ECAN Golf Club makes a day of it in Shanghai

Date: 16 March 2014­ (Sunday)
Venue: Shanghai Golf Training Center
Organiser: NUS Business School Eastern China Alumni Network

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ecan_golf_club_in_shanghaiNUS Business School Eastern China Alumni Network (ECAN) Golf Club kicked off its first activity for the year on 16 March 2014­ — a beautiful day that was perfect for a spot of golf.

Judging by the turnout, many seemed to agree. More than 20 members were at the Shanghai Golf Training Center bright and early for a fun-filled day ahead. The participants included not just hard-core golfers and golfing enthusiasts but also little tots brought along by parents keen for them to witness the grace of this gentleman’s sport.

Players were briefed on golf etiquette before starting a two-hour, one-on-one training session with the coaches at the centre. Lunch was a relaxed affair as members proceeded to Qiandao Lake, a short walk away, where they tucked into hearty fare while reviewing their training sessions. Yu Jing (MBA 2001) said: “This is my first time participating in an ECAN-organised activity this year and it feels really good.”

Head of the Golf Club, Chen Wei (APEX-C 2012) thanked members for their support. “Playing golf is about having fun with like-minded people. With your active participation, this club will be a perfect place for sowing the seeds of friendship and harvesting years of happiness.”

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