NUSBSA Strategy Retreat

Where:  BSA Retreat

When:  10 January 2009

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In these challenging times, it is vital for organizations such as the NUS Business School Alumni Association (NUSBSA) to re-examine its relevance to its members. And that is exactly what it has done.

Following a day of intensive discussion, the alumni association agreed on a new vision for the organization. It reads as follows: “We will bring business minds together to shape tomorrow.”

This vision statement came out from a retreat on 10 January, involving 23 members of the alumni association and NUS Business School representatives. The event began with the Dean, Professor Bernard Yeung, sharing that his key goal was for the school to become a first-class research and training institute within the next decade.

The group subsequently broke into smaller teams to brainstorm what the future would look like and how this would affect graduates from the NUS Business School. After a series of lively discussions, the vision and mission statements were hammered out. The new mission statement reads: “We serve as a bridging gap between the school and the community where students and alumni come together to generate and share ideas to help enhance the school’s reputation and development.”

The association also spelt out the values that it holds dear: “Excellence, charity and caring, integrity, respect, accountability and humility.”

The event was chaired by Mr Henry Kwok (BBA Hons 1969), Treausrer of the NUSBSA and Global Partner of Haines Center for Strategic Management.

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