Present and past student leaders reconnect at Bizad Leaders’ Night 2016

Date: Friday, 28th October 2016
Time: 6.30pm to 10.00pm
Venue: Rocky Master @ MapleTree Anson

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Once again, NUS Students’ Business Club (Bizad Club) and GANO successfully brought together past and present student leaders at the NUS Bizad Leaders’ Night 2016.

Into its third year, this annual event aimed at reaching out to alumni who played an active role as student leaders during their undergraduate days at NUS Business School, and re-connecting them to the school community. The gathering also served as a platform to introduce members of the current 30th Management Committee (MC) of NUS Students’ Business Club to members of past committees, including those predecessor clubs such as Business Administration Society and Accountancy Society (1980s to 1990s). More than 80 guests turned up for the evening.

DSC_0201DSC_0018Lim Wei Xian, Year 2 student and Director of BizConnect, which is a subcommittee within the Bizad Club, shared about the success of BizConnect student-alumni networking dinners which her team organised thrice a year for different industries. Hamidah encouraged both alumni and students to utilise the support provided by GANO including online resources on the BIzalum portal (bizalum.nus,edu) and networking opportunities through activities organised locally and overseas.

Dr. Helen Chai, Assistant Dean and Director of our BBA Office, also gave brief update on the revised syllabus for the BBA programme 2017.

Lee Ming Hui (BBA 2008), the Youth Wing Director of NUS Business School Alumni Association’s Youth Wing (NUSBSA) shared about the activities of the Association, in particular the BSA Mentoring and  the annual networking event, Connexxion. He also encouraged them to participate in the annual NUS Bizad Charity Run on 14th January 2017 (, jointly organised jointly by NUSBSA and Bizad Club.

We took the opportunity to thank the outgoing Bizad Club’s 29th Management Committee (2015/2016) for their contribution in enriching campus experience for our BBA students. Tokens of appreciation was handed out to the by Ng Pheck Choo, Director for GANO, followed by a video montage dedicated to this group, compiled by the BizConnect team.

DSC_0055DSC_0100DSC_0051Bizad Leaders’ Night also served to welcome the 30th Management Committee members, who were entrusted to continue the Bizad Club’s legacy. Its President, Wei Yi Chen, introduced his committee and shared the changes they had recently implemented as well as their plan for the coming months.

Lee Keng Leong (BBA Hons 2004) and Steve Tan (BBA Hons 2007) who were Bizad Club Presidents of the 15th and 19th Management Committee respectively, also took the stage to encourage those who had stepped down from office, to continue supporting the younger leaders and “pay it forward”.

All had a great time catching up with their fellow Bizad friends and sharing their experiences with the fresh batch of Bizad leaders. The finale for the evening was a performance by two members of the 30th Management Committee. The night was filled with laughter and good food and meaningful connections, testament of the bond between student and alumni which had indeed remained strong over the years.

We hope to see more alumni from the graduating years in 1980s and 1990s join us next year. If you were a student leader during your days on campus, get in touch with Hamidah ( | 6516 8418).

Welcoming into our alumni family, the new MSc (Management) graduates

Date: Thursday, 6th October 2016
Time: 6.30pm to 10.00pm
Venue: Harry’s at Boat Quay

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After the successful launch of the The MSc (Management) Club in January, the committee members kept the momentum going by organising a dinner to welcome the fresh graduates into the alumni family.

New connections were made as alumni across the years met fresh graduates and current students. After graduation, many of them were kept busy with their career and thus appreciated the chance to meet up in a casual setting at this convenient location.

Professor Jumana Zuhalka, Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Academic) and Academic Director, MSc (Mgt) & CEMS MIM, gave a welcome address and provided the group with an update on the programme changes.

Emcee for the evening, Exco member Durwin Ho NUS-150_revproceeded to introduce guest speaker, Lana Duong, who graduated in 2011 with concurrent BBA (Hons) and Msc (Management) degrees. Lana shared how the programme and the exposure to people with diverse culture through the CEMS connection, helped draw her out of her “shell” and boosted her confidence. Now a Senior Associate with NSI Ventures, which invests in the Southeast Asian early-stage technology sector, she attributed her successful career progression to the communication skills she developed while undergoing the programme.NUS-111

“We are giving our full support to the Club and will continue to sponsor an annual gathering for this group. We hope the MSc (Management) alumni community will continue to stay connected, not just with among themselves but also with the Business School. Please continue to support the programme by sharing your feedback and volunteering to the school community”, says Hamidah Puteh, from the Global Alumni Network Office.

