Panel Discussion: Breaking Through The Hype of Social Entrepreneurship

acsep-breakingthroughhypeA panel discussion about the hype surrounding Social Entrepreneurship and the opportunities it presents took place yesterday evening and was attended by over a hundred students. The panelists were Prof Albert Teo, Prof Wong Poh Kam, Dr Tan Lai Yong, and moderated by Ms Laina Greene. There has been a lot of hype in Singapore about social entrepreneurship, and many are still confused about definitions and which organization qualifies as what. Meanwhile, NUS professors have diligently been offering classes about social entrepreneurship and there is growing interest to learn more about social entrepreneurship on campus. The discussion sought to bring students interested in this field together with these various professors to gain valuable insights into why they are passionate about social entrepreneurship, why and what they teach in their courses and a few lessons they feel students wanting to explore this field must truly understand. This discussion was a good continuation to last week’s talk about empathy and human centric design by Acumen+Singapore and Ashoka. It was a fruitful evening and the students in audience all took away valuable insights..