Forming new connections at the NUS BizConnect Finance Networking Dinner

Date: 27 August 2015 (Thursday)
Time: 6:30–10:00 pm
Venue: Folks Collective

Organiser: Bizad Club/GANO

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An evening dedicated to networking and forming new connections over authentic Thai food – this was what the NUS BizConnect Finance Networking Dinner promised, and delivered. With the aim of connecting alumni from the finance industry to current undergraduates, the event was the perfect setting for participants to mingle and share business opportunities, experiences and aspirations.

BizConnect Photo3 BizConnect Photo1 BizConnect Photo2Laughter, light-hearted chit chat and the clink of glasses filled the air as attendees got to know each other. And with the alumni and undergraduates evenly spread across the tables, there was much for the participants to discover. Second-year BBA student Jia Wei, who was attending the event for the first time, found it a real eye-opener. “I heard about the event from a friend and decided to check it out. I’m really glad I came,” he said. “Speaking to alumni in the finance sector has given me a lot of insights into the industry that can’t be gotten academically.” Third-year BAcc student Minron agreed, adding: “Interacting with those who are working in finance has provided me with a clearer direction of my future. I am more focussed on the options available to me and have a better idea of the careers that most suit my character and personality.”

But it wasn’t just the undergraduates who benefitted from the event. Alumnus Neo Wan Hong (BBA, 1981) enjoyed the opportunity he had to network with the younger generation. “While I shared my experience with the undergraduates, I also learned a lot about current trends,” he said. “It was a two-way affair with the mutual exchange of ideas and opinions.” Some of the alumni such as Eric Ho (BBA, 1975) were delighted to discover that they had mutual industry contacts.

For alumnus Foo Check Woei (BBA, 1990), the networking session was more a way for him to give back and pay it forward. “During my years at NUS, I was lucky to receive guidance from those who had graduated,” he shared. “Now, I’m hoping to do the same by giving advice and adding value to the undergraduates.”

As the event came to an end, alumnus Jerry Yeo (BBA, 1983) remarked that the networking dinner was extremely well organised despite the tough logistics. Fellow alumnus Sally Low (BBA, 1982) too shared her thoughts saying: “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to mingle with young people and hear their dreams, and also to network with other alumni. I look forward to future networking events.”

Judging by the overwhelming response and the sounds of laughter heard throughout the night, the event was a great success!

Jointly organised by the Global Alumni Network Office (GANO) and the NUS Bizad Club, BizConnect holds 3–4 industry networking events annually, successfully attracting 50–60 alumni and undergraduate students at each event.

If you would like to volunteer or know more about BizConnect’s networking efforts, do get in touch with Hamidah from GANO.



A harmonious get-together at the NUS Business School Alumni Association Members’ night!

Date: 26 August 2015 (Wednesday)
Time: 7–9 pm
Venue: Mad for Garlic @ Suntec City

Organiser: NUSBSA

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It was an evening of food, fun and laughter as members gathered for the NUS Business School Alumni (NUSBSA) Association Members’ Night on 26 August 2015. Held at Mad for Garlic @ Suntec City, the event provided the perfect opportunity for alumni and new members alike to mingle, connect and unwind over a feast of pizzas and baguettes.

Members Nite Photo1 Members Nite Photo2 Members Nite Photo3Happy chatter filled the air as members caught up with each other while waiting for the evening’s festivities to start. Carrie Chan (BBA, 1987) was thrilled to spot many familiar faces she had not seen since she graduated. “I always try to make it for members’ night as it’s the perfect time for me to network and meet up with old friends.” Yeah Lee Ching (MBA, 1999) who attended the event with her husband Yong Eng Giat, who is a fellow alumni, shared the same sentiments, adding that she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

The high spirits of the event continued even during the Feng Shui presentation by invited speaker Angeline, with members cracking jokes and asking light-hearted questions. Liu Yi Qing (BAcc, 2014) found the talk extremely interesting. “I love coming to these events as they give me the opportunity to learn new things,” she said. “What’s more, the topics are always different. I’m already looking forward to the next event!”

As attendees drained their wine glasses and finished the last slice of pizza, the evening culminated with the presentation of a plague of appreciation to Angeline. Mr Wan Tuck Wah (BAcc, 1967), an alumnus from the pioneer batch of accountancy students, best summed up the event when he said: “A wonderful evening of meeting old friends and enjoying good food in a restaurant with a nice ambience, what’s not to like.”