Akanksha Batura too, expressed her enthusiasm, “We are pleased with the response and are confident with  the establishment of this club, more of our alumni from the earlier years will join us in our annual gatherings in future.”

About the MSc (Management) Alumni Club

The MMAC club is established in January 2016 by a group of volunteers who are alumni from the NUS MSc (Management) programme, supported by the Global Alumni Network Office of NUS Business School. Membership to the MMAC club is complimentary and open to all NUS Business School graduates from the NUS MSc (Management) programme.

Get to know the MSc (Management) Alumni Club – Executive Committee:

Join the Club!

Stay connected through the Club’s Facebook Group

NUS-62NUS-202 NUS-190NUS-167_rev

Taking a walk down memory lane at the NUS BBA Class of 1980 reunion!

Date: Friday, 30th September 2016
Time: 6.30pm to 10.00pm
Venue: Yàn at National Gallery Singapore

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NUS BBA_BAcc - Class of 1980_Group Photo B

When the NUS BBA class of 1980 gathered for their reunion dinner at Yàn at National Gallery Singapore, it was like no time had passed. Given that the last occasion they met was 6–7 years ago, it was a long-awaited affair indeed. But time had little effect on the enthusiasm and camaraderie of the attendees. Shouts of recognition echoed around the room as participants spotted old friends. Loud chatter and laughter could be heard as classmates caught up over drinks and regaled each other with interesting anecdotes and stories. Adding to the atmosphere was a video presentation of photos from their last reunion.

AP4_6786AP4_6716From the high spirits of the attenAP4_6942dees, it was evident that they were all extremely excited to see their old batch mates again. Nancy Tan, who makes it a point to attend every reunion, stressed the importance of such events, saying: “It’s nice to have the opportunity to rekindle old relationships and check up on how everyone is doing.” Her sentiments were shared by many including Chong Kek Chung who added: “After graduation, everyone got busy with their own lives. This reunion is a good time for us to meet up and catch up with friends whom we’ve not seen for years.” And with conversation topics ranging from their experiences in NUS to current events, it was clear that the class of 1980 were making up for lost time. Carol Lim and Wong Yeing even discovered that they now live close to each other!

But more than reminiscing about the past and reconnecting with those they have lost touch with, attendees saw the reunion as a celebration of their good health and that of their batch mates. “I’m grateful to see so many familiar faces here as it means that they are still healthy,” said Wong Yeing. Christina Chua, who attended the event despite feeling unwell, heartily agreed, saying: “These people have been a big part of my life and it really fills me with joy to know that they are all doing well.”

The class of 1980 were also excited to reconnect with their professors, such as Chua Joon Eng, Francis Koh and Juzar Motiwalla, who made a surprise appearance at the reunion. “I’m very happy to see my old students and glad that all of them are successful despite what I taught them,” Joon Eng joked.

AP4_6973AP4_6897The joyous atmosphere continued with a joint 60th birthday celebration for the men of the class of 1980, all of whom were born in the year of the Monkey. Testament of the strong bonds between the batch mates, the group joked that they should organise another reunion in two years’ time when the ladies turn 60, and that they should aim for a larger attendance. Cheers and applause could be heard as the men gathered around to blow out the candles and have their photos taken before the class reunion committee and lecturers cut the cake.

As the event wound to an end, attendees gamely posed for more photos, even gathering for a group shot, which would be saved in a thumb drive and mailed to them as a memento of the evening. Participants also received a goodie bag containing the current BBA handbook and magazine as well as a luggage tag, belt and namecard holder embossed with the NUS logo.

Francis Yuen, a member of the organising committee, aptly summed up the spirit of the evening, saying: “We’ve all reached the age where most of us are retired and our children are all grown up. There’s no better time than now to reconnect with those who have played a major role in the earlier part of our lives.” Given the strong bonds of the class of 1980, it is certain that there will be many more reunions to come. Wong Soon Hwa also thanked everyone for their participation and support including the support and contribution from GANO, from inception to completion.

