Celebrating memories at MBA Class of 2012 Reunion

Date: 28 August 2015 (Friday)
Time: 7 pm
Venue: The Bank Bar + Bistro
Organiser: GANO

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It was a night of great food, excellent drinks and even better company as more than 70 staff, alumni and faculty members gathered at The Bank Bar + Bistro on 28 August 2015 for the MBA Class of 2012 Reunion. Organised by Global Alumni Network Office (GANO), the reunion was made all the merrier with the participation of the earlier as well as recent MBA cohorts.

Ranking-4 Ranking-1 Ranking-2 Ranking-3The festivities went into full swing even before the programme officially kicked off. Alumni members exchanged warm greetings, hugs and even high-fives – their pleasure at seeing each other after three years evident. They had to temper their excitement – and volume – when Dean of NUS Business School Prof Bernard Yeung took to the stage to update them on the School’s achievements. Abhinav Charan (MBA Alumni-NUS Board Member) commented how three years represented the ideal time for the alumni to return to the alma mater. “They can come back, reconnect emotionally and then continue to stay in touch,” he said. “This is the first time I’ve seen a lot of alumni who are based overseas flying in for the occasion.”

Former Class of 2012 president of the student council Aditya Subramanian was one of them. He flew in especially from New York City. “As our first official reunion, it’s pretty special,” he said, “so I didn’t want to miss it.” Fellow alumni Mohit Thakur travelled from India to attend. “Some of us met a couple of times since graduation but this is the first time that we’re coming together as a big group,” he said. “It’s awesome seeing so many familiar faces.” Raghav Mohan, who also flew in from India, agreed, adding that it was a great opportunity to meet everyone in a larger batch.

The spirit of camaraderie continued unabated as the evening wore on. Alumni clustered in groups big and small, sharing their news while reliving their shared times in class. The presentation of a video yearbook amped up the nostalgia factor. Those who were unable to attend were also far from forgotten. Diana Margareth Tang, Giancarlo Nogales, Rudiger Hesse, Gillian Ji Liyuan and Rena Lang Mengjia shared their well wishes from across the miles through video messages and expressed their disappointment at missing the reunion.

Even the professors and staff were caught up in the jovial atmosphere. Having mingled with the students, Academic Director for the NUS MBA, Prof Nitin Pangakar spoke of how impressed he was to learn of the quality of companies that they were in and the roles they have secured since their graduation. “I’m happy and proud of their accomplishments,” he said. “The reunion provides a wonderful forum for alumni and professors alike to get together and refresh their network.”

In addition to being a night of nostalgia, such events also offer a chance to nurture connections across cohorts. This was something that Namrata Arora, who also flew in especially from India, hoped to do. “It’s my second time attending such events and it has been wonderful seeing both fresh and old faces,” she said. “I’m currently venturing into entrepreneurship so I’m also looking forward to some networking tonight.”

Former Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies Prof Quek Ser Aik also dropped by to catch up with past students. He was pleased to see the huge turnout, observing that the venue’s central location was a hit with many participants. “It’s very convenient for alumni working in the financial district to swing by after work and join in,” he said. Class Champions for the reunion, Chetan Jotwani and Marilyn Dee, who worked nearby, concurred. “It’s a well-known pub, there’s great food and an opportunity to meet up with long-time course mates – we certainly wouldn’t mind attending more of such events in future,” said Chetan. Handi Ajimasta echoed similar sentiments, adding: “Having such events once a month would be good!”

We would like to thank everyone who participated, especially those who took special effort to fly in just for the reunion, and those who took the time to record personal messages of well wishes for the School despite being unable to attend. We would also like to extend our deepest appreciation for our wonderful class champions: Chetan Jotwani, Neha Rehani, Hoa Duong, Manas Mainrai, Cherry Pei Hong, Shobhit Choubey, Syed Imtiaz, Vivek Syania, Yap Shih Chia and Marilyn Dee. Without everyone’s active participation and unrelenting support, the event would not have been such a wonderful occasion.

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