Ein Prosit (A toast) to Oktoberfest 2016!

Date: 29 September 2016
Time: 7–10 pm
Venue: Brotzeit, VivoCity

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29791313890_dfe2d96277_k 29458203264_85c89546b4_k 29458639863_990dd70ddc_k 29791321780_055b03fd3a_kDelicious craft beers, authentic German cuisine and a roaring good time. That was what MBA alumni and students had to look forward to as they gathered at Brotzeit, VivoCity for Oktoberfest. As one of the biggest nights on the NUS Business School MBA calendar, the evening was the perfect occasion for attendees to network and mingle while letting their hair down. And boy, was it a party to remember!

Laughter and chatter punctuated the pumping music from the live band as MBA alumni and students reconnected over mugs of free-flow beer and platters of pork sausages. The singer of the band also did a great job of keeping everyone entertained with his multiple costume changes, which included a blown-up suit that he donned while impersonating Elvis Presley and singing Good Luck Charm. At one point in the evening, he even went around the restaurant on stilts to engage with the audience!

First-year MBA student Yana Te-Cheng Chen, who was attending Oktoberfest for the first time, was blown away by the festivities. “I came with the intention of networking and learning from the alumni, but I never thought that it would be so much fun!” Her sentiments were shared by many others including Manjit Paha (MBA 2013), who declared that Oktoberfest was the best NUS event of the year. “I always make it a point to attend this event,” he shares. “Other than the fact that there’s always beer and food, it’s also a great opportunity for me to network and catch up with classmates and friends whom I’ve not seen for years.”

With the warm atmosphere and camaraderie of the evening, it was little surprise that many new links and connections were forged such as that between EMBA alumni Gerhard Schick, who hailed from Germany, and David Ringrose, who was from Ireland. Meeting for the first time at Oktoberfest, they spent the rest of the night in conversation and were later joined by Gerhard’s fellow classmate Leow Chiap Seng.

As the evening progressed and the beer lowered inhibitions, both alumni and current students ramped up the fun quotient, with many taking part in a conga line around the restaurant. Kavi, a current student from India who attended the event despite having an exam the next day, best summed up the night when he said: “I didn’t expect to meet so many people and make so many friends tonight. Oktoberfest really lives up to its reputation of being the most highly anticipated and fun event.” Prost to the next Oktoberfest!

Taking a walk down memory lane at the NUS BBA Class of 1980 reunion!

Date: 30 September 2016
Time: 6:30-10.00pm
Venue: Yàn at National Gallery Singapore

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NUS BBA_BAcc - Class of 1980_Group Photo B

When the NUS BBA class of 1980 gathered for their reunion dinner at Yàn at National Gallery Singapore, it was like no time had passed.

Given that the last occasion they met was 6–7 years ago, it was a long-awaited affair indeed. But time had little effect on the enthusiasm and camaraderie of the attendees. Shouts of recognition echoed around the room as participants spotted old friends. Loud chatter and laughter could be heard as classmates caught up over drinks and regaled each other with interesting anecdotes and stories. Adding to the atmosphere was a video presentation of photos from their last reunion.

AP4_6716AP4_6786AP4_6897From the high spirits of the attendees, it was evident that they were all extremely excited to see their old batch mates again. Nancy Tan, who makes it a point to attend every reunion, stressed the importance of such events, saying: “It’s nice to have the opportunity to rekindle old relationships and check up on how everyone is doing.” Her sentiments were shared by many including Chong Kek Chung who added: “After graduation, everyone got busy with their own lives. This reunion is a good time for us to meet up and catch up with friends whom we’ve not seen for years.” And with conversation topics ranging from their experiences in NUS to current events, it was clear that the class of 1980 were making up for lost time. Carol Lim and Wong Yeing even discovered that they now live close to each other!

But more than reminiscing about the past and reconnecting with those they have lost touch with, attendees saw the reunion as a celebration of their good health and that of their batch mates. “I’m grateful to see so many familiar faces here as it means that they are still healthy,” said Wong Yeing. Christina Chua, who attended the event despite feeling unwell, heartily agreed, saying: “These people have been a big part of my life and it really fills me with joy to know that they are all doing well.”

The class of 1980 were also excited to reconnect with their professors, such as Chua Joon Eng, Francis Koh and Juzar Motiwalla, who made a surprise appearance at the reunion. “I’m very happy to see my old students and glad that all of them are successful despite what I taught them,” Joon Eng joked.