A big thank you to the organising committee Wong Soon Hwa, Shanna Tan, Ronald Ong, Francis Yuen, Nancy Tan and Colin Teoh without whom this reunion would not have been possible.

Ein Prosit (A toast) to Oktoberfest 2016!

Date: 29 September 2016
Time: 7–10 pm
Venue: Brotzeit, VivoCity

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29791313890_dfe2d96277_k 29458203264_85c89546b4_k 29458639863_990dd70ddc_k 29791321780_055b03fd3a_kDelicious craft beers, authentic German cuisine and a roaring good time. That was what MBA alumni and students had to look forward to as they gathered at Brotzeit, VivoCity for Oktoberfest. As one of the biggest nights on the NUS Business School MBA calendar, the evening was the perfect occasion for attendees to network and mingle while letting their hair down. And boy, was it a party to remember!

Laughter and chatter punctuated the pumping music from the live band as MBA alumni and students reconnected over mugs of free-flow beer and platters of pork sausages. The singer of the band also did a great job of keeping everyone entertained with his multiple costume changes, which included a blown-up suit that he donned while impersonating Elvis Presley and singing Good Luck Charm. At one point in the evening, he even went around the restaurant on stilts to engage with the audience!

First-year MBA student Yana Te-Cheng Chen, who was attending Oktoberfest for the first time, was blown away by the festivities. “I came with the intention of networking and learning from the alumni, but I never thought that it would be so much fun!” Her sentiments were shared by many others including Manjit Paha (MBA 2013), who declared that Oktoberfest was the best NUS event of the year. “I always make it a point to attend this event,” he shares. “Other than the fact that there’s always beer and food, it’s also a great opportunity for me to network and catch up with classmates and friends whom I’ve not seen for years.”

With the warm atmosphere and camaraderie of the evening, it was little surprise that many new links and connections were forged such as that between EMBA alumni Gerhard Schick, who hailed from Germany, and David Ringrose, who was from Ireland. Meeting for the first time at Oktoberfest, they spent the rest of the night in conversation and were later joined by Gerhard’s fellow classmate Leow Chiap Seng.

As the evening progressed and the beer lowered inhibitions, both alumni and current students ramped up the fun quotient, with many taking part in a conga line around the restaurant. Kavi, a current student from India who attended the event despite having an exam the next day, best summed up the night when he said: “I didn’t expect to meet so many people and make so many friends tonight. Oktoberfest really lives up to its reputation of being the most highly anticipated and fun event.” Prost to the next Oktoberfest!

Introducing mentors to their new mentees in the Bizad Leadership Development Programme (BLDP)

Date: Tuesday, 30th August 2016
Time: 7.00pm to 9.30pm
Venue: University Club, Shaw Foundation Alumni House

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As part of the BBA degree programme, the Bizad Leadership Development Programme (BLDP) is unique compared to other alumni-student mentoring programmes. It combines an academic part, where students have to take specific modules, and a non-academic part, where students connect with a mentor to gain real insight into the world of business. The fifth batch of BLDP mentors and mentees came together for the first time at The University Club on 30 August 2016. The evening was a chance for both mentors and mentees to engage and interact with each other in a relaxed environment, before they embark on their individual six-month journeys as confidants, advisors and friends.

160830 NUS Mentor-Mentee Introduction Dinner-36 160830 NUS Mentor-Mentee Introduction Dinner-12Ma160830 NUS Mentor-Mentee Introduction Dinner-79ny of this year’s mentors were keen to return after their previous experiences. Maurice Tan, a dedicated mentor for four years, described the experience as, “mutually beneficial, and an opportunity to learn more about the millennial generation,” while his new mentee, Marshall Too, expressed how much he is looking forward to seeing things from a new perspective: “You can’t get this one-to-one time through an internship.”

Similarly, Teo Lay Sie has been a mentor since the programme’s initiation in 2012. She spoke passionately about encouraging female students to challenge themselves in their career: “As a woman, you realise there are a lot of challenges in business. I want to help make it easier for the women who come afterwards. We have such a huge pool of talent, and we should look for more diversity in senior positions.” She also believes the mentorship is about the journey, not just the destination: “I’ve seen mentees get married. I’ve gone through life with them. I’m energised by their ongoing enthusiasm, and I think it’s so important to give back.”

