Head Honchos Helm Eastern China Alumni Network Advisory Board


The Eastern China Alumni Network (ECAN) is honored to have on its Advisory Board, several alumni helming large corporations in China to beef up the NUS Business School network in the Chinese Mainland. Among these are:


Mr Chong Siong Hin (BBA 1981, MBA 1991)

International VP Asia, Jans Sen-Cilag Asia Pacific


Mr Ian Wong (BBA 1989)

Country Executive & Managing Director

Bank of America, China


Mr Wong Soon Hwa (BBA 1980)

Vice President & General Manager

Asia & Japan, Hertz International


Mr Francis Yuen (BBA 1981, MBA 1992)

President, Trane Asia


Ms Patricia Yim (BBA 1985)

Vice President, GSBM, IBM Asia Pacific


They will be instrumental in advising and supporting ECAN in developing the School’s relations with its alumni (and vice versa), and providing linkages between the School and industry.

The Advisory Board will leverage on its reach and influence to reconnect and engage the School’s alumni in Eastern China, contributing to the growth and development of the Eastern China Alumni Network and the School.

Equally outstanding alumni also serve on the Advisory Boards of the Northern China Alumni Network (NCAN) and Southern China Alumni Network (SCAN).

They are:


Mr Du Haibo (APEX-C 2003)

Chairman, Advisory Board, NCAN

Chairman, Labor Union, China National Aviation Fuel Holding Company


Mr Xu Xinyu (APEX-C 2006)

Concurrent President, NCAN Executive Committee

Director & President, Weichai Power Company Limited


Ms Janet Ang (BBA 1982)

Vice President, Global Desktop Business Unit, Lenovo


Ms Chang Zhiying (APEX-C 2002)

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Taida Hotels Management Company


Ms Jill Lee (BBA 1985)

Senior Executive Vice President & CFO, Siemens Limited, China


Mr Liu Zhong Qiu (APEX-C 2002)

Vice President, Petrochina International Company Limited



Mr Lam Kwong Yu (APEX-C 2003)

Chairman, Advisory Board, SCAN

Chairman, Starlite Holdings Limitedd


Mr Wang Dan (APEX-C 2003)

Concurrent President, SCAN Executive Committee

Director and General Manager, China New Era Group Corporation


Mr Chen Dan (APEX-C 2001)

General Manager, Guangdong Hengxing Group Company Limited


Mr Fang Hong Bo (APEX-C 2002)

President, Guangdong Midea Group Company Limited


Mr He Ying Wei (APEX-C 2006)

Vice President, Hainan Show Group


Mr Jiang Rong Xing (APEX-C 2005)

Director General, Price Control Administration of Fujian Province


Mr Wang Li Xin (APEX-C 2006)

Senior Vice President, ECS Technology (China) Company Limited


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