NUS MBA Mentorship Program


6 February 2013 (Wednesday)

Mochtar Riady Building

NUS Business School Global Alumni Network Office (GANO)

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Now entering its sixth cycle, the NUS MBA Mentorship Program started the year on a positive note with program participants meeting at the Mochtar Riady Building on February 6, 2013.

In an effort to maximize the success of the program, participants were treated to an entertaining and informative presentation on “Making Mentoring Work,” by guest speaker, Dr Chung Yuen Kay, Adjunct Associate Professor at NUS Business School.

Dr Chung shared well-balanced advice with mentors and mentees on how both participants can maximize their mentorship experience. She also enlightened the audience on the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), which classifies people into four brain dominant groups. She demonstrated, with humorous examples of typical husband/wife miscommunications, that having knowledge of how different individuals process and view information means you can gain greater awareness of your partner’s communication style. This in turn leads to more effective communication during the mentorship process and a more rewarding experience for both parties. In closing, she advised program participants to establish specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and timely (SMART) goals throughout the duration of their mentorship experience.

Following Dr Chung’s enlightening speech, program participants networked over a light buffet, and mentees and mentors used the opportunity to begin to establish that all-important rapport with one another.

“Industries suffer from talent fall off because students don’t receive proper guidance at the beginning of their careers. They make decisions based on societal expectations instead of what they really want. Based on my mentorship experience, I recommend that mentors create a timetable to prepare, meet and review mentorship. Once created, you must commit and give mentorship precedence over work.”
Benedict Andrew Lim, Mentor (MBA 2000)

“It is my first time being mentored. I chose Mr Arnab Banerjee as my mentor because we share a similar field of work and he has MNC experience in Singapore and China. I’m lucky to be receiving guidance from him.”
Xing Wei Wei, Mentee

“It is my first time mentoring but I intend to give the guidance I never had, as I had no mentor when I first started. I want to pass on my knowledge so that my mentee has a smoother professional journey.”
Christianto, Mentor (APEX-E MBA 2010)

“I’ve spent three years as a consultant in India, but I’m not sure whether I want to continue this or go into banking. I’m interested in the experience my mentor has in different markets.”
Rohit Jaggi, Mentee

“This is my second year as a mentor. Interestingly, this year’s mentee is different from last year’s in personality. I feel good about giving back to NUS and encourage more alumni to participate as well.”
Tan Boon Chin, Mentor (APEX-E MBA 2003)

“I really enjoyed Dr Chung’s speech and found it very balanced and helpful. It was wonderful to see how she presented mentorship as a two-way relationship. I loved my experience at NUS so I am pleased to give back. Receiving thanks from people I mentored 20 years ago has shown me the impact of mentorship. I want to learn more about my mentees so I can develop a positive two-way relationship with them.”
Barbara Noonan (EMBA 2010)

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