Bizad Leadership Development Programme (BLDP) Mentorship starts on a high!

Date: 25 August 2015 (Tuesday)
Time: 7 pm
Venue: The University Club

Organiser: Office of Undergraduate Studies/GANO

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MM Photo3 MM Photo1 MM Photo2The fourth edition of the Business Leadership Development Programme (BLDP) got off to a great start as this year’s mentors gathered at the University Club on 25 August 2015 to meet their student mentees for the first time. It was a golden opportunity for both parties to foster a bond before jointly embarking on an intensive six-month learning journey. Happy chatter soon filled the air as mentors and mentees alike engaged in animated discussions as they tucked into a hearty dinner.

Maurice Tan (BBA 1990) was one of them. He has mentored in the programme in previous years, and found the experience personally rewarding. “I still keep in touch with past mentees and they write to me for advice,” he said. Buoyed by his positive experiences in the BLDP, he has now returned to reprise his mentor role, despite currently being based in Beijing.

Seasoned mentor, Dr Karuna Ramanathan (BBA Hons 1989) echoed his sentiments. In a sharing session before dinner, in which four of last year’s participants – including Dr Karuna – took to the stage to deliver key takeaways of their experiences in the programme, he highlighted how mentees can pick up valuable lessons from the programme. They can learn from their mentor’s life experiences, avoid making similar mistakes and gain insights into how to engage effectively with people that they might not necessarily see eye-to-eye with – all crucial components to being a good leader. Pointing to Tan Jun Kai , his new mentee for this round, he joked: “Boy, are you in for a ride!” – prompting much laughter from the crowd. First-time mentor Rix Chan (BBA 1992) expressed similar views. “Intelligence can only get you so far,” he observed. “What you need is the benefit of experience.” This was something that he realised during his own journey. In his role as mentor, he plans to share his knowledge and expertise to help his mentee avoid potential pitfalls.

And such are the nuggets of wisdom that the mentees hope to capitalise on. For Tan Jing Jie, the programme offers a great platform to meet excellent leaders. “Such exposure will help to enhance my personal development and allow me to gain a sense of leadership,” he said. Fellow mentee Teo Jek Wee Freddie was looking for a global leader – one who has an impeccable understanding of the overseas markets – and found a perfect match in first-time mentor, Adeline Kee (BAcc 1987). “Through the BLDP, I was able to gain essential knowledge that cannot be found in textbooks,” he said.

The mentees also had a chance to glean useful tips and insights when participant mentees from last year’s programme took to the stage. Cheryl Tang and Dorothy Oh, both BBA Year 3 students, shared the spotlight and talked about their experience under their mentor, Wong Lai Ping (BAcc 1987). Cheryl urged the mentors to give their mentees ample time to adjust because, for many of them, the programme is a first and novel experience. “Open up to your mentees,” she said, “not just about your career but also your personal journey and achievements.” Meanwhile, Dorothy advised new mentees to set a time for a session – and stick to it. “Mentors are busy people!” she reminded her fellow students. To ensure that they gain something tangible from the experience, she also highlighted the usefulness of recording the sessions through journal entries. This was something that former mentee and fourth-year BBA student Joel Goh did faithfully during his six-month stint. He shared his initial apprehension in connecting with his mentor, something that many of the new mentees could relate to. Some of them admitted to feelings of trepidation in the lead up towards the event, nervous at the thought of connecting with dynamic entrepreneurs and established business owners. But those feelings quickly faded when they realised, as mentor Angela Sim (BBA 1998) puts it during her sharing session that night, mentors were “just like you – we’re very willing to share!” Joel agreed, urging his fellow course mates: “So make the most of this opportunity – set goals for every session and be honest and open.”

Judging by the positive responses from the participants, the next six months promise to be an enriching and eye-opening experience for mentees and mentors alike.

Gaining valuable insights at NUSBSA CPE Talk on Professional Ethics and Corporate Governance

Date: 24 August 2015 (Monday)
Time: 6.45 – 9.30 pm
Venue: NUS Business School, Mochtar Riady Building
Organiser: NUSBSA/GANO

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More than 43 alumni gathered at Mochtar Riady Building to attend the NUSBSA CPE Talk on Professional Ethics and Corporate Governance on 24 August 2015.

