EMBA Incoming Batch of 2008


Date: 11 July 2008

Time: 6.30pm

Venue: Seafood International Market & Restaurant (West Wing), Playground @ Big Splash

E-Flyer | Photo Gallery (Networking Night) | Photo Gallery (Orientation)


The Hawaiian word Aloha – which means hello or farewell – aptly described the evening where incoming EMBA students were warmly welcomed while graduating students bade a fond farewell.

Asia Pacific Executive (APEX) MBA office to allow the incoming APEX-MBA (English) 17th batch of students to network with the recently graduated 15th batch.

Ms Chua Nan Sze (IMBA 2005), Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor Prem Shamdasani, Academic Director of APEX-MBA Program (English), and staff of the school were also present.

Among the alumni present was Mr Dinesh Advani (APEX MBA 2004), Managing Director of M G Shahani & Co. (Bombay) Pvt Ltd. He had taken up the School’s offer to graduates of the APEX-MBA Problem (English), and flew back to Singapore to attend a refresher module on ‘Information and Technology’.

“NUS Business School is the only school I know that offers the alumni the opportunity to do a refresher course,” said Mr Advani. “It is an opportunity to be in touch with new techniques and templates that will help one be more productive and effective. I strongly recommend the alumni to make use of this opportunity to continue their lifelong learning.”

Prior to the evening event, the APEX-MBA 17th batch took part in an orientation program held at Playground @ East Coast, which consisted of team-building activities including a game of mini golf at Lilliputt and a game of Captain’s Ball with the Kangoo.

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