The Peak Power List 2016

peakThe Peak, Luxury lifestyle magazine, honoured 10 Philanthropists and social entrepreneurs in its 2016 Power List. We are very delighted to note that ACSEP’s Advisory Board Chairman, Mr Keith Chua, is one of the honourees.

Mr Keith Chua is the executive chairman of ABR Holdings and trustee of Mrs Lee Choon Guan Trust Fund. He believes strongly in the need to research philanthropy in the context of the local society and culture to propel the future of giving. Through the trust, Mr Chua donated $40,000 to seven charities including Care Corner Family Service Centre (Admiralty), Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore and New Life Community Services. It is also heartwarming to note his dedication to the support of non-profit Children of Cambodia to reduce infant mortality in Cambodia since 2012, by building a neonatal ward and encouraging the sharing of medical expertise.

Mr Chua markedly invested in the need for philanthropy to keep up with the times. Recognizing significant interest in philanthropy among the younger generation in Singapore and the region, he initiated the idea of introducing philanthropy as a subject of mainstream study at university level to support and encourage greater engagement and integration of philanthropy in young minds.

“Many Asian countries today are still looking to research done in the Western world. But there’s perhaps value and opportunity to research philanthropy in the context of our society and culture. It will help us better understand how philanthropy is unfolding in this current phase of our economic and political development.” ~Keith Chua

Mr Chua’s interest culminated in an initial $1.5 million donation to support the establishment of the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy in 2009 (later renamed Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy, or ACSEP, in 2011). ACSEP has conducted multifaceted studies which have proven to bring tangible value to local organizations. For example, The Community Foundation of Singapore, where Chua is a board member, regularly taps into ACSEP’s research to better direct its programmes to help wealthy donors undertake philanthropy journeys.

Looking forward, ACSEP is conducting a large-scale study of the last 200 years of philanthropy in Singapore from 1819-2019, which Mr Chua believes will offer strategic insight into how philanthropy can continue to be practised here. He envisions philanthropy to be a practice that will grow very quickly in the coming years and hopes that even more efforts would be made to attract groups within the philanthropic eco-system to help them move forward in their giving journey.

“To give away money is an easy matter and in any man’s power.” Aristotle said. However, effecting change through the best means possible is no simple task. Indeed, the contributions of Mr Chua and the other social change advocates reflect the true spirit of philanthropy in collectively building a sustainable future for the public good.

Thank you, for helping us to make the world a better place.

Once again, Congratulations, Mr Keith Chua!