CPE Photo3 CPE Photo1 CPE Photo2Conducted by NUS Adjunct Associate Professor Larry Lam, the talk was informative and lively. Participants were quick to jump in to offer their thoughts or express their opinions to questions posed by Prof Lam. Sharon Tham (Element 14 Pte Ltd) was one participant who had looked forward to the evening talk, and her anticipation was well rewarded. “The prof was funny and engaging,” she said, “delivering valuable insights into corporate governance and key updates to the SGX’s Code of Corporate Governance in an interesting manner.”

Indeed, it was a sign of things to come when Prof Lam opened the lecture by assuring participants that the presentation slides would be emailed to them and that there was no need to take notes. “The only time I want to see you writing is when you hear me say something profound,” he quipped.

Chan Siew Wai (Director, Toplink Pacific Pte Ltd) was another participant who found the talk interesting. He particularly enjoyed hearing the stories that the prof shared on his past experiences. “He has a lot of interesting stories,” said Siew Wai. Prior to pursuing his passion for education, Prof Lam, in a span of 25 years of his career, has played vital roles and made significant contributions in the realm of corporate governance in the organization he served. He had conducted over 100 investigations. Beside the traditional footwork of investigation, Prof Lam leveraged on  data analytics in detecting and solving many of the cases.

For Hoang Phu Hung, the talk served as a timely refresher. “I just took on a new position,” he explained, “and because the company is small, I have a bigger work scope. The information that I gained from the talk will be useful in helping me conduct my work more effectively.”

Given such positive responses, we are certain that the next CPE event will be as equally well attended.

Zheng He’s Art of Collaboration Forum 2015

Date: 10 October 2015, Saturday
Time: 8:30 am – 12:45 pm
Venue: Shaw Foundation Alumni House
Organiser: Global Alumni Network Office and Langdon and Seah Singapore and the International Zheng He Society

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It was a highly informative session for the 130 alumni and guests who dedicated their Saturday morning to the Zheng He’s Art of Collaboration Forum on 10 October 2015 at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House.

Zheng He Photo3 Zheng He Photo1 Co-organised by GANO, Langdon and Seah Singapore and the International Zheng He Society, and supported by NUS Business School Alumni Association, Mandarin Alumni and MBA Alumni-NUS, the forum featured Professor Hum Sin Hoon, Deputy Dean of NUS Business School, as the keynote speaker. This year marked the seventh reprint and third anniversary of his landmark book, Zheng He’s Art of Collaboration, and his presentation enlightened attendees on the seven lessons that he had learned from Zheng He since publishing his book. His talk proved that the Zheng He philosophy is still relevant in business today.

Prof Hum’s views resonated deeply with Kelvin Eu (UCLA-NUS-EMBA 2012). “I support the Zheng He methodology,” he said. Fellow alumni Wan Tuck Wah (BAcc 1967) concurred. “The Zheng He story has always been inspiring and his leadership methods are still applicable today,” he said. Despite having attended the talk previously, Tuck Wah found the event this time round no less useful. “It’s great to hear from three different perspectives rather than one,” he said. “I always pick up something new.”

The presentations by guest speakers Dr Lim Tai Wei, a senior lecturer at SIM University (uniSIM) and researcher of China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) policy, and Mr Wong Heang Fine, Group CEO of Surbana Jurong Private Limited, also impressed the audience. Dr Lim provided a comprehensive background to the history of the Silk Road and the introduction of OBOR back in 2011, and highlighted the benefits that OBOR is set to bring to Central Asia. The topic was a timely one given how quickly this foreign policy is gathering pace. Kelvin Tey (BBA 2001) echoed the thoughts of many when he shared, “OBOR interests me and I’m here to learn more.”

Jimmy Lim (APEX-MBA (English) 2001) agreed. “It was interesting to hear how the 64 nations are working in collaboration on the Silk Road,” he said. “We live in a global environment where conquer and rule is no longer a viable strategy so collaboration is a crucial element in business today.”

Mr Wong’s presentation illustrated the latter point perfectly. Recognising that collaboration is key if a project’s vision is to be realised, he has consistently put into practice the theory of the art of collaboration – and achieved results by collaborating from a position of strength. “I didn’t see Prof Hum’s presentation beforehand but it was amazing to see how similar our presentations were in terms of how collaboration is crucial for success in today’s business climate,” he commented.

Dr Tan Ta Sen, President of the International Zheng He Society, also expressed his pleasure at being able to participate in the Q&A session. “I wasn’t able to commit to speaking at today’s event initially as I was supposed to be in Beijing,” he explained. “But my trip was cancelled so I’m glad that I was able to take part today. Our society exists to promote the legacy of Zheng He and his spirit and encourage research on his journeys and it is encouraging that so many alumni turned out today.”