The joyous atmosphere continued with a joint 60th birthday celebrat ion for the men of the class of 1980, all of whom were born in the year of the Monkey. Testament of the strong bonds between the batch mates, the group joked that they should organise another reunion in two years’ time when the ladies turn 60, and that they should aim for a larger attendance. Cheers and applause could be heard as the men gathered around to blow out the candles and have their photos taken before the class reunion committee and lecturers cut the cake.

As the event wound to an end, attendees gamely posed for more photos, even gathAP4_6942ering for a group shot, which would be saved in a thumb AP4_6973drive and mailed to them as a memento of the evening. Participants also received a goodie bag containing the current BBA handbook and magazine as well as a luggage tag, belt and namecard holder embossed with the NUS logo.

Francis Yuen, a member of the organising committee, aptly summed up the spirit of the evening, saying: “We’ve all reached the age where most of us are retired and our children are all grown up.

There’s no better time than now to reconnect with those who have played a major role in the earlier part of our lives.” Given the strong bonds of the class of 1980, it is certain that there will be many more reunions to come.

Wong Soon Hwa thanked everyone for their participation and support and particularly highlighted “We are indeed grateful for the fantastic support and contribution from GANO, especially Hamidah, from inception to completion”

A big thank you to Wong Soon Hwa, Shanna Tan, Ronald Ong, Francis Yuen, Nancy Tan and Colin Teoh without whom this reunion would not have been possible.

Welcoming new MBA students at the Explore Singapore Networking Dinner 2016

Date: 28 July 2016
Time: 6.30 pm
Venue: Shaw Foundation Alumni House

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Orientation for the latest intake of NUS MBA students started on a high note with the Explore Singapore tour to key landmarks in Singapore, followed by a networking dinner with peers and esteemed alumni at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House.28073507053_13e656ca81_k 28072310094_eaa585ac57_k 28073535283_60d7c47139_k 28405085150_f3841fc0dc_k 28073533693_7d8792685a_k

The atmosphere was buzzing with energy. Honorary Assistant Secretary of the MBA Alumni-NUS, Dr Suanny Gouw, who was the tour leader and performed emcee duties for the evening, commented on the ambience: “It’s lively! We want the students to network and speak to people from different backgrounds.”

For many of the new intake, it was the stellar reputation of NUS Business School that attracted them to the MBA programme. Current MBA student Michael Chang Tat Wen, from Malaysia, said in Mandarin, “To excel in Asia, NUS Business School is number one. I’ve made a lot of friends and the staff here are so supportive.” Park Dong Jin from Korea added, “This School has a great reputation and strong alumni network. I’m excited to be meeting so many new people.” Fellow student Divya Kunaparaju moved from India to Singapore for volunteer work eight years ago and jumped at the opportunity to pursue her MBA programme with NUS Business School. “I wanted to be a part of it,” she said.

Some applied for their MBA due to its diverse student and staff population, coupled with Singapore’s status as a gateway to Southeast Asia. Kunyarat Ardchon, who hails from Thailand, said, “NUS Business School is one of the best schools to attend if you want to get a feel for the Asian market. Singapore is so diverse, and I can meet people from all around the world.” Likewise, German student Andreas Kress came to Singapore to discover a new outlook on the world, commenting, “I’m excited to be here. I travel quite a bit and I’ve wanted to explore Asia for a long time.”

Alumni were also glad to be back, with many of them sharing their personal experiences on the MBA programme with current students. Sven Neumann (MBA 2007) tries to support the networking dinner each year to stay in touch and share his insights with the new cohort: “I have been involved in the MBA mentorship programme, so it’s great to come here and speak to new students.” Patricia Reed (UCLA-NUS EMBA 2013) expressed how much she enjoyed the event: “I’ve spoken to a lot of people – students and alumni – and I believe that the alumni network here is diverse, with many opportunities to make new contacts.”

Vipa Sasalakna from Thailand, and Assylbek Tanashikov from Kazakhstan both expressed how much they enjoyed the tour earlier in the day. “We went to the Old Parliament House and the barrage. Both places were very interesting,” Assylbek enthused. Vipa chipped in, “It was very informative! The School is quite far out from the city, and for those of us who are not familiar with the place, we now know where to go for what we need.”

The evening ended as lively as it began. Students left with a new outlook and new friends, eager to embark on the MBA programme, while alumni enjoyed the opportunity to share in this excitement, reconnecting with old friends and forging new connections for the future.

