Building A Great Alumni Community

Ng Pheck Choo (BBA 1984)



“Around me is boundless opportunity…” is a phrase, that sums up the positive mindset and hints at the energy that new GANO Director Ng Pheck Choo (BBA 1984) brings with her since her appointment on August 22, 2011.

Like many alumni, Pheck Choo flew far and wide in pursuit of career and success. She returns now with a wealth of experience, energy and a vision to serve NUS Business School’s ever growing alumni community.

As she describes, being appointed GANO Director is a “personal homecoming”, being both a BBA alumna and having been involved in the NUS Business School Alumni Association on its Board of Directors for the past two years.

Pheck Choo brings hard won experience – culled from holding managerial positions in the public and private sectors – which she hopes to put to good use in her new role. Among them, she had served as Associate Director, Annual Giving in the NUS Development Office and Head, Annual Giving in her last appointment in NTU, these giving her extensive experience in stewardship and giving campaigns.

Previous long stints in customer service and call centre work will also come in handy as her office will work closely with the Development Office and Career Services to enhance activities for the school.

Looking at the opportunities ahead in alumni engagement strategy, she sees building and strengthening strategic relationships with alumni as the way to both enhance and strengthen the reputation of the School and its alumni community.

“We will focus on building a strong alumni community, and working closely with the three alumni associations to explore collaborative efforts. Without doubt, the alumni association is the most important pillar of the School’s community. Therefore, we need our alumni to be at the forefront of our alumni-led activities.”

Pheck Choo places emphasis on working closely with “the university and administrators, faculty, alumni and volunteers in building strategic engagement platforms that will achieve the goals, missions and aspirations of the School”.

While she feels it is too early to talk about leaving a legacy, she has a vision of helping to grow a “sense of a great community in the School, where alumni are willing to contribute significant resources – both in terms of time and financial contribution – to the University”.

“After all, alumni provide critical leadership by serving as trustees and board members; and also by acting as consultants, giving advise and counsel in the area of their professional expertise,” she said.

And the one thing she would say to GANO members?

“Great attitudes precede great opportunities; who you are determines what you see. A quote from Stella Stuart sums it all:

Behind me is infinite power.
Before me is endless possibility.
Around me is boundless opportunity.
Why should I fear?”

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