Building Identity, Staying Connected – Mr Malcolm Koh

Strengthening the image of NUS MBA Alumni Association (MBA Alumni-NUS) and communicating more with the alumni community – these are just some of the measures that the Alumni’s new President, Malcolm Koh (APEX-E MBA 2007), regards as integral.

What motivated you to run for presidency?

On a personal level, being elected president of MBA Alumni-NUS gives me an opportunity to learn important skills like leadership. This is a nice transition for me, having served as Assistance Secretary on the Executive Committee before for two years and seeing how things work. Also, I can relate well with the committee members, having known most of them already.

On another level, I have a strong affinity with the school; and I feel that its engagement with the Alumni, and the support it has received, can be further improve upon. I firmly believe that being involved with the Alumni and staying in touch with the school can be rewarding for all – individuals and school alike. This is one main reason why I want to be a part of the Allumni – to stay connected.

What will you, as President, focus on for the Alumni?

Among our main focuses are building of the Alumni brand, and increasing engagement with the alumni community. Since NUS is an international school with global associations, we have a large community in Singapore and overseas, and we want to extend our reach to them. This is an essential step in bringing the Alumni forward as we wish to see greater involvement from the alumni community at large.

Whilst we will spare no effort in ensuring that our new outreach programs encompass and engage as large a segment of our alumni as possible, we will simultaneously temper our expectations with our available logistical capabilities, and not let ambition get the better of us. Hence, we shall adopt a pragmatic approach when planning our programs.

With this approach, we hope to attract more members; and encourage greater participation, commitment and ownership in the Alumni – bringing about mutual benefits.

To this end, one of our foremost plans for the coming year is to organise events that will raise the Alumni’s profile and open up communication channels with the alumni community at large.

If you have one thing to say to MBA Alumni-NUS members, what would it be?

Simply this – get involved and keep in touch with us. We would love to hear from the alumni community, and will keep everybody update through our website and emails.

I also hope we will continue to enjoy the support of the alumni community.

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