NUSBSA welcomes new president

fa_sonnyThe NUS Business School Alumni Association (NUSBSA) is proud to announce the appointment of a new President – Sonny Yuen (BBA 1985). As one of the inaugural members of NUSBSA, which was formed in 2000, Sonny was elected as a board member in 2002.With his passion and dedication, he was appointed Vice President in 2009, a position he has held for the last five years. Now, as he takes on this new role, it is time for him to take the lead and steer the NUSBSA to greater heights.

One of the first things Sonny hopes to achieve as President is to ramp up the membership numbers. However, this is a challenge as participation is voluntary and not every alumni signs up as a member of the association. To tackle this, Sonny will adopt a different strategy on understanding the 80/20 rule and focus on the 20 per cent of alumni that could become active members.

For a start, he is exploring different ways to communicate the values and benefits of being a member to attract alumni. He hopes to achieve this by inviting non-members to join in activities organised by the association such as interest groups, business trips, members’ night and golf events. “As President, I will continue to support NUSBSA’s existing initiatives to drive membership of fresh graduates,” shares Sonny.

Another area he is focussing on is bringing up the number of female members and accountancy alumni. As such, Sonny will be organising more career guidance sessions and networking events. He also wants to increase community involvement to help the poor and needy through events such as the Bizad Charity Run. Through these initiatives, Sonny is confident that he will be able to boost membership to form a stronger and closer NUSBSA community.

“I thank NUSBSA for giving me the opportunity to make a difference,” said Sonny. “More importantly, I extend my heartfelt thanks to outgoing President Simon Phua (BBA Hons 1985) for all the hard work he has put in during his term and for his continued support.”

NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni Association ushers in new president

fa_kwek_chok_mingThe NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni Association welcomed Kwek Chok Ming (BBA 1978, APEX MBA Chinese 2009) as its new President in July 2014. Having been a member of the association since 2009, Chok Ming’s involvement started to deepen when he was appointed Deputy PR officer two years ago. A keen golfer, he married his passion with his alumni duties by spearheading a series of golf events and activities. Through these outings, he met many alumni members and drew their interest in the association. Now in his capacity as President, he hopes to grow membership numbers further and facilitate a platform for members to network while cultivating greater community spirit.

One of the first tasks that Chok Ming has set himself is to encourage greater participation among the existing alumni. He recognises the unique challenges presented by the association’s diverse membership – younger MBA alumni, senior local entrepreneurial alumni from previous short business courses and EMBA alumni who are mainly based overseas. To foster common ground and create unity, Chok Ming proposes tightening focus on educational and sports events. These need not be limited to solely business networking purposes but could expand to continuing education and sharing life lessons. Based on past experience, Chok Ming believes that such knowledge-based seminars are key to ramping up participation rates. To involvement overseas alumni, he hopes to connect with overseas chapters with GANO’s support and build a network for them. Overseas chapter activities too could run on a broader spectrum of events.

Also on Chok Ming’s agenda is increasing alumni membership by inviting non-Business School alumni to join as associate members. Any NUS alumni can become a member, with the understanding that all communication will be in Mandarin, and enjoy learning and building connections within a Mandarin-speaking network.

Chok Ming is also keen to focus on entrepreneurship by providing a platform for entrepreneurs to connect with local enterprises and tap on their knowledge and expertise.

“I would like to thank all the past Presidents and advisors who have kept the NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni Association running over the last 22 years, as well as extend my appreciation to GANO for providing support and being the backbone of the organisation,” concluded Chok Ming. “Last but definitely not least, a great big thank you to the NUS Business School for giving me this opportunity.”

Keeping the Spirit Strong

Keeping the Spirit Strong


A more vibrant and engaged BizAlum community – that is what Global Alumni Network Office (GANO), the alumni office at NUS Business School, is dedicated to achieving through the new BizAlum Directory.

Launched on 25 July 2011, the Alumni Directory aims to let the NUS Business School community thrive by keeping in touch with their alma mater, and by lending support to alumni or student activities. Through it, alumni can share knowledge and experience with students and other fellow alumni.

The BizAlum Directory, which is only accessible to alumni and students of NUS Business School, lets registered users update and manage their profiles. Users can toggle with privacy settings to set what information is visible to others.

Besides being able to search to one another, users can establish contact via phone, email or social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) to their discretion.

Unlike the previous directory, which was launched with the BizAlum Portal a few years ago, today’s BizAlum Directory caters to savvy users who would rather connect via social media than contact number or email.

With the revamped Directory, finding old classmates or looking for people of similar interests or different expertise is made easier.

An Interactive Gateway

The newly-revamped BizAlum Directory is the first of its kind that allows members to login with their Facebook details and connect to their friends’ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. By logging into BizAlum Directory, members can now expand their social media network, all in one portal.

Each user is also encouraged to upload a photo of himself or herself to enhance his or her online presence.

With the new and improved integrated media platform, being out-of-touch is virtually impossible.

The BizAlum Directory sees new registrations every day. But the challenge of achieving full subscription and utilization remains. GANO hopes to reach out to all its alumni – to unite and ignite the NUS Business School Spirit.

Uniting People, Uniting Ideas

GANO hopes to increase the networking momentum through the latest search function which allows users to filter contacts by company, industry, job function, and even city to connect with industry experts. Users can also access career resources and view latest job postings.