When Bernard Ngiam reflected on his mentoring experiences, he described them as, “interesting, inspiring and meaningful,” emphasising just how much mentoring means to him as an NUS Business School graduate himself. He believes an in-depth understanding of the mentee is important in order to give advice in the right context, and in the grand scheme of things, it’s worth sacrificing some spare time to help them move forward in life: “if that means one less round of golf, it’s worth it!”

Reaffirming the benefits of the m entorship programme, mentees Looi Cheong Loong and Glen Lim both revealed how excited they were to be a part of it. Glen Lim said, “It’s a real privilege. We learn hard skills at school, but we need our mentor to teach us interpersonal skills,” while Looi Cheong Loong agreed, “It’s the chance to connect to a huge wealth of information and break out of the student mindset into the real world.” Many of the mentees also discussed how much they would like to give back to the school as a mentor one day. Li Yaoshen exclaimed, “It would be an honour to be asked – it means I will have been successful!”

160830 NUS Mentor-Mentee Introduction Dinner-40160830 NUS Mentor-Mentee Introduction Dinner-87As 160830 NUS Mentor-Mentee Introduction Dinner-72mentors and mentees dined together, Prof Ravi Chandran (Asst Dean, Undergraduate Studies) introduced the history and aims of the BLDP in his opening speech. Detailing the continual evolution of the BBA course, Prof Ravi spoke of exciting opportunities to learn outside campus, including the new entrepreneurship exchange programme. Thanks to the generous support of the Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation, this programme allowed the 2016 batch of BLDP students to join other students from Indian School of Business and TsingHua University on study trips to Hyderabad and Beijing to learn about entrepreneurship and leadership. Our students had the opportunity to exercise their leadership skills when they hosted the group in Singapore, as well as through group projects and discussions. Prof Ravi encouraged all of the students to grab these kind of opportunities when they arise.

GANO Director, Ng Pheck Choo, introduced the mentors and welcomed the new mentors who have just joined the programme – Kelvin Tan, a BBA and MBA graduate, and Elizabeth Eu, a professional executive coach. Two of the previous student mentees who benefitted from the BLDP last year were then invited to share their insights and experience.

Lionel Tan Meng Li described his mentorship as a humbling experience, which ultimately challenged his behavioural preferences and thinking approach. Disclosing the most valuable lesson that he learned from his mentor, he stated: “Challenge your assumptions. I was considering four key career paths, but it’s not necessarily true that they are the only ones for me. Never judge anyone by their title.” Chua Zong Xian then took to the stage, encouraging new students to be open to the mentorship. He advised all students to keep a record of their experience, so they can still learn valuable life lessons weeks, months or years down the line.

Koh Eh Beng, the Associate Director of Student Experience, advised the students, “Always appreciate who you are and where you’re going, and you will become the business leaders of tomorrow.”

NUS Accountancy Networking Night 2016

Date: Friday, 26th August 2016
Time: 7.00pm to 10.00pm
Venue: CPA Australia, One Raffles Place

Eflyer | Photo Gallery

After the resounding success of last few years’ networking  events, the NUS Accountancy Networking Night made a triumphant return in 2016. Organized by the Accountancy Arm (Academia) of NUS Bizad Club and in collaboration with NUS Business School Accounting Department, CPA Australia and supported by NUS Business School Alumni Association (NUSBSA) 160826 NUS Accountancy Networking Night 2016-26and NUS Global Alumni Network Office (GANO) the event followed the same ‘speed networking’ format as last year. Esteemed Accountancy alumni shared personal insights and answered questions about potential career paths, while a buzzer sent the students moving from table to table to gain further insights.160826 NUS Accountancy Networking Night 2016-96

Fourth year student Derrick Kew Deck Guan was the emcee for the even160826 NUS Accountancy Networking Night 2016-63ing. After graduation, he will be embarking on his career at  Ernst & Young, starting in insurance auditing. He directly attributed this choice to his own experiences at Accountancy Networking Nights. The valued input of successful alumni was a deciding factor when choosing which of the Big Four he wanted to join.

The evening didn’t just benefit the students. It presented alumni with a unique opportunity to share their experiences and catch up with old friends. Wan Tuck Wah, from the inaugural accountancy batch back in 1967, returned once again to give back by mentoring current students. Chong Kek Sing (BAcc 1977) also expressed how much he likes helping students on their path to success: “I’m glad the students have this opportunity to hear from alumni and make informed choices. It’s great to be able to share my thoughts and experiences.”