Moving forward together at the MBA Class of 2013 reunion

Date: 26 August 2016
Time: 7 pm
Venue: The Library @ Level 11, InterContinental Hotel

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When the MBA class of 2013 came together for an evening, it was like no time had passed since graduation. The Library was filled with the buzz of excited chatter, and as the night progressed, it swelled with people. Clusters of friends, many who hadn’t seen each other since their last day in School, caught up over a drink and bite to eat. Every so often, a loud burst of laughter could be heard from across the room as a joke or story was shared. Suria Wijaya (NUS PKI IMBA 2013) and Abhi Sohi (MBA 2013), the voluntary MCs for the evening, expressed how exciting it was to see their old friends again. Three years may not seem like a long time, but then Abhi Sohi put it into perspective: “When I was in School, I was single… Now I’m a father!”28735117833_8257016fea_k 29356051895_607a033410_k 28735083333_1825e40a31_k

Some graduates travelled long distances to attend the evening. Lee Celso Vivas (MBA 2013) flew in from the Philippines, while Fumiyuki Kosugi (MBA 2013) flew in from Japan – it took him seven hours to get there, but he pronounced, “it was worth it to see everyone again.” Murat Salmat (MBA 2013) stated that having friends like Fumiyuki was the real benefit he got from his MBA. “If we travel around the world, we always have friends to meet. In fact, it was exactly two years ago today that I met with Fumi in Tokyo.” Many alumni agreed that the reunion offered a unique chance to renew friendships with people they had fallen out of touch with, as well as the opportunity to build a network of valuable contacts around the world.

The class of 2013 was also excited to reconnect with their professors. Joey Zhou (MBA 2014) said he appreciated getting updates on where everyone is and what they’re doing; he had bumped into Associate Prof Nitin Pangakar, Academic Director, MBA and NUS-HEC Paris MBA Programmes, in Beijing a few years ago, and he was enjoying the opportunity to catch up with him again. Lim Chee Suang (MBA 2015) concurred, stating that it was interesting to speak with the professors and relive old memories from class. Dennis Luan (MBA 2014) was equally enthusiastic about the opportunity to reconnect with his peers and professors, stating: “This is home. Whenever NUS needs us, we’ll come back.”

Board members of the MBA Alumni-NUS Association board of directors were there to show their support, and the Dean of NUS Business School, Prof Bernard Yeung, thanked them profusely in his speech. He was also full of well-earned praise for the class of 2013, reminding them to strive for excellence in all that they do: “Where can you find a room full of people with such diversity and friendship? We’re a wonderful community and one big family. I’m so glad to be a part of it.” Prof Nitin Pangakar also took the opportunity to encourage the MBA community to render support to their alma mater.

A video presentation of old photos brought back memories of case competitions, study trips and celebrations. It even included messages from those who wished they could be there. These came from all over the world, including Dean Ruan (MBA 2013) in Los Angeles, hoping to see everyone soon, Ankur Gautam (MBA 2013) in New York, wishing to meet everyone all over again, and Gaurav Merchant (MBA 2013), sending his greetings from Mumbai. Kenji Nakajima, Tan Wai Keat and Chooi Wan Leong (MBA 2013) also sent their greetings from Kuala Lumpur, which they emphasised was very far away, resulting in a great roar of laughter from the attendees in the room.

The MBA classes of 2012 and 2014 did not go unrepresented, either, as graduates from both years were in attendance. Nisha Urs (MBA 2014) was pleased to be a part of the evening, expressing, “It’s nice to relive the memories and see the people you haven’t seen in a long time,” while Ajay Kamath (MBA 2014) emphasised the importance of the MBA network: “We’re connected all over the world, across industries, cultures and countries. I would recommend this event to anyone.” Current student Jeffrey Schaeffer, President of the MBA Student Council, and 10 other current MBA students also stopped by. He described the evening as an opportunity to learn from their seniors, as well as a chance to reach out to potential mentors and make good friends in the process. His verdict? “It’s been a blast!”

We would like to thank everyone for their presence that evening, especially those who made the special effort to fly in and those who send in their video messages from overseas. We can’t wait to see you again soon!

Having a ball of a time at the NUS Business School Golf Reunion Challenge 2016

Date: Thursday, 21st July 2016
Time: 11.00am – 9.30pm
Venue: Island Course
Singapore Island Country Club
180 Island Club Road

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28278364400_b71b3cfcaa_k28562267325_22e4892ed3_k 28455689302_19debacd40_k 28455715052_148f9a3f7a_kThe sun, the breeze and the pristine greens. This was what greeted the alumni who gathered at the Singapore Island Country Club for the Golf Reunion Challenge on 21 July 2016. Organised by the NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni (NUSBSMA), NUS Business School Alumni Association (NUSBSA) and MBA Alumni-NUS, and supported by GANO, the event provided a casual and fun-filled setting where friends and old classmates could get together and network over a friendly game of golf.

