Crossing the Chasm Challenge Finals Preparation Workshop

CCC Workshop 2016 (Web-Size)-180 CCC Workshop 2016 (Web-Size)-39 CCC Workshop 2016 (Web-Size)-86 CCC Workshop 2016 (Web-Size)-181 CCC Workshop 2016 (Web-Size)-131CCC Workshop 2016 (Web-Size)-46On 25 August 2016, the five finalist teams of Crossing the Chasm Challenge 2016 attended the Finals Preparation Workshop led by Tom Kosnik, lecturer from Stanford University and consulting professor for the National University of Singapore Overseas Colleges (NOC) program in Silicon Valley.

Crossing the Chasm Challenge 2016 is an inaugural competition jointly organized by students and the Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy (ACSEP) where students team up and work alongside partner social enterprises to co-create a marketing strategy and pitch.

Having been through months of ideation and execution with their mentors and partnered social enterprises, the finalist teams presented their work to Tom who then provided them with valuable feedback, in preparation for the finals to be held on 16 September 2016.

All the teams benefitted from Tom’s detailed guidance on presentation content and techniques, from the sequencing of their slides to their presentation styles.

Team Kakoa who worked with social enterprise Kakoa—a bean-to-bar chocolate company which aimed to empower cocoa farmers and sustainable farming practices while providing high-quality chocolate products—were commended for their ability to better position the company’s products through a revised packaging of chocolate bars, reflecting the stories of the farmers.

To further enhance their proposition, Tom suggested the team to conduct up-close communication with the farmers to better appreciate the nuances of their stories.

While greatly impressed with the range of strategies Team Social Innovators had employed to help their social enterprise, The Fabric Social, Tom advised the team to reduce the words in their slides to better draw the audience’s attention to their key issues and solutions.

As the workshop was also the first time the finalists presented their works to one another, it provided an opportunity for the teams to learn from one another and understand the challenges confronting the other social enterprises.

The workshop concluded with Tom’s presentation on “How to present your Marketing Plans and Pitches to the Judges of the Crossing the Chasm Challenge (CCC 2016)”, providing the finalists with insights to help them in their preparation for the finals.

The finals of Crossing the Chasm Challenge 2016 will be held on 16 September 2016 at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House.

 The five finalist teams and their partnered social enterprises are:

  • Team iChange, SDI Academy
  • Team Social Innovators, The Fabric Social
  • Team The Glass Half Full, Bayani Brew
  • Team BMY, Empower Generation
  • Team Kakoa, Kakoa

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