Aside from gaining new knowledge, the session also gave alumni a great opportunity to reconnect with former classmates and lecturers. “The whole concept of Zheng He and his trade missions is amazing. It shows a different approach to trade and relationships,” Edward Ta (BAcc 1987) enthused. “But it was also good to catch up with fellow classmates.” Fellow alumni Cem Karci (APEX-MBA (English) 2014) expressed similar sentiments. “I’m glad to show my support for Prof Hum today. I learnt about Zheng He from my lessons with him and since my current industry is shipping, I’m keen to learn more.”

Kelvin Ng Yu Ngee, Director of Langdon and Seah Singapore and emcee for the event, was pleased with the turnout. “The three speakers complemented one another well,” he commented, “and I found today’s Q&A session particularly interesting. The audience posed a greater number of questions and went into greater depth than we usually experience.” Chairperson for the Q&A session, Teoh Wooi Sin, Joint Managing Director of ARCADIS Project Management Pte Ltd, did an excellent job moderating the session, directing relevant questions to the right speakers.

We would like to say a big thank you to all our co-organisers, sponsors and the three alumni associations, without whom the forum would not have been such a success!

Feasting at Oktoberfest 2015

Date: 8 October 2015, Thursday
Time: 7 pm – 10 pm
Venue: Paulaner Singapore Clarke Quay
Organiser: GANO

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Free-flow beer? Check. Delicious and authentic Bavarian fare? Check. Fantastic company? Check, check and check! The perennially popular Oktoberfest is back!

Oktoberfest Photo3 Oktoberfest Photo1 Oktoberfest Photo2For many of the participants, Oktoberfest is one of the biggest events on the NUS Business School calendar and not one to be missed. Current MBA student Sanjay Satheesh certainly thought so. Despite having an exam the following day, he still made an effort to attend. “I decided to come anyways because I’m confident in my studies and this event is a great opportunity to network and gain valuable advice from the alumni,” he explained. Fellow students Pitchaya Sunthanakul or ‘Peach’ and Leslie Chua had similar agendas. “I’m looking forward to a fun night of networking and catching up with friends,” Leslie enthused.

Apart from networking, catching up with old friends and reminiscing about fond times were also part of the plan, particularly for our alumni members, as was the case for Shobhit Choubey (MBA 2012) who is a regular face at this event. Close friends and recent graduates, Sandeep Sharma (MBA-HEC 2015), Anu Meha (MBA-S3S 2014) and Mohit Khemani (MBA-HEC 2015) also regarded Oktoberfest as the perfect opportunity to celebrate together and reconnect with old classmates. They all agreed that it was good to give back and keep a community going after graduation. “We’ll definitely take part in future alumni events,” said Anu.

Koji Kobayashi, who recently completed his APEX-MBA English programme, quickly became a crowd favourite among the attendees once word got round that he was working at SK-II, and attaining the perfect skin was a common conversation starter. For Koji, the festivities provided a well-deserved break. “I just finished my EMBA in July so I’m here to relax and celebrate now that the stress is off,” he said.

Sean Bellamy McNulty, President of the Student Council 2015/2016 was pleased at the event turnout. Hailing from Canada, he chose to head to Singapore for his MBA and was determined to experience a holistic education. “I love being active in student events so I decided to run for the Student Council presidency,” he explained. His vice-president, Xiaolu Yang echoed similar sentiments. “It’s important to do more than just study,” she said. “Networking is an important element of a great MBA education.” Alumnus member Sudheer Shetty (UCLA-NUS EMBA 2014) agreed, having enjoyed interacting with a vast number of nationalities through his classmates during his course.

Come the end of the night, it was clear that the merry revellers had a great time judging by their happy faces. Oktoberfest is once again a resounding success. A great big thank you to everyone for coming down – we definitely could not have done it without you!

NUS Business School celebrates Golden Jubilee milestone at Homecoming event

Date: 4 September 2015, Friday
Time: 4pm to 8pm
Venue: Mochtar Riady Building
Organiser: Business School

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Homecoming Photo 1Homecoming Photo 2Homecoming Photo 3Several hundred NUS Business School alumni, students, faculty and staff came together on Friday 4 September to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the School.