Spirits were high as participants joked over t-shirt sizes and reminisced about old times as they waited to register for the event. The sense of enthusiasm for the upcoming game was palpable from the excited chatter among the alumni. NUSBSA director Benn Ng (BBA 1989) even expressed his hopes that someone would score a hole-in-one this year. And with a total of 135 golfers and 35 flights, this year’s Golf Reunion Challenge promised to be an exhilarating one indeed.

The camaraderie continued as participants mingled over a hearty buffet lunch while waiting for the game to start. Among them was Mrs Kong Yuet Peng (MBA, 1986), who had attended every Golf Reunion Challenge. “I always look forward to these events as they are a great way for me to meet and catch up with old friends whom I’ve not seen for months or even years,” she shared. Mr Nigel Goh (BBA, 2011) agreed, adding that it was a welcome break from work. Yam Ah Mee (MBA, 1991) was another supporter and also a regular face at other alumni activities. Following a candid group shot of the alumni, the Golf Challenge was on!

The evening’s dinner was another highlight in itself. Emcee for the evening, Lee Ming Hui (BBA 2008), did a great job of keeping spirits raised and the audience engaged as they tucked into the sumptuous 8-course dinner. Chairperson for the Organising Committee Jordan Deng Jian Qiang (APEX MBA Chinese 2012) then took to the stage to thank all the sponsors for their gifts and applaud the hard work of the committee. Alumni took the opportunity between courses to mingle with friends on other tables, share jokes, and raise toasts. It was a rowdy affair with everyone in high celebratory spirits, the best sign of a successful event winding down to its close.

All too soon, it was time for the much- anticipated awards ceremony. Prizes were handed out for a range of novelty holes and handicap categories, including the Best Alumni Golfer Trophy and the coveted ‘Dean’s Cup’, which was presented to the triumphant NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni Association for the third year running!  And with the many lucky draw prizes up for grabs, everyone was a winner that night. Alumni walked away with exciting prizes from sponsors including Akira, Cornerstone Wine, Chivas and Outdoor Sports Travel.

For the championship’s individual categories, both Hon Ah Sun (MBA, 1985) and Chua Hung Meng (BBA, 1981), who are avid golfers and staunch supporters of the Golf Reunion Challenge, claimed the top spot in the men’s division A and division B. Xu Yan (APEX MBA Chinese 2016) successfully took the top position in the women’s category.

As the event wound to a close, committee member Colin Chow (BBA 1981) summed up the day perfectly, saying: “Through these activities, we help our alumni get together and stay in touch. But more importantly, we support the school and keep the NUS Business School spirit strong.”

Congratulations to all who took part in the Golf Challenge and our thanks to everyone present for helping to make it one of the calendar highlights of the year!

Our deepest appreciation to BHCC, Itochu Singapore, Feng Qing Yang Brand Management, JCS Group and Jordans Elevator for their cash sponsorship. A special thanks also to Lexus for once again sponsoring the hole-in-one car.

A Step Back to the 80s at the NUS BAcc Class of 1986 Reunion!

Date: 9 July 2016
Time: 6:30-10pm
Venue: NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House

Event Eflyer | Photo Gallery | “Down Memory Lane” video

What’s it like to come face to face with a classmate you haven’t seen in 30 years? Can I put names to faces? Will I not be able to recognise anyone, or will they all look the same as they did 30 years ago?

These were some of the thoughts of the one hundred alumni from BAcc Class of 1986 as they arrived at NUSS Kent Ridge GuildHouse for their 30-year class reunion on 9 July 2016.


Most attendees came decked in 1980s fashion, hoping to clinch the award for Best Dressed of the evening, which eventually went to Ho Chee Khuen (Men) and Florence Leong (Women).

It was a night of celebration with many more prizes to come, including awards for the first person and 30th person to sign up for the event. A special prize was added, much to the amusement of all guests, for the last person to sign up. This went to Yuit Mun, who dedicated her award to her friend: “She signed up a long time ago and reminded me this morning. I didn’t realise it was today!”


A fun-packed quiz on life on campus in 1986 brought lots of merriment. First one up to the “quiz chair” for each question got the chance to answer, rightly or wrongly! It wasn’t the winning that mattered but the taking part.

Emcee for the event, current student, Yichen, commented on the lively atmosphere: “I think I had more concerns getting everyone back to their seats than getting them to participate!” That’s a sign of a successful event indeed!

