Universitas Ciputra Visit to ACSEP and NUS Business School

On 18 July 2018, Ciputra University visited the Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy to trade ideas and build friendships across borders.

About 30 students from the university’s psychology department – which takes a special interest in entrepreneurship – were in Singapore for about a week to explore its cultural sites and gain insights on solving social issues through business.


Our Research Associate Ms. Joanna Hioe presented hers and Associate Professor Lam Swee Sum’s research on Grassroots Philanthropy in the New Millennium. This gave the students a brief introduction into Singapore’s social history that givers today. Among the students were two who would qualify as grassroots philanthropists (with definitions limited to founders of informal organisations), in how they respectively started a movement to redress sexual abuse and an organisation to combat illiteracy in Indonesia.

Later, Theda Renanita, a lecturer at Ciputra University, gave a brief introduction to Ciputra University’s unique programme that emphasises entrepreneurship and innovation, together with psychology. Two of the students shared more about their entrepreneurship-centric curriculum and experiential activities – including a festival that promotes the development of businesses to solve social problems.

We look forward to more opportunities for cross-university exchanges in the future!



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