Explore Singapore

Date: 5 September 2009, Saturday

Time: 7.00pm – 9.30pm

Venue: NUSS Suntec City Guild House

MBA Alumni – NUS

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Foreigners make up a significant number among our MBA students. To help them get acquainted with their new home, the MBA Alumni – NUS organized Explore Singapore. After all, it makes perfect sense to assimilate one’s future members, not only into the local scene, but also among current alumni members.

And so, 23 were whisked away on a intimate tour of Singapore after a welcome by Suanny Gouw (APEX-E 2007), Honorary Treasurer of MBA Alumni – NUS. Among these were 14 MBA freshmen and 7 alumni – the perfect ratio for more meaningful personal interactions. Further assistance were provided by two staff members of the Global Alumni Network Office.

After the highly-successful event based on participants’ feedback, MBA Alumni-NUS is looking into collaborating with the Student Development Unit under Graduate Studies Office to conduct Exploring Singapore annually. Earlier too, to steer clear of critical academic dates on students’ calendar.

Participants Speak

Rituraj Singh (MBA 2011), from India:
For us freshmen from overseas, it was really nice to go around Singapore and locate the best places to visit. Thanks for being our guide. Also, it was really nice to meet our seniors, that is the alumni; have dinner with them in a very cozy and relaxed environment; and hear their experience. Events like this certainly do go a long way in engaging students.

Choi Han-Na (S3 Asia MBA 2010), from South Korea:
I appreciate having the chance to meet my predecessors among alumni. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, so I’m thankful I signed up for it. The entire event was organised to perfections; I can’t wait for future event updates – by email.

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