The fun was all in a good cause. Donations pledged during the evening went towards the NUS Business School Alumni Association Bursary Fund and exceeded $25,000. Coupled with the government matching fund, more needy students will benefit from the bursary fund received. The Class of 1986 has indeed lived up to the spirit of giving back!


Prof Chng Chee Kiong, Vice Dean of NUS Business School, is also a graduate from the cohort. He initiated a short tour around the school for his fellow cohort alumni and filled them in on the history of the NUS Business School since they had left. In his welcome address, he also encouraged alumni to leave their contact details so they could be updated on future events, mentorship opportunities, internship requests, and made a call for his former classmates to participate in the next NUS Bizad Charity Run 2017 to be held on 14 January. “I’m running too!” he quipped. “Come join me!”

Alan Wang was one of many who praised the organising committee for a successful evening: “Many thanks and a fantastic job by the organising committee!” Fellow attendee Kia Khen added, “Thanks for making time to have all of us see each other again. I hope this continues for future batches.” Special thanks are due to Francis (Choon-Yee) and Ivy Lai and their organising committee members who put in much time and effort to get everyone together.AP4_4070

“For the last reunion, we only had two months to gather just 25 attendees,” explained Francis. “When I asked for more notice next time, I had to laugh when Prof Chng gave me two years to prepare!”

Francis and his committee made good use of the time, contacting classmates through Facebook and WhatsApp and organising mini lead-up events such as lunches and group walks to help spread the word further. The efforts were well worth it as alumni got to catch up with old friends and rekindle relationships.

“I lost contact with my friend after the both of us had our children,” Lucy Tang recounted. “So it was really special to sit next to her during dinner and catch up. We don’t lose touch this time!”

“I see some of my old classmates 2-3 times a year, but it’s still great to meet everyone. I’m not sure I can still recognise the rest of them though!” Soo Kwang said.

Jerrilee, another attendee for the evening, said, “Some places are still recognisable from back in the day. I can’t say the same for my memory of the faces of some of my ex-classmates!”

The yearbook on display was a great help in that area for a few alumni including Lai Mun. “Thank goodness for the yearbook” she said. “It really helped me recognise my fellow classmates.”

As the event drew to a close, alumni left the Guild House still buzzing with excitement and renewed friendships, hoping to keep in contact. We hope to see more of our alumni at similar events soon.


Mind My Business: Gets into the Benefits of Digital Marketing


Date: Thursday, 26th May 2016
Time: 6:30 pm
Venue: Harry’s Boat Quay, Level 2

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Harry’s Boat Quay was the place to be on 26 May 2016 for our alumni interested in using digital marketing to increase their reach, boost branding and convert leads into customers. The fifth instalment of Mind My Business themed “Can Digital Marketing Really Work for My Business?” attracted alumni from a diverse mix of occupations and industries.

MMB 6 - 4Attendees mingled over a buffet dinner and drinks, anticipating the evening’s learning. “I went to the last event and found it helpful,” said Noel Lee (BBA 2012). “Tonight is also helpful for me. We’ll get to learn about marketing strategies that we are not sure about.”

Noel’s business partner Ow Tai Zhi (BBA 2011) added: “We need to spread our message further. I’m hoping tonight will give us insights on how to do this.”

And insights there were in spades as guest speakers Vishesh Mittal (BBA 2013) from Plato Medical and Eugene Sim (BBA Hons 2006) from Conversion Hub took to the stage to present their knowledge from two different but interesting perspectives on digital marketing.MMB 6 - 2MMB 6 - 1

The learning was especially welcomed by Nari Lulla (MBA 1987), who appreciated being able to get clients coming to him rather than him having to participate in outbound techniques such as cold calling. “Now, with digital marketing, potential clients come to you,” he explained. “It’s good as I never liked to push people.”

Richard Hoon (NUS-HEC MBA 2013) was in full agreement. “We do marketing globally but more on the traditional methods. This topic is interesting for me. We are looking for extra avenues to market ourselves, so wha t we are learning here will help.”

Even alumni who could not be present made sure they didn’t miss out on the learning, as attendee Amresh explained: “My boss is an alumnus not me. He saw the ad for the event and sent me to see what I can learn on this new topic to apply to his business.”

