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The NUS Business School’s Asia-Pacific Executive Master of Business Administration (APEX MBA) program has been ranked 20th in the world in the Financial Times (FT) Executive MBA 2008 Rankings released on 27 October 2008.

This is the first and only time a business school from Singapore has ever been ranked in the top 20 in any FT or global survey. The top 20 listing has been dominated by US and European schools such as Columbia, Wharton, Kellogg and London Business School.

For home-grown programs (that means those which do not have a twinning program with a US or Europe-based School), the School is Number 2 in Asia, after Chinese University of Hong Kong. This is also the third time the School’s APEX MBA program has been ranked by the Financial Times. It was ranked No. 29 and No. 30 in 2005.

“The high ranking of our APEX MBA program is an affirmation of our academic excellence and the quality of our faculty, students and alumni,” said Professor Bernard Yeung, Dean of NUS Business School.

“What is significant is that we broke a new threshold and raised the bar of excellence once again for Singapore business schools. We are proud to be counted among the world’s best, and we will continue to build on this achievement as Asia’s Global Business School,” said the Dean.

Critical Role of Alumni

For the latest ranking exercise, of the 44 graduates who completed their studies in 2005, all 44 took part in the survey. This is a 100 percent participation rate, making it the highest and best return by our alumni in all the EMBA surveys to date. The School is grateful to her alumni for their support and participation, and would like to credit the ranking to them.

“It is a fact that the School will not be able to do so well in the ranking without the enthusiastic participation of the alumni,” said Mr Aw Beng Teck, Director of the Global Alumni Network Office (GANO). “With alumni doing their part, the name of the School is able to reach such great heights.”

The onus will now be on the next cohort, those who graduated in 2006, to help maintain this sterling performance. The next ranking exercise will take place sometime in May 2009.

The alumni’s response to the FT ranking survey includes providing their input on questions such as current salary, salary percentage increase and career progress as a result of taking the program. They were also asked about their work experience and if their aims of taking the program were achieved.

Besides being ranked in the top 20, the APEX program is also ranked sixth in having the highest percentage of International Students and seventh in providing the best International Course Experience. The program is also ranked ninth in providing the most practical experience within the program.

Pride and Joy

Alumni are thrilled with the Top 20 ranking news. Mr Prashant Pundrik (MBA 2008), Secretary of the NUS MBA Alumni Association, is not surprised at the ranking at all. “The school deserves such recognition. The APEX MBA program is a world-class program with quality and quantity of expertise and experience.”

Ms Shipra Verma (MBA 2007) is a Portfolio Counselor with Citibank. She thinks that is is wonderful for the school to be ranked top 20. “It was already great when we were ranked top 30 three years ago. I wish similar results for the rest of the programs.”

Mr Ashish Shetty (MBA 2007) points out that the ranking raises the profile of the school. “Such increased exposure within the industry and the world goes a long way to help members of the alumni who are currently working.”

A recent graduate of the prominent program, Dr Sung Do Song (APEX MBA 2007) agrees that such terrific results can only be achieved when members of the alumni keep up with their performances in the industry.

Even though Ms Kong Yuchu (BBA 2007) was not enrolled in the program, she shares the pride and joy. “This speaks a lot about the NUS Business School as a whole. NUS Business Scholl has been top in Asia for a long time, and it is time we start competing globally. This will definitely bring up the brand name of its undergraduate program as well.”

Currently enrolled in the MBA program, Mr Nikhil Jain feels that this is very good piece of news. “The EMBA program has moved to where it should be. I am just waiting for the MBA program to move into the same spot,” he says with much enthusiasm. “I am proud of being an NUS Business School graduate, but I also believe that continual upgrading is vital.”

Many Firsts

Launched in 1997, the APEX MBA is offered in both English and Chinese. It’s one of the earliest EMBA programs offered in the region, and the very first of its kind offered in Chinese. The orientation of the program is on business and management issues in Asia-Pacific. It is among the first schools in the world to introduce the modular, multi-country, executive MBA format for senior executives. Ms Chua Nan Sze, Marie-Antonie, Director of Graduate Studies (EMBA), sheds some light as to why the program delivered such amazing results. “Regular curriculum reviews are carried out so as to evaluate our lecturers and ensure only the most senior and experienced teachers and imparting knowledge and experiences to the participants of the program,” she shares.

Sharing from the perspective of someone who has completed the program is Ms Angie Ng (APEX-E MBA 2005), Group Finance Director of the Park Hotel Group: “The APEX MBA program offers a very broad-based yet focused curriculum. It attracts senior executives from all over the world and provides a critical platform for the sharing of management expertise and ideas.” Also benefiting from the program is Mr Bernd Schwarze, Sales Director of the Homag Group of Germany and who is currently enrolled in the program. He feels that the program has given him new insights to the business. “The program’s practical approach to complex global situations is stimulating. It also gives me exposure to novel theories in international business.”


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