Interested in getting involved? Please stay in touch if you’d like to be a part of the next Accountancy networking event!

160826 NUS Accountancy Networking Night 2016-18160826 NUS Accountancy Networking Night 2016-13160826 NUS Accountancy Networking Night 2016-129

Exploring opportunities at the NUS BizConnect Finance Networking Dinner

Date: Wednesday, 24th August 2016
Time: 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Venue: Folks Collective, Asia Square Tower 1

Eflyer | Photo Gallery


A night of networking, new connections and authentic Thai cuisine, hosted by the committee members of BizConnect, the event brought together over 70 current undergraduates and alumni from the finance industry in a lush, chic setting.

DSC_0078Under the warm lights of grand chandeliers, participants mingled and shared their business opportunities, experiences and aspirations. Laughter and light-hearted chatter filled the air as the alumni and undergraduates got to know each other. And with undergraduates rotating DSC_0050between tables throughout the night, there was alDSC_0048ways something new to share and discover.

Fourth-year BAcc student Christel Yeo, who attended the event to find out more about the finance industry, enjoyed herself immensely. “Throughout the night, I networked with many people who have travelled the same path that I’m now on,” she said. “Hearing from them has given me a much wider perspective on the different careers I can pursue.”

Sharing her sentiments were fourth-year BBA student Kenneth Wang who added: “I have gained many insights that I wouldn’t have gotten just from reading the job descriptions alone. Speaking with the alumni has given me a clearer direction on the position I’m interested in.”

And judging by the presence of the two head hunters from Mizuho Bank’s talent acquisition team, Cheryl Lee and Jill Chan, these undergraduates might just be clinching their dream jobs sooner than expected.DSC_0025

But it wasn’t just the students who gained from the experience. Many of the invited alumni enjoyed the opportunity to share their stories, insights and learning experiences with the younger generation. Wan Tuck Wah (BAcc, 1967) was one of them, captivating his listeners DSC_0037with his experience as a student back when NUS was still known as the University of Singapore.

Some alumni shared that they too had much to learn from the students. Kenneth Leong (BAcc 2014), a regular supporter of similar events, explained: “It’s really refreshing to meet with the undergraduates to learn about their experience in school and hear their views on the industry.” Lui Seng Fatt (MBA, 1984) agreed, adding: “It’s extremely interesting to see how the younger generation deals with challenges. Speaking with them has given me a whole new perspective on the future of the industry.”

As the event wound to an end, Benn Ng (BBA, 1989) summed up the evening’s festivities perfectly, saying: “Tonight, everyone benefitted in some way, whether from making a new friend, learning something new or even catching up with an old acquaintance. I think we can all agree that it’s been a win-win experience for all.”


Welcoming new MBA students at the Explore Singapore Networking Dinner 2016

Date: 28 July 2016
Time: 6.30 pm
Venue: Shaw Foundation Alumni House

Event E-flyer | Photo Gallery 

Orientation for the latest intake of NUS MBA students started on a high note with the Explore Singapore tour to key landmarks in Singapore, followed by a networking dinner with peers and esteemed alumni at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House.28073507053_13e656ca81_k 28072310094_eaa585ac57_k 28073535283_60d7c47139_k 28405085150_f3841fc0dc_k 28073533693_7d8792685a_k

The atmosphere was buzzing with energy. Honorary Assistant Secretary of the MBA Alumni-NUS, Dr Suanny Gouw, who was the tour leader and performed emcee duties for the evening, commented on the ambience: “It’s lively! We want the students to network and speak to people from different backgrounds.”

For many of the new intake, it was the stellar reputation of NUS Business School that attracted them to the MBA programme. Current MBA student Michael Chang Tat Wen, from Malaysia, said in Mandarin, “To excel in Asia, NUS Business School is number one. I’ve made a lot of friends and the staff here are so supportive.” Park Dong Jin from Korea added, “This School has a great reputation and strong alumni network. I’m excited to be meeting so many new people.” Fellow student Divya Kunaparaju moved from India to Singapore for volunteer work eight years ago and jumped at the opportunity to pursue her MBA programme with NUS Business School. “I wanted to be a part of it,” she said.