Emcee for the evening Willie Wee Ye Chiang (BBA Hons 2014) led a lively Q&A session following the insightful presentations. This session drew some interesting questions including whether the digital approach works in Asia, particularly within the more conservative Japanese culture. To this Eugene advised that the beauty of digital marketing is that things don’t have to be implemented to full scale: “You can test the waters first and see what can be accepted before you scale up.”MMB 6 - 5

Alumni left the event richer for the learning and the opportunity to make new connections, as May Zhou (MBA 1999) aptly summed up: “I always like to support the school by attending such events. I like what GANO is doing with this Mind My Business series of events. It’s needed to support businesses.”MMB 6 - 3




NUSBSA Alumni Members’ Night


27208112465_b666509b2a_nA scent-sational time at the NUS Business School Alumni Association Members’ Night!

Date: Thursday, 19 May 2016
Time: 7:00 pm
Venue: LEVEL 2 Kitchen & Bar

Eflyer | Photo gallery

It was an evening of food, fun, laughter and celebration as alumni gathered for the NUS Business School Alumni (BSA) Association Members’ Night on 19 May 2016. Held at LEVEL 2 Kitchen & Bar, the event marked the first anniversary of the NUSBSA Women’s Wing and the culmination of the outgoing alumni committee’s two-year term.

The joyous sounds of camaraderie filled the air as attendees caught up and chatted with each other over a sumptuous buffet spread. Monica Tung (MBA, 1994), who was attending the event for the first time, was thrilled to spot several familiar faces, many of whom she had not seen since her graduation. “I came with the intention of networking with other alumni and meeting old friends and I was not disappointed.” Fellow alumni and first-time attendee Tan Meng Cheng (MBA, 2000) shared similar sentiments, adding that she had a very enjoyable time.

Other than networking and mingling around, some of the alumni such as Sylvia Lim (BBA, 1993) were also present to show their support for the Women’s Wing. “I always wanted to attend an event by the Women’s Wing but never had the chance to. Tonight, I finally had the opportunity and I’m glad I came.”

But the highlight of the evening was the presentation by invited speaker Ms Sandy Blandin. Titled ‘The smell of memories’, the light-hearted, interactive talk saw participants having a scent-sational good time as they sniffed on perfumed blotters and learnt how to keep Alzheimer’s away using their sense of smell. Jay Khilani (BBA, 1988), a familiar face at Members’ Night events, found the topic extremely interesting and refreshing. “I really enjoy attending these events as I’m always keen to learn something new,” he said. “The best part is the topics are never repeated and often on subjects that I would never be able to experience otherwise.” His thoughts were echoed by Lek Lee Hiah (BAcc, 1984), who was intrigued by the night’s topic and had attended the event with her friends.

Too soon, the evening wound to a close with Ms Joey Gan, Chairlady of the Women’s Wing, delivering the closing address. Ending the event on a poignant note, the emcee thanked the outgoing alumni committee to thunderous applause.

Congratulations to the Women’s Wing on their first-year anniversary once again!
And thank you to the outgoing alumni committee for all your sacrifices, contributions and hard work in making every Members’ Night an unforgettable one!

Welcoming new chapters and beginnings in Korea

April 30, 2016
Grand Hyatt Seoul
Event Eflyer | Photo Gallery


The NUS Business School Korea Alumni Chapter committee together with representatives from GANO.

The NUS Business School Korea Alumni Chapter committee together with representatives from GANO.

A group photo to commemorate the launch of the NUS Business Korea Alumni Chapter

A group photo to commemorate the launch of the NUS Business Korea Alumni Chapter

At NUS Business School and the Global Alumni Network Office (GANO), we’re always looking to expand our global alumni network and scale greater heights worldwide. With this in mind, we welcomed our newest alumni chapter at the Grand Hyatt Seoul on 30 April 2016.

More than 70 alumni, students and former faculty members including Prof Lee Inmoo and Prof Chung Jaiho, came together for the inaugural chapter installation. Professor Prem Shamdasani, Academic Director of the UCLA-NUS EMBA and APEX MBA (English) Programme, flew in specially for the occasion and gave the welcome address that evening. Prof Chang Sea-Jin, who is the School’s Lim Kim San Chair Professor, also joined our milestone celebration.

The inaugural NUS Business School Korea Alumni Chapter Committee

The inaugural NUS Business School Korea Alumni Chapter Committee

 Toasting to a wonderful start for the NUS Business School Korea Alumni Chapter

Toasting to a wonderful start for the NUS Business School Korea Alumni Chapter

Secretary and Liaison Officer for the Korea Alumni Chapter Committee Kim Tae-wan (NUS S3 Asia MBA 2014) kept spirits high as the emcee for the night. And when Park Jaewoo (MBA 2007) took to the floor to deliver his inaugural address as the chapter’s Chairman, he was met with thunderous applause.

