Alumnus hires NUS Business School graduates in India


Of the many things alumnus Mr Sridhar Vaidynath (APEX-MBA 2006) remembers of his MBA days, is the rigorous training he received at the NUS Business School.

“After going through the very challenging course at the NUS Business School, which started each day at 8am and sometimes did not finish before 11pm, I lost weight – but in turn, gained an in-depth understanding of other disciplines such as service marketing and branding.”

Having a distinguished career within the financial markets as an Investment Banker and over 18 years experience, he was one of the founding fathers of Edelweiss Capital Ltd (India’s leading Investment Banking and Brokerage house). Clearly, he had an excellent insight into what makes Indian capital markets tick.

Despite that, he challenged himself further and broadened his reach by joining an internationally active bank, adding his experience (in private equity and managing IPO’s) to an already highly successful bank – Standard Chartered, India’s largest foreign bank.

Explaining his decision, Mr Vaidynath states, “Learning from my course mates’ previous experiences and teaming up with them to jointly analyze companies from a variety of backgrounds gave me the confidence and additional knowledge to expand my reach to globally active financial players.”

In line with this experience, he now also recruits other graduates from the NUS Business School. “I feel I need to add as many diverse perspectives to my team as possible,” he explains. “Having to analyze and prepare my clients to go public, and also to assess their chances of making their name in a global market it is vital that my team has international experiences, and education which back their analysis.”

Mr Vaidynath recently recruited alumnus Mr Nilesh Borana (MBA 2007) as Manager of his company. Mr Borana came to know about the opportunity at Standard Chartered – STCI Capital Markets Limited through the NUS MBA Career Service Office.

Echoing the usefulness of his MBA education in his current capacity, Mr Borana shares that the MBA has shaped him to take on the challenges that lie ahead. “I had the opportunity to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and travel to a few places around the world. This I believe gave me tremendous exposure and has helped me to develop a global outlook.”



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