Moving forward together at the MBA Class of 2013 reunion

Date: 26 August 2016
Time: 7 pm
Venue: The Library @ Level 11, InterContinental Hotel

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When the MBA class of 2013 came together for an evening, it was like no time had passed since graduation. The Library was filled with the buzz of excited chatter, and as the night progressed, it swelled with people. Clusters of friends, many who hadn’t seen each other since their last day in School, caught up over a drink and bite to eat. Every so often, a loud burst of laughter could be heard from across the room as a joke or story was shared. Suria Wijaya (NUS PKI IMBA 2013) and Abhi Sohi (MBA 2013), the voluntary MCs for the evening, expressed how exciting it was to see their old friends again. Three years may not seem like a long time, but then Abhi Sohi put it into perspective: “When I was in School, I was single… Now I’m a father!”

Some graduates travelled long distances29356051895_607a033410_k to attend the evening. Lee Celso Vivas (MBA 2013) flew in from the Philippines, while Fumiyuki Kosugi (MBA 2013) flew in from Japan – it took him seven hours to get there, but he pronounced, “it was worth it to see everyone again.” Murat Salmat (MBA 2013) stated that having friends like Fumiyuki was the real benefit he got from his MBA. “If we travel around the world, 28735083333_1825e40a31_kwe always have friends to meet. In fact, it was exactly two years ago today that I met with Fumi in Tokyo.” Many alumni agreed that the reunion offered a unique chance to renew friendships with people they had fallen out of touch with, as well as the opportunity to build a network of valuable contacts around the world.

The class of 2013 was also excited to reconnect with their professors. Joey Zhou (MBA 2014) said he appreciated getting updates on where everyone is and what they’re doing; he had bumped into Associate Prof Nitin Pangakar, Academic Director, MBA and NUS-HEC Paris MBA Programmes, in Beijing a few years ago, and he was enjoying the opportunity to catch up with him again. Lim Chee Suang (MBA 2015) concurred, stating that it was interesting to speak with the professors and relive old memories from class. Dennis Luan (MBA 2014) was equally enthusiastic about the opportunity to reconnect with his peers and professors, stating: “This is home. Whenever NUS needs us, we’ll come back.”

Board members of the MBA Alumni-NUS Association board of directors were there to show their support, and the Dean of NUS Business School, Prof Bernard Yeung, thanked them profusely in his speech. He was also full of well-earned praise for the class of 2013, reminding them to strive for excellence in all that they do: “Where can you find a room full of people with such diversity and friendship? We’re a wonderful community and one big family. I’m so glad to be a part of it.” Prof Nitin Pangakar also took the opportunity to encourage the MBA community to render support to their alma mater.

A video presentation of old photos brought back memories of case competitions, study trips and celebrations. It even included messages from those who wished they could be there. These came from all over the world, including Dean Ruan (MBA 2013) in Los Angeles, hoping to see everyone soon, Ankur Gautam (MBA 2013) in New York, wishing to meet everyone all over again, and Gaurav Merchant (MBA 2013), sending his greetings from Mumbai. Kenji Nakajima, Tan Wai Keat and Chooi Wan Leong (MBA 2013) also sent their greetings from Kuala Lumpur, which they emphasised was very far away, resulting in a great roar of laughter from the attendees in the room.

The MBA classes of 2012 and 2014 did not go unrepresented, either, as graduates from both years were in attendance. Nisha Urs (MBA 2014) was pleased to be a part of the evening, expressing, “It’s nice to relive the memories and see the people you haven’t seen in a long time,” while Ajay Kamath (MBA 2014) emphasised the importance of the MBA network: “We’re connected all over the world, across industries, cultures and countries. I would recommend this event to anyone.” Current student Jeffrey Schaeffer, President of the MBA Student Council, and 10 other current MBA students also stopped by. He described the evening as an opportunity to learn from their seniors, as well as a chance to reach out to potential mentors and make good friends in the process. His verdict? “It’s been a blast!”

We would like to thank everyone for their presence that evening, especially those who made the special effort to fly in and those who send in their video messages from overseas. We can’t wait to see you again soon!

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