Career Transition Seminar


Date: 28 July 2009 (Tuesday)

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Venue: Shaw Foundation Alumni House, Seminar Room 1

Organizers: Global Alumni Network Office (GANO)

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Providing value-added support to alumni’s career development, this seminar gave its 45 participants an insight into the psyche of people in power to hire. And who better to share this than entrepreneur, head hunter and coach, Mr James Koh. The Founder and Principal Consultant of Executive Network International successfully engaged participants in lively discussions and interactive games.

Lessons learnt at the seminar gave participants the skills to explore new career avenues. On the other hand, the opening buffet dinner and post-seminar mingling provided participants with networking opportunities, and opened possible channels for putting their newfound skills to good use.


Learning Points

  • Your CV must be relevant (not generic) to the job you are applying for. This shows early understanding of your potential employers’ business.
  • Your CV must stand out against the tons of CVs received. This ensures yours get noticed and remembered.
  • You must always prepare yourself before a job interview. This shows your interest in the company, the role and the particular industry.
  • Go into an interview as an employee (not a candidate). This displays confidence and sincerity, and helps establish a deeper connection between you and your interviewee.
  • Supporting these pointers were practical how-to tips. The participants, thus, went away not just aware of what they must do, but also how they can do it.

Participants Speak

Johnny Teng (MBA 1995):

“The speaker, James Koh, shared many insightful pointers like what an interview candidate should do in his or her CV, from both recruiters’ and candidates’ perspectives. James is also a motivational speaker as he encouraged us with the fact that no one is ever too old to make any change, and that one must dare to take that first step forward.”



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