Held at the School’s Mochtar Riady Building, six Masterclasses helmed by the School’s distinguished professors were organised exclusively for the Homecoming, to provide participants with insights into various global developments. Topics included the impact of high cost of car ownership, retirement planning, philanthropy, corporate governance, energy conservation with children and conducting business in China.

Eminent alumni such as Mr Peter Seah (BBA Hons 1968), Chairman of DBS Group Holdings, Mr Hsieh Fu Hua (BBA Hons 1974), UOB Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the School’s Management Advisory Board and Ms Janet Ang (BBA Hons 1982), Vice President of IBM Asia Pacific joined in the celebrations.

“The School’s goal today is the same as it was some 50 years ago: to groom successful business leaders who are well-rounded and adaptable men and women from different walks of life,” said Mr Seah in his speech. He was part of the pioneer batch of BBA students that graduated in 1968.

Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, NUS President paid tribute to the Business School for its success in cultivating business leaders over the decades. “The Business School itself has been very forward thinking in curriculum redesign and at the same time, very mindful to inculcate in our students the core values of excellence, integrity, innovation, teamwork and a caring heart,” he said.

“As we celebrate 50 years of developing business leaders and contributing to Asia’s economic growth, we look forward to leading from Asia in the coming decades with deep business insights and creating valuable networks for the business community. We will continue to spearhead the development of future-ready talent for this region,” said Professor Bernard Yeung, Dean and Stephen Riady Distinguished Professor, NUS Business School.

NUS Biz50 Charity Golf – teeing off in the name of charity

Date: 21 July 2015, Tuesday
Time: All day
Venue: Jurong Country Club
Organiser: NUSBSA/GANO

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Our 50th birthday celebrations continued in full swing with the NUS Biz50 Charity Golf event on 21 July 2015.

Charity Golf Photo1 Charity Golf Photo2 Charity Golf Photo3 Charity Golf Photo4

Organised by the NUS Business School Alumni Association, NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni and MBA Alumni-NUS, and supported by GANO, the charity golf tournament was held in place of the annual golf reunion challenge to raise bursaries for financially needy students at the School. “In light of the triple celebrations this year – SG50, BIZ50 and NUS110 – it seemed like a good opportunity to do our bit for charity,” said Tan Boon Chin (APEX MBA English 2003), Chairperson of the Organising Committee. A total of S$448,196 was raised – an amount that far exceeded the initial target of S$300,000 – a testament to our alumni community’s great generosity.

Some 144 business leaders and alumni turned up at Jurong Country Club, eager to tee off in the name of charity. Among them was Peter Yap (MBA 1986), who joked that he was ready for his photo close-up with his prize and gestured to the Lexus that was displayed at the club’s entrance – the prize for the lucky hole-in-one winner. “It’s a fun get-together where we can catch up with old friends,” he said. “This year is extra special since we get the chance to contribute to a meaningful cause.”

Yeo Keng Joon (MBA 1985) expressed similar sentiments. “It’s a good opportunity to give back to the needy,” he said. Keng Joon’s commitment to playing his part for society was demonstrated early on when he started the bursary fund and stood as its founding president. He continues to walk the talk today as one of the charity golf’s platinum donors. Equally generous-hearted was fellow platinum donor Robin Ng (Founding President & Honorary Advisor, NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni), who cited his father, a taxi driver who was tireless in his efforts to help the community, as his inspiration. “We have a social responsibility to help the less fortunate as long as it’s within our means,” he commented. “Education is very important nowadays. Hopefully, the students will benefit from this and, in the years to come, be inspired to pay it forward.” Picking up on the theme of paying it forward was Kong Yuet Peng (MBA 1986), who encouraged alumni members to return to the alma mater and contribute in their own way. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be financial terms,” she said. “If we’re in a position to help the younger generation, be it in the form of widening their network or sharing our knowledge and expertise, then we can act as a bridge for old and new members.”

Spirits were high as participants mingled over a hearty lunch at the terrace while waiting for the game to start. One of them was Chua Lian Tee (Past President, NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni), one of a handful of female players present. An avid golfer, Lian Tee’s love for the game began two decades ago. “I was the first lady golfer to represent the Mandarin Alumni association many years ago,” she shared. Her love for the game – and support for the School – continued unabated as she made it a point to try and attend the golf event every year. Wang Zhongchao (APEX MBA Chinese programme) agreed, adding that he always looked forward to the warm camaraderie during the event. Brahm Majithia (APEX MBA English 2000) was another staunch supporter, even generously sponsoring prizes for the golf game.