Some applied for their MBA due to its diverse student and staff population, coupled with Singapore’s status as a gateway to Southeast Asia. Kunyarat Ardchon, who hails from Thailand, said, “NUS Business School is one of the best schools to attend if you want to get a feel for the Asian market. Singapore is so diverse, and I can meet people from all around the world.” Likewise, German student Andreas Kress came to Singapore to discover a new outlook on the world, commenting, “I’m excited to be here. I travel quite a bit and I’ve wanted to explore Asia for a long time.”

Alumni were also glad to be back, with many of them sharing their personal experiences on the MBA programme with current students. Sven Neumann (MBA 2007) tries to support the networking dinner each year to stay in touch and share his insights with the new cohort: “I have been involved in the MBA mentorship programme, so it’s great to come here and speak to new students.” Patricia Reed (UCLA-NUS EMBA 2013) expressed how much she enjoyed the event: “I’ve spoken to a lot of people – students and alumni – and I believe that the alumni network here is diverse, with many opportunities to make new contacts.”

Vipa Sasalakna from Thailand, and Assylbek Tanashikov from Kazakhstan both expressed how much they enjoyed the tour earlier in the day. “We went to the Old Parliament House and the barrage. Both places were very interesting,” Assylbek enthused. Vipa chipped in, “It was very informative! The School is quite far out from the city, and for those of us who are not familiar with the place, we now know where to go for what we need.”

The evening ended as lively as it began. Students left with a new outlook and new friends, eager to embark on the MBA programme, while alumni enjoyed the opportunity to share in this excitement, reconnecting with old friends and forging new connections for the future.

Games galore at Kent Ridge Alumni Family Day 2016

Date: Saturday, 13th August 2016
Time: 5.00pm to 9.30pm
Venue: University Town, National University of Singapore

Event Eflyer | Photo Gallery

001_20160813_KRAlumDay_ZAOrganised by the NUS Office of Alumni Relations, Kent Ridge Alumni Family Day is NUS’ Annual Homecoming to welcome the entire NUS community (alumni, students, faculty, staff and their families) home to campus. The much-anticipated event was held on 13 August at the NUS University Town (UTown). About 5,800 alumni, students and staff – together with their family members – came back to campus for an evening of fun, food and entertainment.

For the 3rd year running, GANO hosted a faculty booth for NUS Business School where we set up a game stall which drew the longest queue on the Green. It was great to catch up with alumnus Sean Goh (BBA 2012), who was the front man for Laid Comers, a 5-piece band who entertained the crowd that evneing.

A big THANK YOU to the student volunteers from BizConnect team (of Bizad Club) for helping us manage our Crossbow Hunting game stall. We hope to see more of our alumni next year at our booth!

20160813_17192720160813_16313620160813_17013320160813_16541120160813_165230114_20160813_KRAlumDay_ZA© NUS OAR | Photography by Lionel Lin20160813_170019

[The following is extracted from The AlumNUS Magazine (Oct-Dec 2016 issue)]

The event was graced by NUS Board of Trustees Chairman Mr Wong Ngit Liong (Engineering ’65), together with NUS Board of Trustees members Professor Olaf Kübler and Ms Chong Siak Ching (Design and Environment ’81), NUS President Professor Tan Chorh Chuan (Medicine ’83), as well as NUS Deputy President (Academic Affairs) and Provost Professor Tan Eng Chye (Science ’85).

UTown was abuzz with activities such as the Student Life Fair, Alumni’s & Students’ Sports Challenge, bazaar booths, bubble soccer and more. Several alumni groups also held their homecomings on the same day at UTown, including University Scholars Programme, NUS Environmental Studies Alumni, NUS Students’ Union Alumni and NUS Alumni Photographic Society.

Children were entertained and delighted by the wide range of activities available from a bouncy castle to animal rides and carnival games at the NUSS Kids’ booth. The mascots of NUS and NUS Students’ Union (NUSSU), LiNUS the lion and Sunny the Penguin respectively, were also a hit with both children and adults alike when they went around meeting and greeting the crowd.

Canteen vendors who took part in the Canteen Food — Past & Present competition (organised by the NUS Office of Campus Amenities) whipped up popular dishes for sampling and judging. Celebrity Ms Violet Oon (Arts and Social Sciences ’71) was one of the judges for this competition. The grand prize went to the Yong Tau Foo stall at Techno Edge.

