Gazing at the Economic Crystal Ball

Gazing at the Economic Crystal Ball


Debt crises in Europe, high rates of unemployment in the Us, corporate bailout, and austerity measures – those are the somber phrases dominating the headlines in 2011. Will the economic situation improve in 2012? How do we stay competitive in the ever more challenging market? We ask our alumni.


Deepak Mohan (MBA 2011):

The year 2011 was certainly a good year to be in school. While the economic crisis unfolded, we could be on the sidelines, observing and analyzing. It’s not only the financial sector that is affected. I’m working in the digital media sector, and we’re also affected by the bad news… I am, however, very optimistic about the year 2012. With the right attitude, you can do anything and succeed in this challenging environment.

Ng Inn Chiau (NUS-HEC MBA 2011):

In such a short working period, we have already seen two crises. In the year 2008, I was working in the infrastructure field, and our sector actually received quite a boost from the government stimulus. Now, I’m working in the banking industry which is considered more volatile. I think in times of crisis, there will also be opportunities. You just have to overcome the challenges as they come.

Tan Shao Yi (MBA 2010):

The year 2011 has been an eventful year for me, managing a telecommunication market in Indonesia while still based in Singapore. Indonesia is quite a challenging market, but we hope to make more breakthroughs. It is very difficult to say if the situation will improve. I just hope that the Europeans and US markets will not crash next year.

Dr Suanny Gouw (APEX-E MBA 2007):

The year 2011 has been a challenging one with all the bad news on the economy. To beat the downturn, people should be out more for networking to find out the available opportunities. I just hope that everyday will be a brand new day for us to make a difference in our or other people’s lives.

James Li (MBA 2000):

I am working in the oil and gas offshore industry, and, career wise, I’m quite happy with many new opportunities in 2011 despite the talks of financial crisis. I’m not really worried with the economic situation. If you are at my age, you just want to enjoy life and spend more time with the family. That is more important.

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