School of Hope Opens

Date: 19 September 2008Buzz_SchoolOfHopeOpens

Venue: NUS-Shatian Hope Primary School Suichuan County of Jiangxi Province, China

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350 students witnessed the opening of a newly constructed NUS-Shatian Hope Primary School on 19 September 2008. Located in Suichuan County of Jiangxi Province, China, the school was part of a community project spearheaded by alumni from the NUS Business School Southern China Alumni Network (SCAN).

Joining the students were Professor Ho Yew Kee, Vice Dean (Finance and Administration) of NUS Business School and Associate Professor Albert Teo, Director of Center for Social Enterprise and Philanthropy. The chairpersons of Eastern China Alumni Network (ECAN) and Southern China Alumni Network (SCAN) – Mr Yang Zheng-pu (APEX-C MBA 1999) and Mr Wang Dan (APEX-C MBA 2003) also attended the opening ceremony.

Although the Southern China Alumni Network (SCAN) was established for only about two years, members have been active and took it upon themselves to play a part on China’s education development and at the same time, contribute to the branding of NUS Business School in China. The rebuilding of Hope School was a great way to marry both objectives.

The first task was to select a new suitable location for the Hope School and alumna Ms Hao Yihong (APEX MBA 2003), President of Shenzhen Zeyea Industry Co. and Secretary General of SCAN, together with the other members, contacted several charity organizations and eventually narrowed down to the Gansu, Jiangxi and Sichuan provinces.

“After serious consideration, we decided to choose Suichuan County in the Jianxi province because the Suichuan government is very proactive in their support for this project and it is an ideal location as it is more convenient for alumni to serve and contribute to the Hope School,” shared Ms Hao.

In less than a year after the initial visits, the School of Hope finally opened. This rebuilding project received much support from alumni members all over China as well as in Singapore.

“It is only natural for us to extend our helping hand to promote education in China,” said Ms Hao. “Basic education will fundamentally solve problems of development in areas torn apart by poverty.”

With the set up of Hope School, more than 6,000 citizens in Jinshi village and other surrounding villages will have access to education. The school now has 450 students in nine classes.

Daily operations of Hope School will be managed by the Education Bureau of Suichuan County. However, NUS Business School will not stop providing support; the school will continue to be involved in its development through regular annual visits by the alumni and organized programs conducted by the NUS Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy.


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