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Date: Friday, 6 February 2015
Time: 5:30pm
Venue: The Penny Black, 27 Boat Quay

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The School’s Global Alumni Network Office (GANO) kicked off its 2015 NUS MBA Mentorship programme at Boat Quay on 6 February 2015. The programme, which brings together current MBA students and alumni in an exchange of knowledge, information, insight and experience, saw a warm reception this year, with 76 per cent of the full-time MBA students having signed up.

By playing a direct role in guiding and shaping the next generation of leaders, our NUS MBA alumni contribute to the School in one of the most meaningful ways. First-time mentor, Mr T.C. Tan (Apex MBA English 2000) enthuses, “Through this mentorship programme, I can give back to my alma mater by helping future leaders. I hope to inspire and add value to my mentees by sharing what worked for me in my career and life.” Fellow mentor, Titus Yong (MBA 2000) shares the same sentiments. “From my previous experiences as a mentee, I believe that having a third-party perspective gives you clarity,” he says. “This is my approach to the current programme, but the mentee has to take the initiative.”

In turn, mentees have a great opportunity to learn from the alumni’s journey. Julian Ragragio, Titus’ mentee agrees: “I am hoping to gain new perspectives and a sense of direction for the future through this programme.” Fellow mentee, Animesh Pant was equally eager to tap on the benefits that his mentor has to offer. “Having studied in the US, I came to NUS to gain an Asian perspective,” he explains. “This programme will help me to better achieve this.”

Through this platform, mentees will be able to gain valuable knowledge in career direction, obtain tips on job hunts and applications, get insights into various industries and professions, and learn about the professional skills required. It also enables them to stay engaged and connected with the School’s alumni early on in their careers and, as they progress up the corporate ladder, they can continually leverage these links. Pauline Wan, Vice-President of the MBA Student Council and mentee shares, “Through the programme, I can tap on the experiences of my mentor and understand how he balances business in connection with healthcare regulations.”

Beyond helping to further careers, the programme enables the mentees to discover their passion and work for what they truly believe in. “I have two mentees, both not from my sector,” says mentor Yap Shih Chia (MBA 2012), “But my goal is to help them discover themselves.” Fellow mentor, Amelia Ching (Apex MBA English 2000), concurs: “I will be helping my two mentees understand that they have to find what drives them. It is important to have a passion for what you do.” Mentee Nguyen Anh Hai holds similar views. “You have to have an interest in what you do,” she says. “I am looking for the MBA to give me a global perspective so that I can understand my customers better.”

There is certainly no lack of knowledge out there. No wonder then, that this mentorship programme offers great value for our MBA students. Ruben Rodriquez certainly sees the merits of these mentorships: “I feel that it is such an invaluable element of our education.”

For more information on our NUS MBA Mentorship programme, please click here. The evening’s photos are available on our gallery

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