Age is Just a Number

Yang Tseng Pu (APEX-C MBA 1999)

yang_tseng_pu_croppedMr Yang Tseng Pu is proof that age is only a number, not a barrier. Born in 1946, he obtained his Asia Pacific Executive MBA (EMBA) from the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Business School in 1999 at the age of 53.

Never too old to continue your education
An entrepreneur, Mr Yang sought an EMBA in order to become a better-rounded businessperson. He was a mechanical engineer at the time, but realizing his limitations, he signed up to take up a course at NUS Business School when it took in its first group of students.

That experience gave him a hunger for more education, and he decided to take up the EMBA course in 1998 as part of the second batch. Initially, it was very tough going for Mr Yang.

“Recalling the period I had to pick up my books to study again, especially after not studying for over 20 years was tough, but it was a worthwhile effort!” said Mr Yang. He believes that the course helped him ride out several rounds of financial crisis, economic turmoil, and a tsunami safely.

Education helped him go farther
His education also helped him with his business efforts in China. His visits to China have made him realize many of his weaknesses, and he understood the importance of relearning. After graduating from the EMBA course, with a new mindset and innovative vigor, he continued to develop his businesses in Singapore, China, and Taiwan, and even set up several new companies.

His businesses have prospered. One of his companies, Shanghai Troop Industries (STI), was awarded “China’s Best Autonomous Innovation Enterprises” in 2011. STI was formed when he was working on his EMBA in Singapore. Mr Yang was also awarded “China’s Excellent Innovative Entrepreneur 2011.” Demonstrating his clout in the mold and die industry, Mr Yang is also the Managing Director and Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Mould Industry Association and the Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Invention Association.

The company’s products have a large market in Southeast Asia. They are also very popular in Japan, Korea, and Europe. Currently, the company plans to bring some of the products now being made in China, back to Singapore for research and production.

Helping alumni and the community
Mr Yang received the NUS Business School Eminent Alumni Service Award for his many contributions to the school and its alumni network. He was also instrumental in setting up the Eastern China Alumni Network (ECAN) in Shanghai, and was elected to be its first chairman.

Under his leadership, ECAN managed to locate other Shanghai-based alumni and encouraged them to join. In addition, he helped to set up the Suzhou Alumni Network and the Jianghuai Alumni Network.

While he is no longer Chairman of ECAN, he still serves on the ECAN Advisory Committee. He also attends alumni gatherings often, and donates generously to the Hope Primary Schools on behalf of NUS Business School Alumni.

In his spare time, he enjoys a leisurely round of golf with friends, and invites alumni members to call him up for a round when they are in Shanghai – that is, if they also happen to play golf leisurely.

Despite his busy schedule, he is a devoted family man who ensures that he always has time for his loved ones, especially his three granddaughters.

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