NUS Biz50 Charity Golf – teeing off in the name of charity

Date: 21 July 2015, Tuesday
Time: All day
Venue: Jurong Country Club
Organiser: NUSBSA/GANO

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Our 50th birthday celebrations continued in full swing with the NUS Biz50 Charity Golf event on 21 July 2015.

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Organised by the NUS Business School Alumni Association, NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni and MBA Alumni-NUS, and supported by GANO, the charity golf tournament was held in place of the annual golf reunion challenge to raise bursaries for financially needy students at the School. “In light of the triple celebrations this year – SG50, BIZ50 and NUS110 – it seemed like a good opportunity to do our bit for charity,” said Tan Boon Chin (APEX MBA English 2003), Chairperson of the Organising Committee. A total of S$448,196 was raised – an amount that far exceeded the initial target of S$300,000 – a testament to our alumni community’s great generosity.

Some 144 business leaders and alumni turned up at Jurong Country Club, eager to tee off in the name of charity. Among them was Peter Yap (MBA 1986), who joked that he was ready for his photo close-up with his prize and gestured to the Lexus that was displayed at the club’s entrance – the prize for the lucky hole-in-one winner. “It’s a fun get-together where we can catch up with old friends,” he said. “This year is extra special since we get the chance to contribute to a meaningful cause.”

Yeo Keng Joon (MBA 1985) expressed similar sentiments. “It’s a good opportunity to give back to the needy,” he said. Keng Joon’s commitment to playing his part for society was demonstrated early on when he started the bursary fund and stood as its founding president. He continues to walk the talk today as one of the charity golf’s platinum donors. Equally generous-hearted was fellow platinum donor Robin Ng (Founding President & Honorary Advisor, NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni), who cited his father, a taxi driver who was tireless in his efforts to help the community, as his inspiration. “We have a social responsibility to help the less fortunate as long as it’s within our means,” he commented. “Education is very important nowadays. Hopefully, the students will benefit from this and, in the years to come, be inspired to pay it forward.” Picking up on the theme of paying it forward was Kong Yuet Peng (MBA 1986), who encouraged alumni members to return to the alma mater and contribute in their own way. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be financial terms,” she said. “If we’re in a position to help the younger generation, be it in the form of widening their network or sharing our knowledge and expertise, then we can act as a bridge for old and new members.”

Spirits were high as participants mingled over a hearty lunch at the terrace while waiting for the game to start. One of them was Chua Lian Tee (Past President, NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni), one of a handful of female players present. An avid golfer, Lian Tee’s love for the game began two decades ago. “I was the first lady golfer to represent the Mandarin Alumni association many years ago,” she shared. Her love for the game – and support for the School – continued unabated as she made it a point to try and attend the golf event every year. Wang Zhongchao (APEX MBA Chinese programme) agreed, adding that he always looked forward to the warm camaraderie during the event. Brahm Majithia (APEX MBA English 2000) was another staunch supporter, even generously sponsoring prizes for the golf game.

The evening dinner was another event highlight. Golfers and guests celebrated together over a well-deserved eight-course dinner while Lee Ming Hui (BBA 2008) reprised his emcee role from last year and kept the audience entertained throughout the night. Gracing the occasion was Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong who presented the donor appreciation tokens and ‘Best Golfer’ prize. The awards ceremony took place throughout the dinner, with most golfers picking up a prize as the evening progressed either in the lucky draw or for their prowess on the golf course. Prizes were handed out for a range of categories, including the novelty holes, the ‘Overall Best Golfer’ and the coveted ‘Dean’s Cup’. Prizes notwithstanding, everyone was a true champion that night. NUS Business School Alumni president, Sonny Yuen (BBA 1985) said it best: “We’re always happy to get together and support the School in every which way. What matters is not winning the game, but winning hearts.”

Congratulations to everyone who took part this year. Without your active participation and generous support, our inaugural NUS Biz50 Charity Golf would not have been such a smashing success!

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