Crossing the Chasm Final

The Crossing the Chasm Final, held on the 16th of September, was the culmination of hard work on the part of the organisers and participants. The final saw the presentation of marketing plans by our 5 finalists, namely Team iChange, Team Social Innovators, Team The Glass Half Full, Team BMY and Team Krakakoa.

Each team was given 15 minutes to impress the judges and audience with their marketing plans for their respective social enterprises. All the teams put up astounding presentations that reflect the depth of their thoughts and the countless reiterations that the challenge entailed. The impressive work put up by all the teams made it very hard for the judges to decide on the winners.

As the judges deliberated over their decisions, the audience was treated to an insightful sharing by Mrs Dinny Jusuf, the founder of Toraja Melo, on the ups and downs of running a social enterprise. Mrs Dinny also reminded us that being a social entrepreneur may not be for everyone, but everyone can certainly generate ripples of change in their own way. Following Mrs Dinny’s sharing, A/Prof Albert Teo, the director of the Chua Thian Poh Leadership Programme, took the stage with a single but important message – that empathy is indispensable in our effort of generating change. A/Prof Teo’s message prompted us to reflect on our life values and their indelible impact on others.

With an end to an inspiring sharing session, the judges were then invited in to announce the winners of the challenge. Team iChange emerged the champion, earning their partnering social enterprise SDI Academy and the team of S$30,000 and S$12,000 in prize money respectively. Meanwhile, Team Krakakoa emerged as the people’s choice awardee and the runner-up, benefitting their partnering social enterprise Krakakoa and the team a total of S$22,500 and S$10,500 respectively. All prizes were generously donated by the Tanoto Foundation and will go a long way in extending the social impact of the winning enterprises.

As Crossing the Chasm Final came to a close, a general sense of optimism filled the air. It was very heartening to witness the passion that our future business leaders share in effecting positive social change. It gave us immense hope for the future and most importantly, it left us thinking – what else can we do to leave the world a better place?