Alumni Appreciation & Lo Hei Dinner

Date: 29 January 2016 (Friday)
Time: 7 pm
Venue: Royal Palm, 30 Raffles Avenue

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The Alumni Appreciation Dinner is our way of saying Thank You and appreciating all our alumni and student volunteers for their unwavering support and selfless contributions to the School.  This year was combined with the Lo Hei dinner held at Royal Palm at the iconic Singapore Flyer. Alumni and students arrived early to network with old friends and new before sitting down to a delicious multi-course meal.

Among the alumni volunteers that evening was Fu Yong Hong (BBA 2014). Having incubaAA n LH photo 2ted his business idea at NUS Enterprise, Yong Hong now heads up a successful enterprise supplying healthy balanced meals – filling a niche in the local market. Given his entrepreneurial start, it is little wonder that he has an affinity for his alma mater. “I’m grateful for my experiences at NUS and I’ve always been interested in giving back,” he shared. “That’s why I was glad to participate as a guest speaker in the ‘Mind Your Business’ event.”

Fellow ‘Mind My Business’ AA n LH photo 1AA n LH photo 3participant Ow Tai Zhi (BBA 2011) agreed. He first became involved in alumni activities when he applied his organisational skills to running the Mind My Business events for GANO. He went on to volunteer his time and efforts in this year’s Bizad Charity Run. “I was constantly inspired by my fellow alumni,” he said. “Even though everyone involved had no prior experience, someone would always step up when needed.” Fione Goh (BBA 2009), who also helped out in the run, shared similar views. Having honed her skills helping organise the marketing for the Run in 2014, she took on a leadership role the following year.

Current students were also recognised for their contributions in helping make this year’s Bizad Charity Run such a success. Second-year students Xin Ying, Kai En and Desheng saw the appreciation dinner as an opportunity to mingle once again with the alumni. “We are blessed to be able to talk and learn from them,” said Desheng. “It’s great to hear from people who have walked the path,” added Kai En. “Such events provide an excellent platform for us to connect with like-minded people and build valuable networks.”AA n LH photo 4AA n LH photo 6AA n LH photo 5

Benedict Andrew Lim (MBA 2000) concurred. An experienced alumni mentor with the MBA Mentorship Programme, Benedict also helps to drive industry   engagement for the School. “It’s important to match the right human capital for each industry,” he said. “That’s always a challenge but it is also important that the courses offered and the working environment reflect the times.” He elaborated by explaining that with millennials now entering the workforce, employers have to empower and trust them rather than dictate to them. “Inspire them to contribute and they will then exceed all expectations,” Benedict advised. This sentiment was something that newly minted alumnus Mark FrancisThompson (BBA 2015) can readily identify with. “I’ve always been glad to give back – even when I was a student – and I will continue to do so now, not just with Mind My Business events but with others,” he said. “It’s never too early to get involved.”

And on that note, we would like to express our appreciation once again all our alumni and student volunteers for their dedication and time. Here’s to forging an even stronger alumni community in the years ahead.

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