During his speech, Jaewoo shared how he set up an account on popular South Korean web portal Naver to provide a common platform for Korean alumni and students to connect with one another. Ten years on, the account is still going strong and continues to grow in membership. “Back then, I was one of two Korean students in my cohort,” he said. “With the new chapter, I look forward to organising more exciting and meaningful events for my fellow alumni.” As part of the installation ceremony, members of the Korea Alumni Chapter Committee were presented with a token of appreciation, chapter flag and pennant.

The air of camaraderie was evident from the loud cheers during the video screening of NUS Business School’s 50th Anniversary Homecoming Celebrations. Ending the evening’s festivities on a high note was a congratulatory video that featured well-wishes from NUS Business School staff and faculty members. The specially produced “Walk Down Memory Lane” video also brought back fond memories of campus days for many alumni.

We would like to thank everyone for joining us at the celebration. This wouldn’t have been possible without the participation and support of our alumni, students and faculty members. With this newest addition to our global family, we are confident that our global alumni network will continue to grow from strength to strength under Jaewoo’s leadership!

Writing a new chapter in India

Hoping to further extend the NUS Business School alumni network globally, the Global Alumni Network Office (GANO) recently organised a series of events to engage our alumni who are based in India. The events kicked off with the launch of the Bangalore Alumni Chapter, our first alumni chapter in India, on 24 February 2016. This was then followed by two concurrent dinner gatherings in Hyderabad and Kolkata on 26 February 2016.

February 24, 2016
The Oberoi Bengaluru
Event Eflyer | Photo Gallery | Media coverage

The Bangalore Alumni Chapter Installation Dinner, held at the prestigious Oberoi Bengaluru Hotel, kicked off with a welcome address by Dr Prem Shamdasani, Associate Professor of Marketing and Academic Director of UCLA-NUS Executive MBA and APEX MBA (English) Programmes.

Professor Shamdasani acknowledged the commitment and contribution of the alumni in Bangalore towards raising NUS Business School’s branding and image in India. He also congratulated them for building a cohesive alumni community and working together to successfully launch the first alumni chapter in India. Since 2011, the closely bonded Bangalore alumni community has actively supported NUS Business School bIMG_4269y attending and participating in MBA and EMBA programme information sessions, answering student candidates’ queries and organising large-scale alumni gatherings throughout the year. These included a senior alumni panel on leadership in India in 2011, as well as alumni forums that featured well-known industry leaders as guest speakers, such as Mr Vikram Kirloskar (Chairman and Managing Director of Kirloskar Systems Limited, and Vice Chairman of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd), Mr Aroon Raman (Managing Director, Telos Investments & Technologies and former Managing Director of Raman FibreScience Private Limited) and Mr T V Mohandas Pai(Chairman of Manipal Global Education and former CFO and Head of HR, Infosys Ltd).

25166354550_6c10607cdb_kIMG_4334To celebrate this milestone for the Bangalore alumni community, the chapter committee invited Mr K Ganesh, a successful serial entrepreneur with four successful green field ventures and exits that include GrowthStory.in and Portea Medical, as guest speaker for the evening. His views on “The Entrepreneurial Landscape and Investment Opportunities in India” captivated the audience, which was made up of alumni, UCLA-NUS EMBA participants and corporate guests. The topic wa
s timely and relevant in the current climate of strong interest in entrepreneurship throughout India, which recently saw a significantly large increase in the number of start-ups, as well as those successfully raising significant investments, especially in Bangalore. Mr. Ganesh delved on addressing the needs of the next 200 million in Tier 3, 4 & 5 cities in India, since the maximum impact of internet and tech-savvy start-ups was felt only in the major metros, with additional usage of voice-based & vernacular chat medium.  He also spoke about his investments across the sector spectrum, comprising of unique businesses catering to all major untapped needs – food, clothing, shelter & beyond – across one’s life cycle, and stressed on the creation and deployment of a robust strong technological interface and back-end for a start-up to differentiate itself and stand out amongst all its crowded peers


The inaugural committee for our Bangalore Alumni Chapter is led by Rahul Tadimalla (MBA 2007), who has been instrumental in being the liaison between the school and the alumni community in the city as well as raising the profile of NUS Business School by bringing in famous speakers for events. The committee comprises of:

President Rahul Tadimalla (MBA 2007)
Vice President Keerthi Aruvela (MBA 2008)
Secretary Namrata Arora (MBA 2012)
Outreach & Logistics Ankita Agarwal (MBA S3A 2015) and
Prabha Vallabhi (MBA 2015)
Marketing & Branding Pragnya Kashinath (MBA S3A 2010),
Rishabh Mehrotra (MBA S3A 2014) and
Sanjay Rao (MBA 2008)
Honorary Advisors Sudheendra Kumar (UCLA-NUS EMBA 2012),
Ramesh KV (APEX-E EMBA 2003),
Sanjay Singh (UCLA-NUS EMBA 2013), and
K Vijaya Kumar (APEX-E EMBA 2012)

