Gaining valuable insights at NUSBSA CPE Talk on Professional Ethics and Corporate Governance

Date: 24 August 2015 (Monday)
Time: 6.45 – 9.30 pm
Venue: NUS Business School, Mochtar Riady Building
Organiser: NUSBSA/GANO

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More than 43 alumni gathered at Mochtar Riady Building to attend the NUSBSA CPE Talk on Professional Ethics and Corporate Governance on 24 August 2015.

CPE Photo3 CPE Photo1 CPE Photo2Conducted by NUS Adjunct Associate Professor Larry Lam, the talk was informative and lively. Participants were quick to jump in to offer their thoughts or express their opinions to questions posed by Prof Lam. Sharon Tham (Element 14 Pte Ltd) was one participant who had looked forward to the evening talk, and her anticipation was well rewarded. “The prof was funny and engaging,” she said, “delivering valuable insights into corporate governance and key updates to the SGX’s Code of Corporate Governance in an interesting manner.”

Indeed, it was a sign of things to come when Prof Lam opened the lecture by assuring participants that the presentation slides would be emailed to them and that there was no need to take notes. “The only time I want to see you writing is when you hear me say something profound,” he quipped.

Chan Siew Wai (Director, Toplink Pacific Pte Ltd) was another participant who found the talk interesting. He particularly enjoyed hearing the stories that the prof shared on his past experiences. “He has a lot of interesting stories,” said Siew Wai. Prior to pursuing his passion for education, Prof Lam, in a span of 25 years of his career, has played vital roles and made significant contributions in the realm of corporate governance in the organization he served. He had conducted over 100 investigations. Beside the traditional footwork of investigation, Prof Lam leveraged on  data analytics in detecting and solving many of the cases.

For Hoang Phu Hung, the talk served as a timely refresher. “I just took on a new position,” he explained, “and because the company is small, I have a bigger work scope. The information that I gained from the talk will be useful in helping me conduct my work more effectively.”

Given such positive responses, we are certain that the next CPE event will be as equally well attended.

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