NUS-SPRING-SBF Business Advisors Program Update


The Business Advisors Program is jointly-initiated by NUS Business School Alumni Association and Singapore Business Federation. It helps SMEs engage and capitalize on the expertise of Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) to achieve growth. It achieves this by matching and deploying NUS alumni PMETs as Business Advisors to NUS Alumni-run SMEs on short-term consulting assignments averaging six months. The PMETs exercise their expertise, experience and market knowledge to help the SMEs in their business strategies and operations.


Launch date:

31 July 2009 (Friday)

Latest count:

29 October 2009 (Monday)
139 alumni PMETs
59 SMEs
39 project proposals
(Target: 30 projects 14 months into launch)
35 PMET-SME matches


PMET Participants Speak

Ong Chun Teck (MBA 2008, MA 2006 & BBA (Hons) 1994), Business Consultant:
The NUS BAP provides an excellent opportunity for PMETs to both give and take. PMETs get to give of their expertise to help local SMEs, and take away invaluable experience in the process. More PMETs should take this up for individual growth and challenge.

More Information

Find out more about BAP
NUS-SPRING-SBF Business Advisors Program
Sign up as Business Advisor (English eFlyer / Chinese eFlyer)

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