The Bangalore Alumni Chapter was officially installed with the handover of the Chapter Plaque by representatives of the school, Prof Shamdasani, Ms Joan Tay (Executive Director, Dean’s Office) and Ms Ng Pheck Choo (Director, Global Alumni Network Office) to Chapter President, Mr Rahul Tadimalla. Each committee member also received a personally engraved pen as a token of appreciation.


Proudly holding the Chapter Plaque, Rahul Rahul announced, “one of our responsibilities is to be the advocate of NUS Business School in India, and the link between the GANO and India-based alumni.”  Rahul further noted the chapter committee’s focus on strengthening the brand equity of NUS at large, and not only of the Business School. He wants to further build a platform to foster social and professional networking among the alumni of the Business School & those of various other faculties residing in India, as well as between India alumni and those resident in other geographies. “I’m ecstatic that Bangalore has been chosen as the first city to launch an official India Alumni Chapter”, he exclaimed! Not surprisingly, Bangalore has the highest concentration of NUS Alumni in India.

The Vice-President of the Bangalore Alumni Chapter Committee is Mrs. Keerthi Aruvela (MBA 2008), who, despite her unavoidable absence from the event, has been a backbone of the committee in organizing and supporting the network’s various initiatives. She has been regularly involved during the last few years, and even before she relocated to Bangalore. The Committee would also like to place on record its appreciation for the contribution of Mr. Vamsi Reddy (MBA 2008), who was an active participant in organizing networking events for the Bangalore Alumni Network, and bringing all the alumni together. He recently moved to Jakarta, just before the chapter installation event.

Get to know the Bangalore Alumni Chapter Committee and reach out to them if you would like to be involved in alumni activities in the city. “We welcome all National University of Singapore alumni including those from other faculties to join us!” exclaimed Rahul.

Get to know NUS Business School Alumni Chapter Committee

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Hyderabad & Kolkata
February 26, 2016
Fusion 9 at HITECH City (Hyderabad)
Chinoiserie, Taj Bengal Hotel (Kolkata)

The smaller alumni communities in these two cities were pleased that they were not forgotten. Before returning to Singapore, school representatives from GANO and the Dean’s Office took the opportunity to stop over in Hyderabad to host an informal dinner gathering. Popular rooftop restaurant Fusion 9, which is located in HITECH City, one of India’s leading hubs, provided the perfect setting for the alumni gathering.


Thanks were due to Hyderabad Alumni Representative Ankur Gautam (MBA 2013), who provided GANO with the ground support needed for the dinner arrangements. The last gathering held in the city was in 2013, and the alumni had since kept in contact via a WhatsApp group created by Ankur.

For Sandeep Sista (MBA S3A 2012) and Gaurav Kundarap (MBA 2011), it was an eye-opener as they had moved to the city recently and were not aware of the close-knit alumni community there.

Rahul Tadimalla, President of the newly installed Bangalore Alumni Chapter, and who was flying into the city for a relative’s wedding, seized the opportunity to join the dinner and get to know the alumni there. He also shared with them the upcoming plans that his committee was working on for community engagement in Bangalore. He was pleased to be reconnected with Sanjay Singh (MBA 2003), who was a member of the senior alumni panel for an alumni event held in Bangalore in 2011.


Meanwhile in Kolkata on the same evening, Professor Ravi Jain played host to our alumni at Chinoiserie in the Taj Bengal Hotel with the support of Alumni Representative for Kolkata, Ankita Singhania (MBA 2010). The dinner marks the first time the Kolkata alumni have come together.

Sandip Saha (MBA 2002) appreciated the event as it helped connect the city’s small but growing local alumni community. “It was an enjoyable evening. New friends… nostalgic stories… positive vibes. Thanks to NUS Business School for such an initiative,” he said.

Fellow Kolkata alumni Malay Desai (MBA 2007) echoed Sandip’s sentiments: “It’s a good initiative to start such reunions in Kolkata. I look forward to having more of these reunions in the future.”

Having received such positive feedback for all three events, and with the successful launch of the Bangalore Alumni Chapter, we hope to launch similar chapters in other Indian cities and to continue reaching out to more than 200 Business School alumni and 2,000 NUS alumni in India.