NUS Business School Commencement Dinner 2010: UCLA-NUS EMBA Class of 2010

Date: 8 July 2010, Thursdaygano-aug10-coverjul-ucla

Time: 7:00pm

Venue: Raffles City Convention Centre

Organizer: NUS Business School


NUS Business School Commencement Dinner 2010: UCLA-NUS EMBA Class of 2010

For the 45 graduates of the NUS-UCLA EMBA Class of 2010, the Commencement Dinner was also a time for reunion as almost a year had passed since they last saw one another. A cohort made up of various nationalities, majority of this 5th Intake was based outside Singapore and had flown in specially to attend the event.

Among them, Stephen Callander (UCLA-NUS EMBA 2010) was presented with the C H Wee Gold Medal Award. Professor Ho Yew Kee, Best Instructor and Deanery Representative, followed by Malcolm Koh (APEX-E MBA 2007), President of MBA Alumni-NUS then addressed the group, highlighting their achievements, and urging them to stay in touch with one another as well as the School.


Malcolm Koh (APEX-E MBA 2007), President, MBA Alumni-NUS:

It is important to remember that the happy times and connection with the University doesn’t end here; the best part is yet to come. Recent volatility and turbulence has only strengthened the idea that community is very important and provided a strong foundation. Tonight, you become part of the NUS community that will grow every year like yourselves. We need your engagement to build the community. COME: try to commit to at least two to three of the many events we organize per year; and TELL: spread the word of the NUS brand.

Participants Speak

Steven Gilmore (UCLA-NUS EMBA 2010):

It was a great program with a good curriculum. When I went back to work, I was able to tackle problems more effectively. After being in the same company for so many years, everyone tends to think alike. This program gave me new perspectives. You don’t expect to wake up a totally different person upon completion of the course, but it does change you. To new students, I would encourage you to never stop learning. Coming back to school at my age, I had doubts about my ability in some of the modules like statistics and such, but know you can get through it. It is important to always stay current and mentally active, and always challenge yourself.

Jerry Siah (UCLA-NUS EMBA 2010):

Graduating feels great! Through this program, I’ve gotten to know how people from different cultures behave as my classmates come from all around the world. Each time we met, it would be two weeks of intensive study; with classes running from 8am to 8pm, sometimes even after that so as to continue with our project work. The experience made us bond really fast.

Michele Lum (UCLA-NUS EMBA 2010):

It’s been an amazing journey, and I’m just beginning to reap the benefits of it. Apart from the academic gains – a lot of which I’ve applied in my job – the friendships that I made are definitely one of the things I’ve taken away from here. To future students, I would say that if it’s your desire to keep learning as a professional, then go for it. You take in as much as you give in any learning environment. My favourite part of this evening has got to be seeing my friends. It’s been wonderful catching up with them, and getting to know their partners and families. If there should be networking sessions when I’m here on business trips, I’d definitely attend whenever I can.

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