NUS Business School Golf Reunion Challenge 2014

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15529312881_8e2c59b700_oThe Golf Reunion Challenge kicked off in full swing this year with more attendees and five more flights than the year before. Held at the Singapore Island Country Club on 25 September 2014, the event was a joint effort by NUS Business School Alumni Association, NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni and MBA Alumni-NUS, and supported by GANO. The much-anticipated yearly reunion offers alumni the chance to network over a fun-filled game of golf.

Laughter filled the registration area as participants exchanged warm greetings and banter that set the tone for the friendly rivalry that was to continue throughout the day. As players joked over t-shirt sizes and old times, many also expressed concern over the dark clouds that threatened to put a damper on the day’s programme. However, the drizzle soon made way for clear skies that were more befitting the unwavering enthusiasm of the players.

Amongst this year’s attendees was organising committee member and current President of NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni Association, Kwek Chok Ming (BBA 1978). A strong supporter of NUS events, Chok Ming summed up the event: “It’s not so much about the game as it is about creating a sense

of camaraderie and catching up with friends.” Founding member and first President of NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni Association, Robin Ng (Executive Program 1981), mirrored his sentiments, stressing the significance of the get-together in forging new ties and strengthening old ones.

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Following a hearty buffet lunch, golfers took to the pristine fairway, ready to commence the 18-hole game, but not before snapping a candid group photo with cheerful shouts of “Huat ah!” heard all around. Players were all smiles as the day drew to a close and they headed off to prepare for the night’s celebrations.

Refreshed and in high spirits from a good day’s game, alumni reconvened at the country club’s grand ballroom for a sumptuous seven-course dinner. The night’s entertainment was provided by emcee Lee Ming Hui (BBA 2008), a board director of NUS Business School Alumni, who kept the audience entertained throughout the evening. Chairperson of the organising committee, Tan Boon Chin (APEX MBA 2003) took to the stage to welcome guests and thanked everyone for their continuous support.

During the awards ceremony, prizes were handed out for a range of categories, including “Longest Drive” and “88th Best Golfer.” Colin Chow (BBA 1981) presented the Challenge Trophy to the class of 1981, the selected class for the year, while the coveted Dean’s Cup went to the triumphant NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni Association. In the great spirit of the event, last year’s holders, the Business School Alumni Association gave hearty congratulations as they conceded the title, but made it clear that the game was on for next year!

However, everyone was a winner that night as the ongoing lucky draw dip saw all players walk away with prizes. The three alumni association presidents Dr Michael Teng (MBA 1987), Kwek Chok Ming and Sonny Yuen (BBA 1985) were among those called to conduct the draw, and laughter broke out when Yeo Keng Joon (MBA 1985) was called to the stage, only to pick his own name out of the draw. He gallantly called upon his wife, Kong Yuet Peng (MBA 1986), to collect the prize on his behalf! Much to everyone’s amusement, the couple met again on stage later in the evening when Keng Joon gave out the prizes to the championship’s female winners, presenting his wife a prize for second place.


Alumni walked away with prizes from sponsors such as Greg Norman Apparel, Mizuno and Chivas among others. Terence Chee (BBA 1981) clinched the prize of free golf lessons, to which the crowd sportingly responded with shouts of “he doesn’t need it!” Ivan Loh (UCLA-EMBA 2013) from flight 14A, meanwhile, scored the grand prize – a three-month membership at Mana Mana Beach Club.

For the championship’s individual categories, both Max Foo and Teng Chia Chang, whom are the friends of the NUS Business School, claimed this year’s 1st Prize in the men’s category and men’s second division. Toh Siew (Advanced Management Programme 1997) went up to receive first place in the women’s category, as the crowd clapped appreciatively and remarked, “always the champion.”

Adding to the festivities was the birthday celebration for all September babies – Director of GANO, Ng Pheck Choo, Kwek Chok Ming and Sonny Yuen among them. As the trio gathered around the cake to make their birthday wishes, the crowd teasingly joked that their wish would be to raise one million dollars in donations for next year’s special golf charity drive in honour of NUS’ 50th anniversary celebrations.

Congratulations to all who took part in the Golf Challenge this year. In particular, we would like to commend the efforts of the organising committee and sponsors for making the event a success. And of course a warm thank you to everyone present for keeping the alumni spirit alive – you were the real champions.

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