ . Known for completing marathons in her signature ‘Catwoman’ outfit, Mdm Jenap has completed more than 40 full marathons and ultramarathons with the aim of raising funds for the less privileged. This year, she focussed her efforts on the Bizad Charity Run. “It’s always good to run for a purpose,” she said. “I’m hoping that more people will support me so that I can raise even more funds for the beneficiaries.”

Apart from the race, there were plenty of activities to entertain runners and non-runners alike. Visitors thronged the photo booth, making use of the fun props and posing for photos. Booths set up by the beneficiaries provided information and resources for those keen to find out more. Local band Second Sunrise accepted song requests from the audience and captivated everyone with their great live renditions of old and current hits.

Key highlights also included the lucky draw and the prize presentation.

“This annual event provides an excellent platform for alumni to help the less privileged and empower the community,” said Sonny. Roch encouraged everyone to continue supporting the School, either by raising funds or volunteering in the various committees. “Every little bit counts,” he said. “And it’s infectious – once you’ve taken that first step, you’ll feel inspired to do more.”

Growing the tradition of giving back

Over the years, the event has gone beyond simply raising funds for the needy. And this is something that one of the organising committee members of the inaugural charity run and founding partner of Reedz Group of Restaurants, Lee Junxian (BBA 2008/MBA 2014), takes pride in. “When we first started six years ago, the event drew about 500 participants,” he shared. “Today, the charity run has grown to become a marquee event that serves to unite and inspire the School community to make a greater impact every year. As an alumnus, I feel very encouraged.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their generous support and active participation! We will continue to organise future runs and events that will enable us to grow this tradition of giving back and forge stronger bonds among our community and partners.

Alumnus hires NUS Business School graduates in India


Of the many things alumnus Mr Sridhar Vaidynath (APEX-MBA 2006) remembers of his MBA days, is the rigorous training he received at the NUS Business School.

“After going through the very challenging course at the NUS Business School, which started each day at 8am and sometimes did not finish before 11pm, I lost weight – but in turn, gained an in-depth understanding of other disciplines such as service marketing and branding.”

Having a distinguished career within the financial markets as an Investment Banker and over 18 years experience, he was one of the founding fathers of Edelweiss Capital Ltd (India’s leading Investment Banking and Brokerage house). Clearly, he had an excellent insight into what makes Indian capital markets tick.

Despite that, he challenged himself further and broadened his reach by joining an internationally active bank, adding his experience (in private equity and managing IPO’s) to an already highly successful bank – Standard Chartered, India’s largest foreign bank.

Explaining his decision, Mr Vaidynath states, “Learning from my course mates’ previous experiences and teaming up with them to jointly analyze companies from a variety of backgrounds gave me the confidence and additional knowledge to expand my reach to globally active financial players.”

In line with this experience, he now also recruits other graduates from the NUS Business School. “I feel I need to add as many diverse perspectives to my team as possible,” he explains. “Having to analyze and prepare my clients to go public, and also to assess their chances of making their name in a global market it is vital that my team has international experiences, and education which back their analysis.”

Mr Vaidynath recently recruited alumnus Mr Nilesh Borana (MBA 2007) as Manager of his company. Mr Borana came to know about the opportunity at Standard Chartered – STCI Capital Markets Limited through the NUS MBA Career Service Office.

Echoing the usefulness of his MBA education in his current capacity, Mr Borana shares that the MBA has shaped him to take on the challenges that lie ahead. “I had the opportunity to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and travel to a few places around the world. This I believe gave me tremendous exposure and has helped me to develop a global outlook.”



Love Him or Spoil Him” Seminar



Date: 24 November 2010 (Wednesday)

Time: 3:00pm

Venue: Mochtar Riady Building

Organizer: Mandarin Alumni

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A seminar on the perennial parenting dilemma to “Love Him or Spoil Him” attracted 44 alumni from our MBA, EMBA, MPAM and Executive Education programs. Dr Anthony Tseng Tsai Pen (曾在本老师) delivered his observations of, and considerations for, parent-child relations to a completely attentive audience. As he interacted with alumni, it was clear that the topic was close to Dr Tseng’s heart. He facilitated an in-depth discussion with the audience, with whom he had a very good rapport. Alumni came away looking forward to more of such a forum in the future.

Also on hand to interact with alumni were Associate Professor Quek Ser Aik, Vice Dean of Graduate Studies, who delivered the opening address; Aw Beng Teck, Director of the Global Alumni Network Office; Angle An, Associate Director of Global Alumni Network (China); Kelly Koh, Alumni Relations Executive at Global Alumni Network Office; and Ms Kwok Feng Gui, Executive with Mandarin Alumni.

Learning Points

Dr Tseng began by acknowledging that our alumni have acquired a variety of knowledge and skills at University, with which they have made admirable achievements in their respective careers. He then pointed out that the busy daily life of studying and working has resulted in the omission of all serious discussions on the topic of parent-child relationship.

Sharing his personal experience, Dr Tseng revealed that he seldom gave guidance to his two daughters on life and death, marriage, vocation, money, work and so on through the years of his teaching career. It was only when he gave his younger daughter “10 lessons of private tuition” that the importance of parent-child relations dawned on him. Only then did he begin to grasp some of the aspects of parent-child relations.

He emphasized that managing and maintaining a good parent-child relation is not an easy task. Rational thought, with long-term on-going effort to cultivate good relations, was necessary. However, with constant conscientiousness towards one’s relationship with one’s child, one could reap fruitful rewards – these would be the real achievement and satisfaction in life.