Keeping the Spirit Strong

Keeping the Spirit Strong


A more vibrant and engaged BizAlum community – that is what Global Alumni Network Office (GANO), the alumni office at NUS Business School, is dedicated to achieving through the new BizAlum Directory.

Launched on 25 July 2011, the Alumni Directory aims to let the NUS Business School community thrive by keeping in touch with their alma mater, and by lending support to alumni or student activities. Through it, alumni can share knowledge and experience with students and other fellow alumni.

The BizAlum Directory, which is only accessible to alumni and students of NUS Business School, lets registered users update and manage their profiles. Users can toggle with privacy settings to set what information is visible to others.

Besides being able to search to one another, users can establish contact via phone, email or social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) to their discretion.

Unlike the previous directory, which was launched with the BizAlum Portal a few years ago, today’s BizAlum Directory caters to savvy users who would rather connect via social media than contact number or email.

With the revamped Directory, finding old classmates or looking for people of similar interests or different expertise is made easier.

An Interactive Gateway

The newly-revamped BizAlum Directory is the first of its kind that allows members to login with their Facebook details and connect to their friends’ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. By logging into BizAlum Directory, members can now expand their social media network, all in one portal.

Each user is also encouraged to upload a photo of himself or herself to enhance his or her online presence.

With the new and improved integrated media platform, being out-of-touch is virtually impossible.

The BizAlum Directory sees new registrations every day. But the challenge of achieving full subscription and utilization remains. GANO hopes to reach out to all its alumni – to unite and ignite the NUS Business School Spirit.

Uniting People, Uniting Ideas

GANO hopes to increase the networking momentum through the latest search function which allows users to filter contacts by company, industry, job function, and even city to connect with industry experts. Users can also access career resources and view latest job postings.

Alumni are now able to network with other like-minded alumni to share knowledge and learn from one another in precise manner.

With a network spanning across the globe, the BizAlum Directory offers invaluable contacts to help its users expand their business and career opportunities.

Uniting the School Spirit

The BizAlum Directory ensures that users can also keep in contact not only on a professional basis, but also a casual one. The guestbook function allows users to update one another by posting messages, and also check out what others last did on the site,

A unique feature that connects our alumni is the Volunteer section where alumni can sign up for volunteer opportunities among NUS activity, For instance, a user may opt to be a speaker or panellist for a forum event, a career mentor or advisor to students, reunion organizer or even donor. By engaging the alumni through volunteerism, GANO increases camaraderie and strengthens the already strong bonds between its alumni and students alike.

Although the BizAlum Directory sees new registrations every day, the challenge of achieving full subscription and utilization remains. GANO hopes to reach out to all its alumni in the near future, in a bid to unite and ignite the NUS Business School Spirit.


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