Celebrating Eminent Business Leaders from Our Alumni Ranks

7 November 2012 (Wednesday)

Shangri-La Hotel

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The NUS Business School Eminent Business Alumni Awards represent the highest recognition that can be bestowed upon alumni who have excelled in business and management. While nominees come from different backgrounds and professions, what they have in common is their high level of skill, knowledge, and the shared experience of being an alumnus of NUS Business School.

On the evening of November 7, 2012, guests and nominees came together at the Shangri-La Hotel to celebrate this year’s award winners. After an initial cocktail session where attendees mingled, guests were seated before the arrival of Guest-of-Honor, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Law Mr K Shanmugam.

Following Mr Shanmugam’s arrival, Awards Committee Chairman Mr Peter Seah (BBA Hons 1968) gave a lively speech welcoming all in attendance. Chairing the award selection committee for the third time, he related how difficult the process was, as all 18 nominees have accomplished great deeds. Whether their accomplishments were made domestically, abroad, in the public or private sector, they all led outstanding careers, and attained their foundation at NUS Business School. Following a very difficult selection process, Chairman Seah announced that four very deserving individuals were selected for the Senior Alumni Award and two for the Alumni Service Award.

After Chairman Seah’s welcome address, Mr Shanmugam gave an inspirational speech praising the night’s winners and the NUS Business School for its global accomplishments. He began his oration with some playful banter involving award winners Bobby Chin (BAcc 1974) and Yam Ah Mee (MBA 1991). He then praised NUS’ focus on not just equipping students with technical skills, but challenging them to improve their critical thinking, communication, reasoning, and decision-making skills. In particular, he focused on the NUS Business School’s internationally recognized programs and its prominent international rankings.

Mr Shanmugam’s speech then ventured into the difficulties faced by businesses in the last five years, which have raised questions about the viability of the free market. While he feels that the world is moving “left” in response to market abuses and the income gap is widening across the globe, he points out that the vigilance of government regulators has prevented such incidents from occurring in Singapore. He also commends the efforts of active citizen governance and public-private partnerships in monitoring and raising the alarm on market failures, as well as ensuring good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is followed. Closing his speech, Mr Shanmugam elaborated on the moral and lawful obligations that business leaders have to grow society and the economy in a responsible manner. He reiterated his strong belief that the free market system benefits society, and that NUS Business School should continue to instill this concept in its students.

Following Mr Shanmugam’s speech, an exquisite dinner was served while I-Sis Trioprovided soothing musical entertainment. A video presentation showcased each individual award winner before they were called to the stage to receive their awards from Professor Bernard Yeung, Dean of the NUS Business School.

After the presentation of the awards, a token of appreciation was given to Guest-of-Honor Minister Shanmugam. First-year NUS Business School student Irwin Fua then came on stage to deliver a breathtaking rendition of the song “I believe I can fly,” and ‘梦想 his personal composition, illustrating the point made that NUS graduates come with diverse talents in addition to business acumen.

In his closing speech, Dean of the NUS Business School, Professor Bernard Yeung, thanked everyone for the wonderful event, bringing everyone’s attention to the great strides NUS Business School has made since 1965 to become a leading school in Asia. He highlighted how our graduates continue to contribute to the world’s economic growth, being model ambassadors for the University everywhere they go, and he called on everyone to do more to help their alma mater. He thanked the awards committee for their months of hard work.

A closing performance by I-Sis Trio brought a peaceful conclusion to the delightful evening, and the remainder of the night was spent with attendees mingling to congratulate the winners and catching up with familiar faces.

NUS Business School Eminent Business Alumni Award Winners

bobby_chin_thumbnailBobby Chin – The Value of Hard Work
Mr Bobby Chin has led a distinguished career. After graduating from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Accountancy in 1974, he joined the global accounting firm Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co., which would later become KPMG Singapore. Read More

lim_how_teck_thumbnailLim How Teck – Kampong Boy Made Good
Growing up poor gave Mr Lim How Teck a hunger for success that propelled him from senior accountant of the national shipping giant Neptune Orient Line (NOL), to the Group Chief Financial Officer and prime mover of NOL’s acquisition of American President Line (APL), its much bigger rival. Read More

yam_ah_mee_thumbnailYam Ah Mee – The Enterprising Civil Servant
Mr Yam Ah Mee may seem like your typical Singaporean public servant who started in the military and then rotated through various senior postings within the Civil Service. While he may look every inch the Chief Executive Director of the People’s Association that he is, behind the smooth facade of the civil service Mandarin is an entrepreneur-officer at heart. Read More

dr_yin_wei_dong_thumbnailDr Yin Wei Dong – Saving Lives as a Doctor-entrepreneur
As a trained physician, Dr Yin Wei Dong could be saving lives one at a time. As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of vaccine producer Sinovac Biotech, Dr Yin is in the position to possibly save millions of lives. Nasdaq-listed Sinovac is a vaccine manufacturer that develops, manufactures, and sells vaccines to protect against viruses such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and the swine flu. Read More

dr_chung_tang-fong_thumbnailDr William Chung – Businessman, Research Scholar, and Community Leader
It is not common for businessmen to become academics, but Dr Chung Tang- Fong, William (钟腾芳博士) is an extraordinary example. The Chairman and Managing Director of Xi-Hong Enterprise, Dr Chung operates international trading and logistics management companies in both Singapore and China, has a Doctorate in Business Administration and is also a Research Scholar at the School of Economics at Peking University.
Read More

yang_tseng_pu_thumbnailYang Tseng Pu – Age is Just a Number
Mr Yang Tseng Pu is proof that age is only a number, not a barrier. Born in 1946, he obtained his Asia Pacific Executive MBA (EMBA) from the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Business School in 1999 at the age of 53. Read More

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