The evening dinner was another event highlight. Golfers and guests celebrated together over a well-deserved eight-course dinner while Lee Ming Hui (BBA 2008) reprised his emcee role from last year and kept the audience entertained throughout the night. Gracing the occasion was Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong who presented the donor appreciation tokens and ‘Best Golfer’ prize. The awards ceremony took place throughout the dinner, with most golfers picking up a prize as the evening progressed either in the lucky draw or for their prowess on the golf course. Prizes were handed out for a range of categories, including the novelty holes, the ‘Overall Best Golfer’ and the coveted ‘Dean’s Cup’. Prizes notwithstanding, everyone was a true champion that night. NUS Business School Alumni president, Sonny Yuen (BBA 1985) said it best: “We’re always happy to get together and support the School in every which way. What matters is not winning the game, but winning hearts.”

Congratulations to everyone who took part this year. Without your active participation and generous support, our inaugural NUS Biz50 Charity Golf would not have been such a smashing success!

Explore Singapore Networking Dinner

Date: 30 July 2015, Thursday
Time: 6:30 pm – 10 pm
Venue: Grand Park City Hall
Organiser: Global Alumni Network Office and MBA Alumni-NUS

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Explore Photo3 Explore Photo1 Explore Photo2Dinner, drinks and networking – this was what the 2015 cohort of the MBA programme had to look forward to after an exciting day exploring Singapore. And what a fitting end it was to the Explore Singapore tour, which took the students on a journey around the NUS Campus and to some of Singapore’s most iconic landmarks.

Current MBA student Liz Naglestead set the tone for the evening as she performed her emcee duties to loud cheers and applause from her peers. Adding to the excitement of the night was special guest Joel M. Stern, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Stern Value Management, who gave a lively talk titled ‘Application of Modern Finance: Corporate Governance and Value Maximisation’.

But for many of the students, the highlight of the event was the opportunity to network with those currently on the programme as well as MBA alumni. French student Delphine Günther was impressed by the diversity of the cohort and the mix of cultures. “I am extremely excited to see students from all over the globe,” she said. “I chose the NUS MBA programme because I wanted an Asia-oriented MBA and this is exactly what it is.”

For fellow student Saurabh Gupta, the school’s strong reputation was a key factor in choosing to do his MBA at NUS. “The NUS MBA has the distinct advantage of being a top Asian school. On top of that, the different subject courses offered will provide me a breadth of experiences across industries to help in my career progression.”

Clodimir Bogaert from Belgium also sees great opportunities ahead for him. “The NUS MBA enables me to focus on specific areas of studies, particularly in leadership development,” he explains. “With a good balance between theory and practical application, the programme develops the skills I need to chase my dreams and goals.”

The new cohort also gained valuable insights from MBA alumni such as Chetan Jotwani (MBA, 2012), who attended the event to connect with the incoming students and meet fellow alumni from previous batches. “I really enjoy sharing my personal experiences with the new students, and I hope that it provides them with a better idea of what they can expect from the NUS MBA,” he shares. “I give them the assurance that everything is possible and there are many success stories.”

Too soon, the evening wound to a close but there was no sign of the students or alumni making their way home as many were still engrossed in their conversations. It was a fantastic start for the new cohort, and we extend the warmest welcome to the NUS MBA.

NUSBSA Bursary Dinner & Launch of Student Experience Fund


Date: 4 October 2011 (Tuesday)

Time: 7 – 9:30pm

Venue: NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House

Organizer: Business Development Office


Undergraduate students facing financial difficulties are now able to tap a new NUS Business School Alumni Association Student Experience Award to go on semester-long exchange programmes with prestigious foreign partner universities, thanks to donations from alumni and friends of NUS Business School.

This marks the first time local donors have come together to set up an award to support the school’s undergraduates in overseas exchanges, giving a total of S$278,700 in endowed funds. Their donations will grow to a total of almost S$700,000, after a S$1.50 for S$1.00 matching grant from the Government.

With this fund, at least 11 students are set to benefit from the Student Experience Award every year. Each successful applicant will receive at least S$1,800 to defray their overseas expenses, such as costs of accommodation and daily necessities.

Coming amid uncertainties in the global economic outlook, the award gives deserving undergraduates some welcome financial support in gaining international experience and perspectives at some 100 partner institutions, including New York University, HEC and Beijing University.

Article reproduced from Business Leads, enewsletter of the NUS Business School.