Conoco Philip’s Prized Employee


Mr Prashant Pundrik (MBA 2008) is a talented individual who has conquered international markets. Recently conferred a Special Recognition Award by Conoco Phillips, the self-effacing alumnus credits his success to the NUS Business School.

Alumnus Mr Prashant Pundrik (MBA 2008), Supply Chain Associate at Conoco Phillips, was recently conferred a Special Recognition Award within his company because he brought in more than USD$15 million in revenue on a single project.

Mr Pundrik certainly is a role model for everyone. The story of his success is both amazing and inspiring.

Humble Beginnings

Born and bred in India, Mr Pundrik did his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the then USSR, known as Russia today. He graduated from the Kirovograd National Technical University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1994.

As a fresh graduate, he went back to India and joined Asian Paint as a Senior Engineer in 1995.

“In 1999, I started working for Whirlpool as a Deputy Manager. My main job was to design and build new refrigerators.”

After years of being an employee, Mr Pundrik wanted to be his own boss. In 2001, he founded his own company that specialized in information technology.

He then joined an IT consulting firm and was the IT consultant to the government in New Delhi. It was there that his amazing journey took a turn for the skies.

“I have experiences in various aspects of running a business but I wanted to see the bigger picture of how things work,” says Mr Pundrik. “Hence, I decided to take up the MBA course at NUS Business School.”

Being a Student Again

Mr Pundrik confesses that he really enjoyed his experience at the School.

“It was a total eye-opener,” he recalls. “I got to meet people who were much younger and more talented than I am; it was a great opportunity and my pleasure to learn from them.”

Mr Pundrik says he was highly motivated by his classmates who shared the same aspirations and similar dreams.

As a student of the School, he participated actively in competitions in the business arena and won many awards while representing the School.

“It was my honor to be able to bring these awards back to NUS,” the humble alumnus says.

Life on the Fast Track

In May 2007, Mr Pundrik started an internship with Conoco Phillips and shortly after, he was presented with a job offer, which he took without hesitation.

“I was the first intern that Conoco Phillips had hired from the School, it was important for me to do well as I also represented the School.”

Indeed, Mr Pundrik did more than well; he was promoted within 11 months, a record within the company.

When asked about the Special Recognition Award, the outstanding alumnus replied with modesty, “It is nice of the company to recognize my efforts, but I am only doing my job and to value add to the organization.”

Full Credits to the School

Mr Pundrik has nothing but gratitude for the School.

“The academic program is fantastic, challenging and motivating. The modules that I took were previously unknown to me. I definitely learnt a lot when I was there.”

He also gives much praise to his fellow students at the School. “They were exceptional individuals and the MBA provided an excellent platform for us to interact and learn from one another.”

Mr Pundrik now contributes back to the School by serving as the Secretary of the MBA Alumni-NUS.

The School congratulates him on his spectacular performance.


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