Transformation through Collaboration – Dr Michael Teng

Dr Michael Teng (President of MBA Alumni-NUS 2011/2012)


The new President of MBA Alumni-NUS (2011/2012), Dr Michael Teng (MBA 1987) believes that no man or organization is an island, and that working closely with other organizations and forging common goals are ways forward.



What motivated you to run for presidency?

I wanted to contribute to the MBA Alumni-NUS as I had served in the council as Secretary in 1989. Since then, I was asked to help in the Marketing Institute of Singapore where I served 14 years in the executive council and the last four years as its President. I feel that I am able to now contribute effectively as the President after 22 years – I am now older, wiser and freer, and with more business connections to bring the alumni to greater heights.

What do you do in terms of career?

I am running an investment firm representing investors interested in acquiring distressed companies and helping them to transform and turn around. We also train and advise firms in Singapore, Africa, Indo-China and China on corporate restructuring and improving their financial performance.

How do you think your profession will contribute to your role as the association’s president?

I specialize in corporate transformation, authored 23 books on this subject, and spent 19 years as the CEO transforming major corporations and listed companies. Every organization, including healthy ones, needs to transform as business models become obsolete and competition grows intense. MBA Alumni-NUS is no exception and needs to transform, too, to stay relevant.

How do you think your role as the association’s president benefits you in your profession?

I will be leading an association whose members are the best brains in the country. There is going to be rub-off for me as I learn from them. In addition, MBA Alumni-NUS offers me an opportunity to network, make friends and do something worthwhile for the community.

During your presidency, what do you hope to achieve for the MBA Alumni-NUS and for its members and why?

I have put in place a NLP program, which stands for Networking, Learning and Profiling. I have presented to my fellow council and ordinary members, and have gotten their support and endorsement. We will continue to develop the alumni as a platform for networking (N). I want to attract older members to come back and participate in our events as learning (L) does not stop after we finish the MBA program. The council members and I plan to hold many seminars in conjunction with other institutions to enable our members to continue their learning journey. My council members and I intend to raise the profile of the alumni. Our vision is to become a de-facto authority on business matters so that, for example, when the public or media have pertinent business issues, they will refer to our alumni for comments. We intend to engage our members who are mostly industry leaders to become more active in the alumni. We will also contribute articles to the press to make our presence stronger. In addition, we plan to use the platform of “Transformation through Collaboration” to make an impact in the business community.

During your presidency, what legacy would you like to leave and why?

I have a theme for my term and I hope that it will continue long after I finish my tour of duty: “Transformation through Collaboration“. I have already mentioned the importance of transformation. Why collaboration? No man or organization is an island. I want to leverage and work with the other alumni associations such as NUS Business School Alumni, NUS Mandarin Alumni, DUAL, Marketing Institute of Singapore as well as with other associations. We can increase our profile quicker if we work closely with other organizations in joint events and strategic alliances, and forge common interests and goals.

Among your list of goals to achieve, which ones are the key ones that you intent to focus on and why?

I want to raise the profile of the alumni to befit the MBA program’s ranking as one of the top 23 in the world. As premier business alumni, we need to be relevant and visible in the business community. The alumni’s standing has to commensurate with the high academic standing of the MBA program.

How do you intend to involve and engage members of the association to help achieve these causes for both theirs as well as the association’s benefit?

I cannot do it alone. That is why I emphasize collaboration and getting the support of all the stakeholders like council members, the school and GANO. Our members will surely benefit through this collaboration and expand their sphere of contacts and networks.

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