Alumni are now able to network with other like-minded alumni to share knowledge and learn from one another in precise manner.

With a network spanning across the globe, the BizAlum Directory offers invaluable contacts to help its users expand their business and career opportunities.

Uniting the School Spirit

The BizAlum Directory ensures that users can also keep in contact not only on a professional basis, but also a casual one. The guestbook function allows users to update one another by posting messages, and also check out what others last did on the site,

A unique feature that connects our alumni is the Volunteer section where alumni can sign up for volunteer opportunities among NUS activity, For instance, a user may opt to be a speaker or panellist for a forum event, a career mentor or advisor to students, reunion organizer or even donor. By engaging the alumni through volunteerism, GANO increases camaraderie and strengthens the already strong bonds between its alumni and students alike.

Although the BizAlum Directory sees new registrations every day, the challenge of achieving full subscription and utilization remains. GANO hopes to reach out to all its alumni in the near future, in a bid to unite and ignite the NUS Business School Spirit.


Register Here

NUSBSA Bursary Fund of $250,000


A total of S$250,000 was raised by generous alumni to support needy students in NUS Business School.

Comprising 10 portions of S$25,000 each, the NUSBSA Bursary Fund includes two memorial bursaries, one in honor of the late Associate Professor Lim Guan Hua (BBA Hons 1985), who was an NUS finance professor and Honorary Secretary of NUSBSA Association, and the other, in memory of the late Mr Tay Kim Huat (MBA 1986), who was an MBA alumnus.

The fund-raising initiative was the work of Mr Yeo Keng Joon (MBA 1985) who approached various individuals to each donate S$25,000. With the government matching a dollar to every dollar raised, the total fund raised is able to support ten needy students yearly, perpetually.

Said Mr Yeo, “I believe that there are a lot of needy students, especially from the heartland who have a dire need for financial support. Currently, the number of bursaries in NUS is limited because they are distributed across all faculties. For us in the alumni, this is one way to give back something to our alma mater.”

To support Mr Yeo’s efforts in fund-raising, MBA-Alumni NUS also donated
S$5,000 for the Tay Kim Huat Memorial Bursary Fund.

The NUSBSA Bursary, targeted to be given out in August 2008, will benefit ten recipients in the first round. A selection process and criteria for selection is currently being worked out, with the NUS Business School acting as administrator for the bursary.

Alumni who are keen to participate in the selection and award process may contact GANO for further information.


“For us in the alumni, this is one way to give back something to our alma mater.”

~ Mr Yeo Keng Joon (MBA 1985) who spearheaded the fund-raising initiative


Head Honchos Helm Eastern China Alumni Network Advisory Board


The Eastern China Alumni Network (ECAN) is honored to have on its Advisory Board, several alumni helming large corporations in China to beef up the NUS Business School network in the Chinese Mainland. Among these are:


Mr Chong Siong Hin (BBA 1981, MBA 1991)

International VP Asia, Jans Sen-Cilag Asia Pacific


Mr Ian Wong (BBA 1989)

Country Executive & Managing Director

Bank of America, China


Mr Wong Soon Hwa (BBA 1980)

Vice President & General Manager

Asia & Japan, Hertz International


Mr Francis Yuen (BBA 1981, MBA 1992)

President, Trane Asia


Ms Patricia Yim (BBA 1985)

Vice President, GSBM, IBM Asia Pacific


They will be instrumental in advising and supporting ECAN in developing the School’s relations with its alumni (and vice versa), and providing linkages between the School and industry.

The Advisory Board will leverage on its reach and influence to reconnect and engage the School’s alumni in Eastern China, contributing to the growth and development of the Eastern China Alumni Network and the School.

Equally outstanding alumni also serve on the Advisory Boards of the Northern China Alumni Network (NCAN) and Southern China Alumni Network (SCAN).

They are:


Mr Du Haibo (APEX-C 2003)

Chairman, Advisory Board, NCAN

Chairman, Labor Union, China National Aviation Fuel Holding Company


Mr Xu Xinyu (APEX-C 2006)

Concurrent President, NCAN Executive Committee

Director & President, Weichai Power Company Limited


Ms Janet Ang (BBA 1982)

Vice President, Global Desktop Business Unit, Lenovo


Ms Chang Zhiying (APEX-C 2002)

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Taida Hotels Management Company


Ms Jill Lee (BBA 1985)

Senior Executive Vice President & CFO, Siemens Limited, China


Mr Liu Zhong Qiu (APEX-C 2002)

Vice President, Petrochina International Company Limited



Mr Lam Kwong Yu (APEX-C 2003)

Chairman, Advisory Board, SCAN

Chairman, Starlite Holdings Limitedd


Mr Wang Dan (APEX-C 2003)

Concurrent President, SCAN Executive Committee

Director and General Manager, China New Era Group Corporation


Mr Chen Dan (APEX-C 2001)

General Manager, Guangdong Hengxing Group Company Limited


Mr Fang Hong Bo (APEX-C 2002)

President, Guangdong Midea Group Company Limited


Mr He Ying Wei (APEX-C 2006)

Vice President, Hainan Show Group


Mr Jiang Rong Xing (APEX-C 2005)

Director General, Price Control Administration of Fujian Province


Mr Wang Li Xin (APEX-C 2006)

Senior Vice President, ECS Technology (China) Company Limited