As the day started to cool down, guests spread out their picnic mats on the green — to take a break from the action and excitement and to enjoy the performances on stage.

They were treated to a variety of music entertainment by popular alumni band ShiLi & Adi, 5-piece band Laid Comers, and student band Yoke Ling & Niki. The Taekwondo demonstration led by multi-award winner and coach Mr Lai Han Seng (Computing ’01) impressed the audience, while Catwalk-On-The-Green by NUS student models curated by Mr Daniel Boey (Arts and Social Sciences ’89) wowed the crowd, especially fashion-conscious younger alumni.

The finale of the event was a screening (the biggest outdoor movie screening on campus) of popular animated movie Kung Fu Panda 3 .

Old Friends Make New Memories (BBA & BAcc Class of 1981 Reunion)

 Date: Saturday, 6th August 2016
Time: 6:00pm to 10.00pm
Venue: Atrium, Mochtar Riady Building, NUS National Gallery Singapore

Event Eflyer | Photo Gallery | Video (Down Memory Lane)

NUS BBA_BAcc - Class of 1981_Group Photo A

The Bizad and BAcc class of 1981 mayhave graduated from NUS 35 years ago, but their esprit de corps is still thriving. On 6 August 2016, more than 60 alumni reunited for an evening of camaraderie and catch-ups at the Mochtar Riady Building in Kent Ridge.

Considering the length of time that has passed since graduation, the good turnout proved to be a pleasant surprise, with many making the effort to hop on planes or trains to attend the event. Informal and informative, the buzzing atmosphere was punctuated with laughter throughout the evening, as friendships rekindled and new connections were made. Memory games and a photo collage video helped to bring back the group’s cherished recollections from NUS, covering everything from the awkward bell-bottom era to sleepovers with Saturday Night Fever.

BBABAcc1981_057The group listened intently as host David Shaw talked about Dunbar’s number – 150 – which, according to research, is the cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships at any one time. He wondered aloud how many of the classmates in the hall featured in each other’s Dunbar list, and spoke about the value of reunions like this to add to that number. Co-host Monica Tan, who has lived in Perth for 23 years, flew in specifically for the occasion. She echoed the same sentiment on the value of friendships and support networks, “I will always come back for NUS, and we should cherish and make the most of this evening.”

Though many hadn’t met for years, the atmosphere was jubilant as old acquaintances enjoyed the chance to reconnect. Pek Chong Koon and Ong Hoon Meng, who hadn’t set eyes on each other since graduation, commented that nothing had changed since they last met. Ong Hock Ann remarked, “It’s bo nus time to catch up. I make it to every reunion.” Even those who couldn’t attend were present in spirit, with Peter Lam, Yeoh Cheang Teik and Miiko Tan sending their well wishes from afar. Miiko reminisced about time bringing many changes and the precious nature of life and friendships; while Yeoh Cheang Teik issued a standing invitation to old classmates who visit Kuala Lumpur to hit him up for a drink.

Pheck Choo and her Global Alumni Network Office (GANO) team’s mission to build relationships across networking events was made clear throughout the evening, with Mach Goh expressing his sincere gratitude for their hospitality. Other advocates for the event were overwhelming in their support. Besides contributing funds to the existing NUSBSAA – BBA/BACC Class of 1981 Bursary, many also put their hands in their pockets to supplement the collection towards a new bursary, the Tan Chwee Huat Memorial Bursary, in honour of their late professor. Others were encouraged to sign up for the NUS Bizad Charity Run in aid of Autism Research Centre, which is taking place 14 January 2017. There’s still plenty of time to subscribe if you want to join in!BBABAcc1981_090BBABAcc1981_150

All in all, the evening was one of revelry and reconciliation. In fact, Professor Kulwant Singh, Deputy Dean of the NUS Business School and alumnus of the class of 1981, summed it up perfectly: “It’s as if time stood still. I can recognise some of you instantly, as your faces haven’t changed. Your characters haven’t changed, either – the loud ones at school are still the loud ones tonight!”

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Organising Committee of the 35th anniversary reunion of the Class of 1981:
Kulwant Singh, Colin Chow, Leonard Lim, Chua Hung Meng, Tan Wang Cheow, Monica Tan & David Shaw.

NUS BBA_BAcc - Class of 1981_Group Photo B